Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A Girl on the Move!

Hello Drammen....Goodbye Drammen!                                                         Dec 30,2013 (TAYLOR"S 21st                                                                                                                                            Birthday)

Yep that's right!! I'm moving again!! What?! How could that be?! Where are you going this time Sister Roe?! 

Well I will tell you. I am going to a place I've never been before. A place that is completely different than anywhere I have been. It's in the West. It's got a crazy dialect. And I'm going to be with one of my best friends! 

If you guessed that I was going to be in Stavanger with Sister Nance, guess what you're right!!!!!!! Oh yeah!! Here we go! Starting the new year off with one of my favorite people in the whole world! Stavanger is not going to know what hit it! I can't wait tilFriday when We will be together again! I am still in shock!

Sister Nance was Taylor's 1st companion when she arrived in Norway! Back together again!!!

This week was crazy!!! So different than any other on the mission. I went to mass on Tuesday, and danced around a Christmas tree singing songs while holding hands with a 6 year old and Sister Hornback, until Santa came in and handed out some presents!!!
Sweet girls in their bunads on Christmas Eve where we celebrated

I ate delicious Norwegian food until I thought I was going to drop!! It was so good!! We had Pinne kjøt, and ribbe, and risen grut. And it was all delicious! I loved it! And then we celebrated...and celebrated...and celebrated. We kept celebrating all week long! We went and played sports for 3 hours with a bunch of members and their non member friends! Am I still sore from is absolutely. Was it totally worth it? ABSOLUTELY!! 

And then we had Zone Conference with combined Oslo and Telemark zones! And we got 8 of us 17 sisters that came together for a picture!! It was awesome! It was so good to see so many familiar faces! And to enjoy a little celebration together.


Oh! Also! I performed a talent at the talent show! Yeah that's right! Sister Roe's got talent....well not really. I just licked my elbow. And then Sister Evans stood up and announced that I have a "hidden talent that she probably won't share without a lot of encouragement" then she proceeded to tell the combined zones about my sheepish laughter....yep that was interesting! I had been laughing while licking my elbow....but not really laughing. But even then I heard a couple people throw out some sheep noises, trying to get me to laugh...

Needless to say it happened. Yep my laugh is out, and it's over the whole mission. But that's okay.

It's also on Youtube. Thanks so our MMK. :) Yep. It was an interesting week! http://youtu.be/YKBAEe9piQo (Copy and paste this link on you tube to view)

But to end this on a spiritual note! Yesterday. Okay. I have to start from the beginning. On Saturday after zone conference we went out bonking before we went home to finish studies. The whole time sister Landry felt like we needed to go in this certain direction. We did. We met a couple guys that said we could meet the next day, Sunday

We went to meet with them, at their house. They wouldn't answer and we couldn't find them. So then a man came in and said that we could come up and talk to his wife because he didn't understand Norwegian very well, and didn't speak English. So we went up and started talking to his wife and she shut us down too. So we went back down to try to track down another person that lived in the building. A woman came out of the door and we asked her which building we were in. She told us and then said, "Latter day Saint missionaries?!" 

And then she threw her arms around Sister Landry and started sobbing and saying that she had wanted to talk to the missionaries again for so long but hadn't been able to find a way to come back. 

Apparently she used to be a member. She wrote herself out years ago and has been looking for a way back ever since. 

I know that because we went out to knock on doors when we didn't want too, and were able to follow the spirit's quiet promptings to go where we went. And to talk to the two young men that were our way to find Lizzie. God knows His children. He knows exactly what they need and how to give it to them. And he can, and does, place us in exactly the right spot.

The Lord has placed these 2 girls together again for a reason!

Be aware of your surroundings. Always be looking for opportunities to serve and share the joy of the gospel. God will supply them, and you can be someone's angel. We just have to ALLOW God to work through us. 

I love you all, miss you all! Pray for you all! 

