Sunday, April 28, 2013

Wow! I cannot believe that it has already been a week! This is so crazy! I don't remember all that I told you in my letter home so I'll start from the beginning. Okay so last week after you dropped me off my host walked me to building 1M where I got my name tag and my key card etc. It was so awesome to actually have my name tag, it made it real, you know? Then I met my host at the back of the building and she showed me to my dorm, in which 6 girls live and they are really made for 4...but we manage. I didn't meet anyone yet. Then we went to my classroom. My real classroom is under construction right now and so I'm in a temporary room and it is like walking into a sauna every morning. But that's okay. As soon as I walked in Sister Ausen jumped up saying
Sister Ausen and Sister Roe first companions!
"Sister Roe! My Companion!!" So that was how I found out who my comp was! :) Then I was taken to a lab and I had to watch an orientation thing and then went back to class. As soon as our class started my teachers Brother Bartholomew and Sister Brown started speaking in Norwegian to us and they don't really ever stop. I love them both! Brother Bartholomew is a very loud, happy, sing-songy guy. And Sister Brown has a certain quiet dignity about her. It has been a great class so far!
I saw Kaycie that night when she stuck her head in my classroom. I was just so excited to see her!! I think that I just hugged her for like three minutes...which was not so good because I had to be getting to a fireside for all the new missionaries. I think I already told you this but I'll tell you again anyways. The day I came in was the first time in history where there were more Sisters (259) than Elders (253). CRAZY AWESOME!! So we went to a fireside where as a group of like 50 missionaries or so we would teach three "investigators" collectively. They weren't kidding when they say that you are thrown into this! It was a wonderful experience though.
Best friends found each other! Sister Kaycie Brown and Sister Taylor Roe
 get to share 10 days together in MTC
The next day we were told that we would be teaching our first lesson on Friday! What?! And in Norwegian!? Did I type that right?? Why, yes, yes I did. So I don't really remember the distinction between days anymore, especially since at night time it kind of just feels like we take a power nap and then we're at it again.
But we taught our first lesson on Friday. Armand, our investigator, literally gave me nightmares. Seriously. He's a military man and has a very closed personality and in all of my dreams he's there yelling at me in Norsk and then saying "Stammer deg?!" (Make sense?) I couldn't understand anything elst that he would say. It was awful! Anyways besides the point. We taught out first lesson and it was absolutely terrible! He was 15 minutes late and when he walked in he was wearing his TEACHERS nametag still! I couldn't think of him as investigator until he pulled out his phone and got up and walked across the room during the opening prayer. And I not only couldn't speak norwegian but I couldn't understand it either. And we taught about the restoration and the Book of Mormon and asked him if we would read it and when he said no it broke my heart!
Then we taught him on Saturday and thing went a lot better! We had figured out how to say, "Kan du si det litt enkeler?" (Can you say that a little simpler?) And then that put all of the work on him! It was a brilliant maneuver! :) Then it was blessedly Sunday! It was so amazing to sing "As Sisters in Zion" with 500 other sisters, as well as called to serve later on. Then we went to a devotional (BYU mens chorus came) and later we watched a "movie" that was a recording of a talk from Elder Bednar called "The Character of Christ" and it was exactly what I needed to hear. It was all about the Character of Jesus and how he turns out when the rest of us turn inward and act selfishly. It was so good! Exactly what I needed to hear. It made me focus on what I could do to serve Armand the person, not just the investigator. It was excellent.
This tree smells like Creme Soda! :) Really!
My District! Sisters Ausen, Johnson, Thurgood, Hansen, Pitts, Roe, Nance, Hodgkiss, McArthur, and Elders Schultz and Gustafson.
We taught him Mon-Wed this week then he had to leave to go to military training for reals. Our Tuesday lesson was so good!! We were teaching about the importance of prayer and the role of the Holy Ghost and I shared an experience that I had had the day before. We had been caugh off gaurd when at 9 o'clock the other Norsk teacher came into our classroom to inform us that instead of teaching at 2:15 like we had planned we were going to be teaching at 9:30. We were completely unprepared. But as we went to teach I said a prayer that I wouldn't be stressed about the language and that I would be comfortable with talking. And then when we walked in he asked us how our day had been we said it was okay and he asked why just okay. Then we told him that we were worried about what to teach him and he said this, (in norwegian so it's definitely not a litteral translation) "Don't worry about what to say to me, and I understand English so if you have a little or a lot of English that's okay." I knew that it wasn't something to use to not speak Norsk, but it made me so much more relaxed! When I shared that experience with him I told him that that was the Holy Ghost answering my prayer through him. He cried, I bawled and it was great. But it gets better. Earier in our lesson we had asked him about praying aloud and he said that it wasn't for him but then as we asked him to pray for us at the end of the lesson he looked at me and said, "If you can speak Norwegian I can pray." AND HE DID!!! It was such a wonderful feeling! He came and talked to us before he left about life and such and he's going to be our teacher starting on May 11th when he gets back from training. He's surprisingly a cool guy.
The best thing about the first day was
getting my name tag .
I am so glad that it is P-day today I need a little bit of a break from class all day. But it's all good here! The spirit here is so amazing and I absolutely love the feeling that we always have. It's incredible to see 18-21 year old people praying in a cafeteria and being so on task even though for the majority of our day we're on our own to decide what to do. I love it here! I love my district!(Sisters, Johnson, Thurgood, Hansen, Pitts, Nance, Hodgkiss, McArthur, Ausen, and Elders Schultz and Gustafson.) I love my roommates (Sister Ausen, Sister McArthur, Sister Hodgkiss, Sister Harrison, and Sister Oldham)! It is such a wonderful place. Miss you all, Love you more!
Sister Roe                          

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