Saturday, February 2, 2013

Never Thought Norway

When the announcement was made in October that I could now serve a mission as soon as they needed me (already being 19) I didn't hesitate. It took two days to get in with my Bishop because of the flood of young adults who were anxious to begin the process of preparing to serve. But once I got started nothing could slow me down. Not even my phobia of needles, as I got shots, a TB test, and blood work done! I was on my way.

I have never been so sure of something in my life. People asked me how I felt, if I was okay, if I was excited,  and I was also asked several times if I was sure about my decision. I had been telling my parents since I was 10 years old that I was going to go on a mission. Around the time I was 15 I was telling them that as long as there wasn't a ring on my finger then I was going on a mission. This past year on August 30th I had a little celebration because a year from that day I could have sent in my mission papers! So yes, I would tell people, I was very sure of my decision.

I had my final interview on October 30th and was just waiting to see where I would be sent. Two anxious weeks went by. My best friend and roommate Kaycie was going to be getting her call too so we suffered the anxiety together. Then, on November 14, 2012 we were sure that our calls were coming that day. Unfortunately we had a test in one of our classes so we couldn't just go home and wait yet. We might as well have forgotten the test, because I know that I was unable to focus on anything other than my mission call! Finally the test was over and we could go and wait for the mail. Thankfully I don't live very far from the university so I was home in only 20 minutes. Kaycie had to drive two hours. But finally three o'clock rolled around. No one was at my parents house but me as I watched the mailman drive up, with bated breath I watched the mailbox open and that was all I could see. I couldn't tell, was it here yet? My mother really wanted someone to video me getting it out of the mail so I had to wait for almost 20 minutes before my little sister got home. Never have I stared so long or so hard at anything than I did at that mailbox. If I could have  willed myself to have x-ray vision, believe me, I would have. Finally my sister was there to video and I went out and got it from the mail. I didn't let it go until 6 o'clock that night when all my family had arrived and I could open it.

Kaycie and I at the temple.

A lot of missionaries that I had talked to told me that when they got their call, before they opened it, they knew where they were going to go. I was straining for some inkling of where and came up with nothing. I was actually guessing that I would go state-side. So you can imagine my shock when I opened my call.

When I read that beloved sentence of: "Sister Roe you have been hereby called to serve in the Norway, Oslo mission." Screams erupted from my mom, aunt, and grandma. I had to re-read it about three times before I believed it. Only once before have I felt such peace as when I read that sentence, I knew that it was the right place for me to be and that it would be a blessing to me and my future family.

But, after I felt that adored peace I had the thought "I have to learn to like fish!" followed quickly by "What do they even speak there? Danish?"

I thought that the time would pass so slowly, realizing that I had 6 months from the time I got my call to the day I leave (April 17th) but now I am glad for that time. I feel so much more prepared and am glad of the time that I have to be with my family. Especially my little brother, who will leave on his mission before I get home. I know that the Lord loves all of us and knows what's best for us!

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