Søster Roe

PS We don't really have much as far as birthday plans today. Just going out to dinner, and we'll head over to our MMK's house for cake tonight. Weird to think that I'm 21!! Even weirder to think that it's 2014 this week!! 

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Cherish your Trials

Well Hello There!                                                                                               Dec 23,2013
So, Norwegians know how to do Christmas. Today is Lille Jul Aften, which is the eve of Chrismas Eve. Then we have the BIG celebration tomorrow, Jul Aften, and then we have 1st Jule Dag, 2nd Jule dag, and 3rd Jule dag. oh yeah. This is gonna be good!
We have plans with members all week long! And boy am I excited! It's gong to be a crazy fun week! And til slutt we have a combined Zone Conference in Oslo, with the East and Telemark zones! I am pretty excited! I'll see a lot of the people that I came to the land with! So that will be awesome! 

Just a random Christmas tree but so pretty!

This week was interesting! This past week I hit my 8 month mark as a missionary! That was a really weird realization! And then I had an even weirder realization. I'm turning 21 in a week.......wow. When did that happen? But ah well. 

Then we had a member middag this week and it turns out that the members that we ate with, me, Sister Hornback, Elder Weaver, and Elder Nilsson, their son is Kjetil from the Fredrikstad ward that both Elder Weaver and I served in! That was a fun moment! Kind of a funny moment. But hey, it's a small world! 
We had a lesson this week that we had to give the baptismal commitment 5 times....but it wasn't because he said no. It was because he didn't understand the meaning of the question. It took some practice! 

We also had a pretty awesome moment!!!! THE OLSEN'S CAME TO VISIT DRAMMEN!!!!!!!!!! Oh yeah! It was like coming home, when they walked into the church yesterday! It was such a blessing! I love that family!! I have missed them like crazy! 
I believe this is the Olsen's daughter??? Or the Bishops's?
Help me out Sister Morris!???

Also we sang in church yesterday! It was fun! Sister Hornback and I sang and Sister Landry played the viola. It was kinda crazy. But it was really fun. We sang a song called "When Mary Sang Her Lullaby" and it was really pretty!! 
"I would have loved to have heard Taylor sing "When Mary Sang Her Lullaby"
I still have to figure out a Christmas present til Sister Hornback without her knowing what it is. We got Sister Landry done while she was gone. But we have nothing for each other...we'll figure it out today. 
When studying the other day I found something that I thought was really interesting. I was reading in  first Peter 1:7 it says "That the trial of your faithbeing much more precious than of gold that perisheth, though it be tried with fire, might be found unto praise and honour and glory at the appearing of Jesus Christ:" 

How is it that a trial can be precious? That was intriguiging to me. That trials are precious. Then last night we were out knocking and a man asked us why good, righteous, people have such hard lives. And that was when I connected the two things. 

Trials are precious because they help us become the people that we need to. They mold us into the perfect tools for the Father. They keep us humble, and teachable, and in the end they are the moments that we learn the most. 
I am thankful for trials. That we have to opportunities to learn. To grow. To change who we were, and become who we can. 
We have trials. We all have different trials because we are supposed to become different people. God loves us. Do we cherish the opportunities to learn? 

I am so thankful for the chance that I have to learn, to hopefully become better every day. Merry Christmas everyone. Love you! Miss you! Thinking of you! 

Søster Roe

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

It's almost Christmas!

Hei Hei,                                                                                                     Dec 16, 2013

I honestly don't have that much to say about the past week. It was kinda long, I'm super tired, but hey, that's okay. 'Cause it's almost Christmas!!! 

