Sunday, February 24, 2013

A Holy Woman

What an incredible weekend it has been, I have had the chance to go to women's conference in our stake and listen to several of the amazing women in my stake. A part of the conference that I want to share with you is something that I, miraculously, had been thinking of (in a way) for a while now.

This is the CD the women listened to.

Our Stake Relief Society Presidency gave a challenge to four women in our stake that are all in different stages in their lives, and very different circumstances. The received the challenge to find three things in their lives that they could work on by thinking "What would a Holy Woman do?" They each had wonderful stories of learning and experience. Many of them were humorous and others were tender, but each of them were important lessons learned.

Copyright: Simon Dewey

I have always looked up to Mary the mother of Jesus as a wonderful example to me. And I have always wanted to be able to be the kind of woman that no matter what Heavenly Father needs me to do or be he would feel like I was capable of that. There are so many women in this world today that are incredible, fabulous, loving, kind, beautiful, and holy. So thank you to all of you wonderful women who are striving to be righteous daughters of a heavenly King, mothers to heavenly children, and friends to everyone. You are a light in my life and have helped me to become the woman that I am today, I am far from perfect, but I am better that I was yesterday, and sometimes that's all you can do.

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