Monday, April 15, 2013

Mission Scripture and Goodbye

Well I know it's hard to believe but I really am leaving this Wednesday to report to the Provo MTC. It's really a hard concept for me to grasp that tomorrow night I will be set apart as a missionary and that in a mere two days I'm outta here! I don't know if I will actually believe it until it happens. But I know that it will be a wonderful thing and a blessing.

So that being said, this will be the last post "by" me. I mean, I will be the ones writing the majority of these posts still, but they will be through an email to my family which is super weird. Ah well. It has been a very crazy few days, saying goodbye to family and ward members, making trips to see both of my Grandma's and say bye to them, which were both so hard, writing thank you cards, and spending time with family as much as possible. Thankfully I have been packed for almost three weeks now so I don't need to worry too much about that.

The Provo Missionary Training Center

I am so excited because my best friend in the whole world, Miss Kaycie Brown, and I will be in the same branch at the MTC. Granted, we most likely won't be seeing much of each other in the ten days that we will both be there I will be glad just to see her at all!

I have been trying for weeks to decide on a scripture to go on my plaque for the church, but also that would be a theme for me; not just a theme for my mission though, but one for my life. Because life is a mission, it is full of service, trials, happy and sad days, loving the Lord, and learning more about yourself and the gospel. I think I have finally found one, and not too soon either.

"And again, verily I say unto you that IT IS YOUR PRIVILEGE, and a promise I give unto you who have been ordained unto this ministry, that insomuch as you STRIP YOURSELVES FROM JEALOUSIES AND FEARS, AND HUMBLE YOURSELVES BEFORE ME, FOR YE ARE NOT SUFFICIENTLY HUMBLE, the veil shall be rent and you shall see me and know that I am, not with the carnal neither natural mind, but with the spiritual." 
Doctrine and Covenants 67:10

I love this scripture. What a wonderful reminder to me this is, a reminder that I am the only one holding me back from my full potential. I am the one that is a hindrance to myself and I can change that. We must not blame others for our problems, rather we must learn from our problems and become better. And with that I say goodbye for now. The next post here I will be in the MTC learning how to be the best missionary I can be. Wish me luck! 

Much Love, 

Tromsø, Norway

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  1. What a neat post! You are going to be amazing and I just know that you are going to bless the lives of all of those people in Norway. I can't wait to read all of your stories! I live vicariously through the youth of today. This is a great work! What a blessing to be in the thick of it. I want to shout it from the rooftops how amazing the plan of happiness is! So great!Thanks for posting Jody and for keeping us posted on your beautiful daughter!