I am seriously so excited for Christmas! We are going to be spending Christmas day with two different families! So that will be fun! We are discouraged from proselyting around Christmas because everyone will be really angry if we do...so we're going to be studying and hanging out with Members a lot! Also we will have a Zone Conference right after Christmas, which will be combined with my zone and the East zone, so I'll see lots of familiar faces, so that will be good!! :) 

Just hanging out and being goofy

We taught a Swedish man this week! He was really cool! Hopefully we will be able to meet with him again soon! We'll see. But the coolest thing was that I could understand everything he said!! Yeah! That's right! Sister Roe understands Swedish!! BooYeah! I was pretty excited! It was quite the blessing since neither Sister Landry nor Sister Hornback could understand him. I thought it was cool!
My cousin hahaha

Also we taught an investigator this week that has just been really struggling! He's lost a lot in the past year and has had to start from scratch here in Norway, which is really hard to do. But as we talked to this humble man, that still has his faith and trust in God, I felt the spirit so strong!                                                                                                             I know that God knows our circumstances. Yeah, life can be super frustrating, you can have lost everything and have no where to turn, you may be despised of men, but you ARE NOT ALONE. God Loves His Children. He is aware of us. He knows how to help us, and He is going to give us these different trials to help us become the people that He needs us to be. 

I am so thankful for a loving Heavenly Father, that is aware of me. I know that I am a daughter of a Heavenly King. I know that I can trust in Him completely.

 I know that God knows our circumstances. Yeah, life can be super frustrating, you can have lost everything and have no where to turn, you may be despised of men, but you ARE NOT ALONE. God Loves His Children. He is aware of us. He knows how to help us, and He is going to give us these different trials to help us become the people that He needs us to be. 
Crazy snow!!! I love it. My companions....not so much!

I am so thankful for a loving Heavenly Father, that is aware of me. I know that I am a daughter of a Heavenly K  We had an open house in the church last night. The primary did the program. At the end there was a slide show that was all of the primary kids' pictures set to a violin playing "I am a Child of God". As I looked around the room at all the primary children, and their families. It was reconfirmed to me, once again that we are all Children of our Heavenly Father. 

And He sent His perfect son here to Earth for us. To show us the way, to help us understand, to bring us home. Everything on this Earth is His. Including us. I love this time of year. Where we can focus on the gift of His son, Jesus Christ. A helpless babe, wrapped in swaddling clothes, and wrapped in a manger, who became the Savior of the world. Christ was on the path to progression just like we are now. Oh the idea of who we can become. 

I am so thankful for the chance to help others see their potential and to more fully understand my own. I love you all! I miss you all! I pray for you all! I hope you all have a fantastic week! 

Soster Roe
P.S. Mom and Grandma Roe...I hope that you both have a fantastic Birthday!!  I miss you both and pray for you always! I love you so much!!!!! Consider yourself hugged!!!


Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Learning a NEW Language!

Hallo Alle Sammen!                                                                                       Dec. 9, 2013

Drammen at night
Well, how are you? Life here in Norway is a crazy and good as ever! It is FINALLY snowing here! It's been snowing for the past two days and it's a beautiful and welcomed sight! I am loving it! My companions, who are from Mississippi and St. George Ut, are a little scared of it I think...But they'll learn to love it! :) 

We had a really cool moment last week! We were out bonking and we met a lady that was deaf. Okay, so why is that cool? Because Sister Landry already knew a little sign language! So we were able to teach her right then and there! And now we are learning Norwegian Sign Language!! Oh yeah! It is one of the coolest things ever! I am loving it! 

And now there are people all over the place that we are running into that are deaf! It's kinda crazy! I'm excited to continue learning tegnspråk! I think it's beautiful how a prayer is still a prayer, even when you aren't saying anything. And a testimony is just as strong!
Feeling a little like a soldier!

We also had Zone Leader Training on Friday and we talked about Mount Everest....Pres was in charge....

It was good though. We talked about the different challenges and obsticles that we see on our missions. And how we can overcome them to reach the top. 

Then yesterday we went to Romerike right after church because Sister Landry and Sister Hornback had a consert! So I just recorded the whole Jule Konsert and talked to a few long lost members from Fredrikstad and Sandvika! Also I met several members from Trondheim that are now praying for me to come to Trondheim. :) It was fun! They were all really sweet!
Look who found me! My YW from Sandvika!!! So happy!

