Saturday, April 20, 2013

Historical Day at the MTC

April 17, 2013 proved to be a historical day for us and for the Church of Jesus Christ. Never before in the history of the Missionary Training Center have they had more Sister Missionaries checking in than Elders! And, Taylor was one of them! It was a great unforgettable milestone. But, let me back up a little bit.

The ride down to Provo was really interesting. Taylor, Porter and Brenna were in tip top comical mode! They were hilarious and laughing and signing much of the way down. Two of my favorite song  choices were "You'll be in my Heart" from Lion King, and then Porter's impersonation of Clint Eastwood's version of "You are my Sunshine" which is spot on and freakishly hysterical. It was an awesome time for them and they enjoyed every last minute together. I tried to keep the tears at bay and Eldon occasionally squeezed my hand  to show support. We told Taylor she could choose where she wanted to eat and she picked Panda Express for some Chinese food. There were a few other missionaries coming in and out throughout our lunch and some of the boys looked like they were about 12 years old! The funny thing was people had a difficult time trying to guess which of my kids was the missionary.

We went to the Provo temple for a little photo shoot and it was interesting to me to see more Sister missionaries than Elders there and I mentioned that to Taylor which later was validated with the news we received at the MTC. The weather was cold and when the wind blew which was often, it was bitter. But, we enjoyed our time on the temple grounds and really said our goodbyes there. Mine consisted of sitting on a bench and holding Taylor's hand tightly for the last 20 minutes before we departed there. It was a very sweet time. Oh, how I love that girl of mine.

The dropoff at the MTC was such a whirlwind and quick goodbye that I thought my heart would literally burst. It was an amazing sight seeing the Sister's jumping out of cars with enthusiasm and energy and the Spirit testified to me...."these girls will change the world". Quick hugs and wishes were exchanged and then Brenna hugged her best friend good-bye and Porter finished his hug off with the declaration "see ya in 3 years" which nearly brought me to my knees right there!

Taylor took off toward the building with luggage in tow and a cute little sister that will be gracing the Philippines with her sweet presence and only looked back for one second and smiled broadly and memorably. The car ride from there was an emotional one for all! And, I managed to stutter out instructions to Eldon to stop at Scheel's so we could all ride the Ferris wheel and make a lasting memory. We marched into Scheel's and bought our tickets for the ride, and boarded for our fun family memory time! Brenna and I got on first and the operator quickly flipped a lever and soon we were on the very top of the Ferris wheel which is quite high and also creaky and the seats tipsy! I looked over to see Brenna had a 'death grip...white knuckle' grasp on the bar and then looked at her face which was ashen. She blurted out, "Mom, I know you are trying to create a happy diversion for us....but, I hate heights and this is the last place I want to be right now". That did it for me...I burst out laughing and we started a combination duet of crying and laughing at the same time. Meanwhile Eldon and Porter were also on the ride and watching us wondering what the heck had happened. Funniest thing ever was the operation of the ride who had to be wondering why 4 people all dressed in their Sunday best wear and there obviously traumatic day had chosen to ride the Ferris wheel of all things! He didn't know whether to stop the ride, or let us ride extra long! He chose the latter. Wow. All I can say is I was trying to do something symbolic and it turned out that it was just an insult to injury! Now, we have a funny story to tell Taylor!

We haven't heard anything from Taylor yet. But, I know she is doing great. My heart knows that. And, now we begin the journey. I just hope it doesn't involve any more Ferris wheels.

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  1. Wow - what a ride! Thanks for sharing every special minute with us!