Wednesday, May 29, 2013

An Unexpected Delay!

Well I can honestly say that I did not expect to have another Pday here in the MTC! But I think that, even though I've already talked to mom and dad about this that I should send the whole story on to you. And let the games begin!
Once upon a time there was a Sister missionary in the MTC. This Sister was really looking forward to flying to her new home in Norway with 20 other companions and the morning of their first day of travel arrived quickly and with much enthusiasm. They all rushed back and forth figuring out how much their suitcases weighed, what they needed to get rid of, and where their name tags were. Then finally they pulled all of their luggage to the curb and walked into the travel office so they could get their tickets and check out of the MTC. They all chatted excitedly wondering where their first areas would be and who they would be sitting by on the plane(s) when this one Sister got her packet and realized that her passport was not in there. Now she had sent her passport to Salt Lake with her Visa application. The problem was set up when the Norwegian Missionaries found out that they were going to be blessed to not have to wait for their Visa's because now they didn't need them to get into the country. Because they didn't need them the offices didn't really pay any attention to their applications and for some reason overlooked the fact that this Sister's passport was still in their office and that she would need that to be able to get to their mission. (This is the part where this Sisters name changes to "The Situation")
When "The Situation" asked the man that was checking everyone out of the MTC about the whereabouts of her passport he called a woman on the phone...'cause how else would he call her? The woman on the phone informed him that the office that was holding "The Situation's" passport captive was closed for the Holiday and no one would be able to get it until the next day at the earliest. The Brother looked at "The Situation" and said, "it looks like you are going to be delayed. Sorry." At this point, "The Situation's" companion started to panic. However, "The Situation" felt oddly calm about it. They quickly made their way to the front desk and they tried everything they could to fix it. Then the Brother driving the bus full of missionaries called to the front desk telling them that he was pulling out and needed "The Situation's" ledsager to get on the bus. At this point her ledsager almost went on strike. She looked at "The Situation" and said, "I'm not going anywhere until I know what is going to happen to you! You are my ledsager!" The Situation, still feeling quite peaceful about the ongoing proceedings said to her, "For some reason I am not supposed to fly to Norway with you. You are supposed to be there though. Go, work hard, have fun."
When "The Situation" was alone with the sister working at the front desk she said, "Just tell me what to do." Her Sister Training Leaders came up to the front and sat with her. "The Situation" got to call her parents and let them know what was going on. And then she was shuffled to a district President's office where many phone calls were made to many people over and over agian and where everytime they began by saying, "Are you familiar with The Situation?" Hence she got her new name. She eventually got to her new classroom where everyone there is learning dutch as she strives to keep any and all the Norwegian that she has learned and figure out how she feels about what just happened. In all seriousness, I thought I had had enough of Norsk grammar in the past 6 weeks, but after studying that for 6 hours (which equals about 20 chapters) while hearing Dutch in the background she realizes that she had it easy on the grammar the first time around.
She kept thinking, "There is a reason for everything," and "God is in the details." But then she couldn't help but wonder, what are the details, what is the reason? This is the lesson that she has come to learn. On Sunday she watched a CES fireside from Elder Bednar about trusting in the Lord. In this fireside he told a story about how he was asked to give a blessing to a friend that was battling cancer and he, for some reason unknown to him, asked the question "Do you have the faith NOT to be healed?" As this came back to her mind she thought about the faith that she was, more than likely, lacking. She thought, "Do I trust in the Lord enough to believe that he will help me do, be, and become exactly what, where, and who he can BEST utalize? Do I trust him enough to put my hands completely in his hands?" Now some people think that because she is a missionary she has already put herself in the Lords hands completely. But what part of herself is she still holding back. She has determined that she needs to be more like Job. She needs to realize that she may not have done anything seriously wrong. But perhaps this is her refiners fire, or at least a part of it. Does she really trust and believe that God has a plan? Yes! Will she trust in it completely? Yes! After a day and a half of constant prayer to trust and not worry about the "why" behind His plan, she is comfortable with the fact that she is not with everyone else that are arriving at the mission home right now. She has decided that she is here to learn something, and the only way she can learn it is if she is a "good girl" and she does what she is supposed to!
She doesn't know yet when she will leave, she is hoping to find out this afternoon. But right now she is just greatful for a little more time to prepare. There is a lesson to learn in every situation, and every now and then you are sent a curve ball. "Trust in the Lord with all thy heart, might, mind, and strength, and lean not on thy own understanding." Proverbs 3:5-6
Well wasn't that a fun story!? Really this last week has been amazing. Every day I learn something new and every day I am challenged to apply it in my own life. I am so greatful for that. Last week I said goodbye to my teachers, my branch Presidency, and the MTC. Now this week I have said goodbye to 20 of my new friends. All of those to whom I have said goodbye have touched my life and changed it for the beter. I love them each. I keep thinking of the quote "Come what may, and love it." We must cherish every moment. We must be willing to learn and grow. We mush ALLOW the power of the Atonement to work in our lives. We must choose what kind of life we want to live. I don't know about you but I want to grow. I want to consistantly become better, I want to be an effective servant of the Lord. I want to be the best daughter of God that I can be. I know that He will give us the opportunities to become more than we ever could, but we have to choose to let him help us. We are never alone in the Lord. We always have a support system if we but use it. I love you. I am so greatful for you. I will talk to you soon! Hopefully from Norway! :)
Søster Roe

A note from Dad about this adventure...
 -- We were able to talk to Taylor today for about an hour while she was waiting for her flight from Salt Lake to Dallas. It was good to hear her voice and to hear that she is feeling good about things going forward. The call today was without question better than the one we got Monday when she sorrowfully let us know that she had been delayed and the rest of the missionaries were going without her. Her attitude is amazing though.  Taylor said that after the whole "situation" that she was walking down the hall the next day and the MTC President happened to walk along her. He asked, "where are you headed sister?" Taylor replied that she was going to Norway. He said oh, we had a situation with a sister going there to which Taylor commented, "I am the situation." We had a good laugh about that. As of this minute, she is flying over Cleveland, Ohio on her way to London, from there she will fly on to Norway. We are looking forward to hearing that she has arrived and where her first city to serve in will be. Thanks to all for the prays and faith. -- Eldon

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