I am just so excited about this snow that I don't know what do to with myself! :) It's a beautiful thing! 

Well we're headed ice skating today and we will hopefully also be having a snowball fight! Wahoo! Bring it! 

PS All of the missionaries in my zone are trying to get me to go down to Provo after the mission.........We'll see if it happens...maybe just for a visit...if they give me a REALLY good reason. :) 


Love you all! Praying for you all! 


Søster Roe

Monday, December 2, 2013

One week closer to Christmas!!! Think SNOW!

Happy December!!                                                                                           Dec 2, 2013

Wow! I seriously don't know how that happened! It is December and there is STILL no snow in Drammen! It's killin' me people! I don't know what to do! Haha! But that's okay.

Norwegian dessert at Thanksgiving
Life in Drammen is good! We were blessed to have two Thanksgiving dinners this week! One with a Norwegian Family in the ward who's daughter is serving a mission in England. And the other was with our MMK who's wife is American. :) So that was really fun! On Saturday, the American Thanksgiving, Sister Hornback and Sister Landry played in the Christmas Concert. So I was on splits with Christy all day making food, playing with her kids, and eating the food, so that was well worth it! :) (Pictures of that one will have to come later, they're on Elder Nash's camera...haha)
Trude who is one of my favorite person here!

Then we went to the Christmas concert all together which was so cool!!! Norwegians take their Christmas seriously! I'm tellin' ya! It's incredible! I am so thankful for the chance that I have to spend the Holidays here, no matter how much I miss all of the people back home. :) Also, we did a ton of service this week! It was awesome! If nothing else on my mission I am learning to clean OTHER people's houses! :)

What a view from Spiralen! Goofy Taylor!

Then, today we went up Spiralen, which is a spiral tunnel up a mountain. The view from the top was incredible!! I took lots of pictures, and we took lots of goofy pictures together too! So that was fun! :) Then we went to the church and played basketball, 21, and I, amazingly, won! Who would have guessed!? But it was cool! We just chilled and decorated our apartment for Christmas! So that was fun!

This about sums up our companionship
It's a statue of a rooster!

Life is so good. You know I was reading in Jesus the Christ the other morning for personal study and it was way cool!! It was talking about how the birth of Christ was prophecied om the beginning of time and how when Adam was cast out of the garden it was said that the seed of the WOMAN would have power to bruise his head. And how it didn't say anything about the man, or the pair, but the woman. And then how Christ is the only person to be born of woman alone. It was really cool! I just kinda hit me, it's all real. It all happened. There is a God. There is a Savior, there is a plan. There is a reason for everything.

Christ the Lord is Born!!! And, He LIVES!

The Gospel is true people. There's no denying it! Live it, learn it, love it! 

Praying for you!! Love you!! 

Søster Roe

Monday, November 25, 2013


Hello all,                                                                                                     Nov 25, 2013

Well surprise number one of this week!! I NO LONGER LIVE IN ASKER! Yep,Thursday night I moved to Drammen and am now companions with Sister Landry and Sister Hornback! It was quite a shock when I found out Tuesday that I would be moving. But that's okay. I miss Sister Peterson a lot! I learned a lot from her about missionary work, loving people, serving others, and being willing to do whatever it takes! I'm going to miss her steady ways and her strong testimony. But Sister Pitts is going to benefit so much from it and they are going to do wonders together, so I can't complain.

So my new address is
Sister Taylor Roe 
Tomineborgveien 47
3011 Drammen

But I've had some awesome adventures this past week!! We went to Hønefoss this past week for a teach and it was so beautiful!! While we were there looking at the beautiful place I kept thinking, "How could a place so beautiful and peaceful be so tainted by what happened that day?" Hønefoss is where the massacre was a few years ago. 

Then I moved to Drammen. And yesterday we saw so many miracles!!! 

1 We had two investigators in church that said that they loved it and want to come again.  

2 We went contacting after church and prayed that we would find 2 potential investigators, 1 phone number and one appointment. We found exactly what we had asked for.

