Sunday, May 5, 2013

Just know that I love Mail!!
SURPRISE!!! I know I told you that my p-day was on Thursdays, but they switched my schedule this past week so now I have pday on Tuesdays! Kaitlyn and Brenna! I got your letters yesterday, thank you so much! I know that I am only in my third week away but it feels like it has been FOREVER! So whenever I get a letter from home it makes my day so much better! Thank you for those! Mom, in your email you asked like a million questions, I know I didn't answer all of them in the letter I sent to you so I'll try to answer them now. :) Kaycie flew out yesterday morning and I already miss her again! She was so excited and I was so happy to be able to have some time with her!
We jokingly refer to the MTC as Hogwarts...also our district is the Hunger Games. It is so wonderful! I love my district. We all get along, there's no drama, we love to laugh and get to know each other. We all work together to keep the stress of learning a language away, and we do a pretty good job.
Oh!!! Here's some good news!!! I DON'T HAVE TO HAVE MY VISA TO GET INTO THE COUNTRY!!!!!! When we were informed of this fact all we had to say was "The Lord is hastening His work." What a  blessing! So I will have no problems at all getting to Norway.
I think you asked me about my room. I love everyone in my room! All 6 of us somehow fit all of our stuff and we all still have room to move around. It is a miracle that's for sure! We sleep really quite well. Every now and then we get talking and don't go to sleep for a little while....but that's okay. Enjoy it while you can right?
On Friday Sister Ausen started to get sick, we all figured it was just a cold but by the end of the night she had no voice at all and was running a bit of a temperature. No one knows what it was and her voice is slowly but surely coming back. :) We have a new investigator, his name is Kjetil (pronounced shetil) we taught him for the first time yesterday. It was okay...definitely could have been better. But as long as it continues to get better then I figure I'm on the right track. It's frustrating at times because I know the lessons and principles backwards and forwards in ENGLISH, but I can't express myself in Norsk yet...I know it will come and I know that there is a reason that I am not going English speaking. I just have to trust in the Lord. We got a new home on Saturday!! Our classroom had been under "construction" (they were fixing the AC) and so we are in a room now that has REAL DESKS with book storage and Super comfortable chairs!
A moment of power in the classroom.
I love my teachers. We had a really great heart-to-heart with Brother B the other day about how everyone has told us what a "hard" mission Norway is and he said, "Limits don't come from God, they come from what WE are willing to do!" What a great reminder that God didn't send us here to fail. Then! After a really frustrating day of being unable to elequently express ourselves in Norsk, Sister Brown quoted Da Vinci saying: "Simplicitly is the ultimate sophistication." And later I was reading in my scriptures where Nephi is talking about the plainness of the Lord and how he speaks to us. I loved it! I was not called to Norway because I can speak the language, I was not called because I will ever be able to speak beautifully, I was called to allow the Spirit to speak to the hearts of others, but also to my own heart.
I am a little annoyed with our new schedule (see picture attatched)

because it makes it impossible to follow some of the rules. For example, we are supposed to be up at 6:30, now we have gym at 6:25. On Mondays, well we are never supposed to be back in our dorms before 9:30, but now on Mondays we have to go back to our dorms right after our planning session, which ends at 8 so that we can do our own workout (not allowed to go to the gyms or the field) til 8:30, then we have half an hour to get ready for our next activity...which is it's definitely interesting. But we have SO MUCH DOWN TIME!
We were in class for almost 10 hours in a row yesterday. I was so tired by the end of it. I couldn't think, let alone talk in Norwegian! But ah well.
For my scripture study last week I studied the great missionaries in the scriptures. I was reading about Paul and came across this scripture in 1st Corinthians 1:12 (I think...somewhere around there...I don't have my scriptures with me.) And it is stating who Paul is and I love the last line when he says, "I am of Christ." I love that statement and everyday I take upon me the name of Christ. What an amazing experience it is to be a missionary for the Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter-day Saints. I love that the first thing I do every morning is put on my name tag and promise to Him that I will share His gospel. This week I am studying the women of the scriptures and the roles they played. I'm really excited to start learning. I also started keeping a "tender mercies" book. It is such a wonderful thing to have because it always reminds me that even though this is the hardest thing I have ever done I am so blessed to be here. It helps me to realize every little tender mercy in my life. I love it! 
Seriously there is no joking involved when people say that "the days here are long, but the weeks are short." When I arrived here three weeks ago tomorrow I remember talking to the people in my branch that had been here for three weeks then, they are flying to Sweden next Tuesday. Now we're the "old" ones and soon enough we will be the "ancient" ones of the MTC.
Okay, so an overview of the day to day life of the MTC:
Every day we wake up at 6 am and begin our day with prayer. Then after we get ready we go to our classroom and have personal study time til 8:45, then we have breakfast. Oh glorious breakfast. (Mom if you get the chance I could really use some granola bars...or poptarts...or cheez-its :) ) It feels like an eternity from the time that we eat the night before to the time that we go to breakfast. Seriously, like, I'm pretty sure that is what it was like for Christ when he fasted for 40 days and nights...okay maybe not that bad, but still. So after breakfast half of our district teaches, and the other half (me included in this) have companionship study for an hour. Then we have language study until lunch at 1:50, by then I am singing praises for the manna from heaven. Then we go back to the classroom and the half of us that didn't teach before teaches now. Then we have language study for two hours until we switch gears and have a fundamental study until dinner at 6:50. It makes for a lot of time in the classroom....but that's okay.
Wake up at 6:15 go get a sack breakfast and take it back to our rooms, we don't eat it yet but instead we do do service from 7-8, then go and eat breakfast. After that we go do laundry and write home. Then personal study. Comp study, sack lunch. Then get dressed up. Go to the temple, we are going to eat dinner at the temple because we have dinner at 6:15, but Tuesday nights also are devotional, and if you want a good seat for devotional then you have to be in line at 6. Then devotional starts at 7. WE have a district devotional review from 8-9, then daily planning session til 9:30 after which we go back to our dorm for personal study and comp prayer. Then lights out. It's amazing how long this day actually is.
The rest of the week is a lot like Mondays except we sometimes have gym at 7:20 instead of 6:25.
Sundays are my favorite days. We have breakfast at 7, then personal study until 9:15 when we have music and the spoken word followed by relief society. Last week at relief society there were 1258 sisters there. Can you imagine opening that meeting by singing "As  Sisters in Zion"? Well, let me tell you, it's incredible! This past Sunday our relief society speaker was Sister Oscarson, the new General YW's pres. And Bren, y'all are in good hands. She was so amazing. Then we have lunch, followed by Sacrament meeting, after which we study some more, then go to dinner. After dinner we (Sister Ausen and I) have companionship inventory and just get a feel for what's going on and how we're going as a companionship and set some goals. Then we go to stand in line for devotional. After which we go watch a "movie" which is really just a replay of a talk that has been given at the MTC. Last week we watched "Character of Christ" from Elder Bednar, this week we went to one from Elder Holland. They are so good and so uplifting, and just always what I need to hear.
Have you all seen "We Bought A Zoo"? You know the part that he talks about "20 seconds of insane courage"? Well there are 17 of us sisters going to Norway. So we are the 17 miracles, and our "motto" of sorts is "18 months of insane courage." I am attatching some pictures...I can only send three per email so it might be a few emails...I love you! I miss you!
Sister Roe

Norsk or Die -- The language is a work in progress. We  Hope!!

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