Sunday, May 12, 2013

Forget me Not and a Pinata

Hello Family of mine!
I was beginning to worry about you all! I haven't heard from anyone since last Wednesday when I got mom's package! Glad to see you're still kickin' ;) Mom, I do have some ensign copies, I don't have the May ensign and I don't think I can get it here. And if you could possibly send me a couple pair of nylons that would be fantastic! Other than that I am doing well! This past week was a little bit of a rough one. I think it was tough because the first week of being here we took off going from knowing nothing to knowing enough to get by and teaching lessons in Norwegian. Then we kind of hit a wall. We didn't feel like we were progressing because we were measuring our progression to that of the first week, and not realizing the "fine tuning" that we were accomplishing and mastering. But it is a new week! Week 4! And we are ready to go again, especially after hearing stories from our teachers about their missions! I LEAVE FOR NORWAY IN 20 DAYS!!!! Unless something changes...but I don't think it will. That is so CRAZY! It blows my mind!
Oh yeah! I was going to explain this too you. At the MTC they count our weeks differently...well a little differently. From the first Wednesday that you dropped me off to that Saturday was counted as a week. So for me, as of Sunday, this is week 4! So that's why I said 3 weeks last time.
Celebrating Cinco De Mayo
We had a celebration for Cinco De Mayo yesterday...I know it was the 6th but we decided that we should probably keep things extra reverent on Sunday. Sister Pitts' mom sent a pinata...I don't know how to spell that...and we had a bit of a party. It was awesome!
It, being fast Sunday, was mission conference, which was excellent. We talked a lot about reverence and what reverence means, and how we can incorporate it into our daily lives, not only on the mission, but forever. Then for Sunday night devotional Chad Lewis came. He used to play for the Eagles. It was so good! He talked to us about never giving up, and how loving the people, looking past all the weird hair, tattoos, and lifestyles and looking straight to the heart of a person was the best thing that we could do on our missions. It was so good! If you haven't read his book "Surround yourself with greatness" or something like that you should, and then tell me all about it!
The Race is On!!
Sister Roe & Sister Ausen
We taught Kjetil again yesterday. (We hadn't taught since last Wednesday!) And it was so good!!! We got a soft commitment for baptism! And were able to teach about the restoration. It was so good and it felt like our Norwegian was so much smoother! Except for when Sister Ausen said, "When Jesus Christ was
killed, and the apostles dude..." It was pretty amusing. Oh! And then I prayed for the holy DUCK instead of the Holy Ghost on accident.....those words are way too close together! But it was humorous!
That's a lot to live up to.
We started a tradition where we pick someone every night and everyone tells one thing that they have learned from them or that they love about them. It was my turn on Sunday...I'll attatch a pic of what everyone said. It made my whole life! I am glad that people see in me the things that I want most to be!
Sister Hogkiss and I are about equally obsessed with Harry Potter! It makes for some glorious conversations while here at Hogwarts! Oh and wanna hear my great analogy from yesterday? So part of our branch left for Sweeden today and last night we were talking to them and they were saying "it's been real...but not really here and now it's really happening." And I said, "It's like in Harry Potter when they're training and learning up until the fourth book and then it's like BAM! Voldemort's back! Bring it!" Oh yeah, I'm brilliant!
Anyways, I'll send some pics and talk to you later...Alma 60:6 Look it up :)
Love you all! Miss you! Keep the faith! Stay Strong! #owlpostfromhogwarts
Sister Roe
PS After watching President Uchtdorf's talk we found FORGET ME NOTS!!!!!

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