3 We went bonking right before we had an appointment. Before we went, we had about 45 minutes, we prayed that we would find a norwegian family of 4 that would listen to us. And then jokingly Sister Hornback said, "Two kids? What color of hair?" And I smiled, thought about it for a second and said, "Two kids. Blonde hair." Then Sister Landry said, "Where do they live?" And I pointed down a street and said, "Down there." 

I have never done or said anything like that before. We bonked on 4 houses and then had time for one more. As we went to the door I thought "This is it." We knocked, the door opened, to a dad with two kids, with blonde hair. They're Norwegian and they said we can come back. 

MIRACLES HAPPEN! When we have faith and believe that they can occur, and then do our part to help them happen they will. The Lord know His people. He will guide us in every footstep. Trust him. 

I am excited for this transfer, for the time I'm going to have here in Drammen. It's going to be full of adventures and learning. And I've got two great companions too. I have been so blessed with all of my companions! They are all amazing! I am so thankful for these women who have great faith and great capacity to learn! I love being a missionary!
A Trio Again! 

Have a happy Thanksgiving!!!!! 

PS I get two Thanksgivings!! Wahoo! :) 

Love you all! Praying for you! miss you! 


Søster Roe 

Monday, November 18, 2013

Drats! Still no Snow in NORWAY!!!

Hallo alle sammen!                                                                                 November 18, 2013

Well here we are to the end of November and there is still no snow on the ground her in Asker. Well that's silly. Haha. Ah well. It will come sooner or later, right? And it turned out to be a blessing the other night that there was no snow. Because we had quite the adventure! But lets start at the beginning of the week shall we?
On Monday we put together Christmas packages for the fam! That was fun! And we finally got those sent off on Friday, I think it was....Then Monday night we had the longest teach of my life. We had an investigator with a baptismal date set for yesterday. But on Monday as we went through the baptismal interview questions with him he answered all of them in the best way possible, completely ready for baptism! Then we got to the last question, which is basically, "Are you ready?" And he said no. He doesn't feel ready because he still has questions and he wants to know completely that it is absolutely correct. Which certainly isn't a bad desire. But the thing is, we all still have questions! We all still wonder about things, right? That's the beauty of this gospel, is that it encourages us asking questions and searching out the answers, constantly building upon the faith we already have. But that's okay. We will continue to work with him, encourage him, and try to help him build courage in himself. 

Oslo fjord og oss....beautiful place for kontakting

Then on Tuesday! I don't know why but Tuesday's are always our busiest days! It keeps life interesting though! :) We taught 4 lessons on Tuesday, as well as had district meeting! It was amazing, the experience of running from appointment to appointment. We taught the restoration lesson 4 times in one day. That was a wonderful day!
There's one girl that we taught that day that is really cool...well they're all cool...but she's probably the most positive! She's 17, and not too religious. But everything we said she accepted, when we asked her to begin reading the Book of Mormon and praying about it she answered, "Of course, why wouldn't I?"
She is awesome! I am excited to see where things go with her! That was an incredible day though! After planning that night and then collapsing into bed I just thought, "This is what I am striving for as a missionary, everything I do as far as finding, visiting members, and bonking on doors, leads to days like this, full of teaching."
Then on Thursday we had to take our car into Oslo to get our winter tires put on it and we kontakted around the fjord. It was so cool! So pretty! I loved it!
Asker/Sandvika from top of Kolsas

But Saturday, now that was an adventure. We had got to visit a member, after giving our car away for who knows how long, and had about an hour and a half traveling to do to get home by using buses and trains. The adventure came in when we got off at our appointed trainstop and were supposed to be able to catch a bus. But there was no bus stop. When we finally found the bus stop, 20 minutes later, the bus was done running for the night and we had missed it by about 5 minutes. So we started walking. We were about 5 kilometers from home, it was really dark...but you know, you just make it enjoyable. So somehow Sister Peterson and I started speaking in British accents and did for the whole hour walk home. It was a great moment! 

Random statue of woman???

Especially when we woke up in the morning and her hip hurt and my knee hurt, and then we missed the bus to church, so we had to walk to a different bus terminal that would get us on a bus that could get us relatively close to the church, so that we would walk the rest of the way. If nothing else all this walking and running and missing buses is going to help me a little to try to stay in shape during the holiday season! :)
Well, here we go, into another week full of adventures!! Happy Thanksgiving everyone! And Happy December! :) Love you all! Miss you all! Praying for you all!
Søster Roe

Here are a few random things Tay also said in her email to me that might interest some of you...

PS>Um, surprise, I got the package last Thursday!! I am loving the Advent Calendar, and the Christmas music (thanks Grandma) and the general conference magazine. And it is safely put away in a closet and I promised myself that I wouldn't look at it.... :) I sent a package home on Friday? Kansje...
There was a big glitch in the system between the church and our bank, so the missionaries in our mission never got our stipend....so there are some charges on my personal account, they were for bus passes and gas. They will be reimbursed, I wish that I hadn't had to put anything on there, sorry. We hopefully will be getting our money tomorrow.
One of our investigators, his wife is from the Phillipines, and her family still lives there, but everything's okay with them. So that's a blessing. All of our members and investigators have told us about it. And people on the street have asked us several times questions about it, like "Why would God let that happen?" and "Wouldn't your time be better spent helping those in need then trying to convince people that God exists?" 

I will get on writing Aunt Vicki and Uncle Albert also.They are so good to me.
Tell Kyce I love him! I don't think a letter would get there in time, but I love him and am proud of him and am thinking of him (Kyce is Taylor's cousin who will be receiving the priesthood in a couple weeks). Hope you all enjoy Tgiving!!! I love you so much!!!
Taylor and Kycen!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Happy Father's Day Dad!

Happy Fathers Day!!                                                                            Nov 11, 2013
Yep. Yesterday was the Norwegian Fathers day! So that was fun! I love you Dad! Miss you! :)

Enjoying a laugh together...March 2012
Daddy's Girl!
This past week...what happened this past week...Well on Monday we went with Jan Axel, one of our investigators, to an island. It was so pretty and we learned a lot of new Norwegian words! It was beautiful we just walked around the whole island. Very fun.

Then we saw a mirakel on Wednesday. After being at Zone Leader Training all day long (which was super fun!) and eating luch all together with our zone...well the half that came to lunch with us that is, we finally made it back to Asker. We had about 45 minutes before our appointment that night so we decided to go bonking. We bonked on a few doors who just said, "Nei takk" and then promptly shut. But then as we climbed up the stairs to the next door, with a prayer in my heart we bonked on it. It opened and didn't shut automatically when they saw that we were missionaries! That was a mirakel in and of itself! But it gets even better! Because then the girl that opened the door went to get her mom. Her mom came to the door and said, "Oh!! Come in! Come in! It's the Sisters! Come in!"

Sister Peterson and I looked at each other, a little taken aback, because we had never been so welcomed before, we shrugged out shoulders as if to say "Why not?" And stepped inside. It turns out that the lady that so enthusiastically welcomed us into her home was infact a member! She's from Brazil, and moved from Brazil to Portugal to Sweden to Norway. Her records were still in Portugal. But she had been praying that someone from the church would find her. Two weeks previous she had seen us walk down her street to our appointment and had prayed that we would come and find her. So that was quite the mirakel. We found her. And she came to church yesterday and it was good! Crazy world we live in, eh?

But that was fun! We then, yesterday, had the opportunity to go and eat dinner with Karin's (a girl that goes to school with my brother as an exchange student) family! They were so nice!! The food was DELICIOUS!! And the conversation was plealsant! I could tell that they had lots of questions about Utah, and Hyrum, but didn't know if they should/could ask them. But we shared with them a "Family a proclimation" so that they could understand a little more about our culture. I brought a picture of cache valley and we talked for a while. Her little brother asked why we don't drink coffee, so that gave us a chance to teach them about the Word of Wisdom. So that was cool! :)
They were super sweet! I'm glad that I had the chance to meet them! That was cool!
The view from Karin's HOUSE!!!
I'm staying in Asker with Sister Peterson! So that will be fun! A blessing for sure!! :) I'm getting super stoaked for Christmas! I had to buy some Jule Brus...Christmas Soda...to celebrate! And we've already got plans for Thanksgiving and Christmas! So that will be fun! We're having Thanksgiving with an American Family and a real Norwegian Christmas! It's going to be fantastic I know it! I am loving life and we are just working hard! Always!
I love you all! Miss you! Praying for you all!
Søster Roe

The Best soda for Christmas here! I love it!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Christmas in Norway

Kjære Alle Sammen!                                                                                   Nov 4, 2013
Wow, another week has come and gone!! It was not the most exciting week....it was Halloween! That was weird...Haha I don't know. It was just another week in Norway.
Last Monday, we carved pumpkins as a district and played innebandy, basketball, and my favorite, volleyball!!! It was so much fun! And Elder Weaver and I were able to pepper for a little bit...it was so nice! So good to actually be able to really play volleyball! It had been so long!!! 
And then Monday night to Tuesday night we were on splits with the Drammen Sisters. So Sister Hornback and I were in Drammen! It was lots of fun!! We visited several members, got fed some good mat, and laughed a lot while working hard. It was a little weird to have to share a proselyting område...we ran into Elder Weaver and Elder Nelson while contacting...that was a little awkward. I kinda just thought, "Why are you contacting our area?" And then I remembered that they actually share the city. haha, oops.
The work is good. We are continuing to find  people! So that's a blessing! This week was a little slower than the previous two weeks, in which we found 8 new investigators! But that's okay. I think part of it was Halloween. (Norway celebrates Halloween...sort of...it's not that popular and it's mostly just for children.) On Halloween we were able to go to a members house and eat dinner with them. They're from the states...Utah actually...and we had chile and corn bread, and real American Halloween candy!! So crazy awesome!! 

Christmas scene in Norway
Tradititional Christmas dinner... cod soaked in Lye and a porridge are some options
Remember how Sister Roe is a really picky eater...not really anymore...a mission changes a person. Being in a position where you HAVE to eat everything that it set in front of you definitely helps with that one! Haha. So I liked the chile, the pumpkin soup, the whale, (not really liked but able to eat) the Salmon, and the taco soup! I'm tellin' ya, we're making progress!  
Today we are going to go explore one of the islands on the fjord with two of our investigators, Jan Axel, and Axel. So that will be a fun adventure! 
Yesterday we taught a woman from China. That was cool. She's atheist, and so we're starting from the basics. But she's super cool! We had two of the Young Women from the menighet with us and they were so awesome!! They explained Mormons Bok, and the difference between us and other christian churches. They were so cool! We are also teaching a man over the phone....it's different...but good. He doesn't really have much time at all to meet with us, so he calls and we  give him the lessons over the phone. It's a new experience. :) 
We went over to a families for dinner last night, the Wysenbach's, and they are some of the coolest people I have ever met! We talked to the parents about their missions and the lessons they learned from them. One thing that I really liked is that they both commented on the relationships, the friendships that we forge på misjonen. That is was is important. We are here for people, not just for baptisms. They're nice...but the friendships are what matter, and last. I am so thankful for that reminder. They aren't numbers, they're people.
The holidays are coming!! We went to kjøp groceries today and when we walked in all of the Christmas candy is all set out and ready to go!! It's going to be Christmas before we know it! And I'm stoked! Christmas in Norway is going to be awesome!!! Now, all we need is snow! :) President and the assistents are working on figuring out how we could put together a mission conference around the new year...that would be way fun!! Either way we will be having a Christmas conference, with two zones combined.
Moves call is on Sunday! That will be super weird! It has gone so fast!!! We'll see if we get moved around at all. Well I think that's all for this week! I love you all! Miss you! Praying for you!!
Christmastime in Norway
Søster Roe

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A Prayer on the Front Porch

Hei alle sammen!                                                                                        Oct, 28, 2013
Wow! Okay, just a heads up, I have like 10 minutes to write this email, so excuse the typo's and any accidental norsk greier that is thrown in. I am a little too lazy to translate all of my thoughts back into English. Haha
Life here is so good! I feel like this week flew by! (which it did!) And it was AWESOMEUnnskyld! Jeg vet ikke hva skjedde!
Anyways! Life is nuts! All we do if run from appointment to appointment, and we are trying to continue finding as well!! Life is wonderfully busy! I love it!
We are seeing miracles every day!
This past week I had been praying that I could better recognize the small mirakler, og jeg did! It was so cool! En av these mirakler was that we continued to find and teach new people! We have had a great two weeks of finding new investigators!!
Another miraklerl was that en av vår investigators, who we have been teaching for quite some time now, prayed in te lesson! He is a very shy older man, and he would NOT pray for us. We went into the lesson yesterday with out goal being that he would say the closing prayer. We asked him and he said no, we promised him blessings and he said no, we explained why it's viktig, and he said no. I bore my testimony that HE needed to say the prayer and that I felt very prompted by the Spirit that no one else could say it. I smiled at him, gave him a nod that he could do it. He thought about it, looked at me and whispered, "Kan du?"
The smiled fell from my face and tears filled my eyes as my heart broke. After hounding him for 10 minutes already I was ready to give up and say the prayer myself. But then, the spirit hit me so strong. He NEEDED to be the one to say the closing prayer. I needed to ask him again. The words that came out of my mouth surprised me a little. "Nei, jeg kan ikke ikveld."
He looked lost, looking at the member, his neice, that we had tilstede, he muttered, "Kan du?" She said, "I said the opening prayer."
He looked back at me, I said, "We can review prayer, how we do it. You can repeat one after us. But you need to say this prayer."
And he did. It was a mirakel. He prayed. He overcame that fear, and he prayed. Silent tears slid down my face as I listened to that innocent prayer. It was possibly the most beautiful thing I have ever heard.
The last mirakel that I wanted to talk about also has to do with prayer. We were bonking one night, it was cold and rainy, we were tired and ready to stop. But we knew that we had to find ONE person that night. We kept going. I said a prayer in my heart that we could find someone. Anyone. We kept walking. We stopped at the end of a long driveway for a second. I said a quick prayer that went something like this. " I know that the person is at this house. Let us help them communicate with you."
We bonked on the house and a boy opened the door, he's probably about 16 years old. He has no belief in God and doesn't know what it would mean if God did exist. We talked about how he could find out. Pray. He looked at us and said, "Nå?" We smiled and said, "Ja, hvorfor ikke?"
He stood there for a second. We did think he would actually pray. But he then looked at us and said, "What do I say? How do I start?"
A boy that had never before prayed, that didn't even know if God was there listening, was brave enough to pray, with two strangers, on his front porch. He was the one person that we found that day.
I know that prayers are answered! They are so important. God always will answer our prayers. Mirakler kan skje. Jeg har sett mange denne uken. I know that Heavenly Father loves us, and He wants the best for us. It all begins with Prayer.
I love you all. Miss you! Praying for you! Stå På!
Søster Roe

So, Taylor didn't attatch any pics this week, darn it. She must have been in a really big hurry. But, I read Sister Peterson's blog and it gave a few more details. One exciting thing is they have picked up 8 new investigators in the past 2 weeks and are teaching non-stop! This is such a miracle as Taylor has not had this kind of success in Norway up to this point and I know she is so grateful for people who open their hearts and listen to the message...the good news of the gospel! The image of the boy praying on the porch with Taylor and Sis Peterson is an image that is etched on my soul! What a great blessing.