Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Dear family and friends,

I need to preface this by saying, I am basically asleep while typing this, for reasons that I will tell you later, so it probably won't be as animated or as good as usual. This past week has been nothing like any of the other weeks we have had yet. But I should probably begin at the beginning, because as usual I almost tried to skip to the middle. So last Monday we went golfing, remember? It was fantastic. So then Tuesday came around and had a normal day, complete with an old man that told me I am "deilig" (delicious) yep that happened. I tried really hard not to laugh...but it was really funny. We also had district meeting on Tuesday. For which Elder Weaver asked me if I would tell about myself and such. I did, I was a nervous wreck, President Evans, Biskop, and our Ward Mission Leader were there. It was a very short simple thing. Two hours before District meeting Elder Weaver called again. He had the idea that we should cook lunch and have it after the meeting. So we rushed to get things ready and us sisters (mainly Sister Nance who is a heavenly cook) cooked Chicken in vegtables with buttermilk biscuits. It was deiglig!
We tried and tried to get a hold of Lars and he won't answer his phone. We will keep praying for him though and I know that someday he will want to learn more...it just may not be right now. 
A pretty sunset in Sarpsborg

On Wednesday we had been asked to mow Cecilie's lawn for her (much to my delight). So first thing, like 7 am we headed over there. Those three beautiful women had a gorgeous and HUGE breakfast waiting for us. (1st meal on Wednesday) Then after talking and eating for a couple of hours we went out to work of the yard. I loved mowing a lawn again! I missed it a lot. It was quite the adventure because the lawn mower had to be plugged in, and then because her front lawn is a hill that it litterally straight up and down.....I did it though. And it was epic.
Then after that we ran back to our house to do studies and re-get ready for the day. Then after studies, we picked up the Halden Elders and went to Biskops for our weekly dinner there. (2nd meal on Wednesday) Dinner was at 3 o'clock. After dinner Halden came on kontakting splits with us. Elder Peterson and I went together and didn't have too much success. Then we got together with the Fredrikstad Elders too and we all drove in our little car to Ceci's house again for the ym/yw's activity. Where we had our 3rd meal of the day! Then we went golfing in the rain and it was glorious. It was pouring rain and after Elder Peterson accidentally threw his club onto the fairway every couple of swings we would switch a golf club for an umbrella. It was lots of fun though.
Then Thursday we went and did service for a member. Little did we know when we agreed to do it however, that she lives an hour away from us in a town just past Halden...oops. So on our way back to Sarpsborg, we went ahead and picked up Halden and we all headed to the Whale dinner. We at whale, (picture coming next week) and it was shockingly good. I actually really liked it. It was the rhubarb soup that I couldn't choke down! So we had lamb leg, whale, bread, foccaccia bread, and rhubarb soup.
Then comes Friday. We were planning on cooking for ourselves for what would be the 2nd time that week when we got a text from F-stad asking us to give the spiritual thought at dinner that night. After realizing that we wouldn't be cooking we went to work. Sister Nance and I sang "Come Thou Fount" she was so excited to sing and I was a nervous wreck. After singing she said to me "Why are you shaking so much?" It was pretty funny.
Saturday we did a lot of Street Kontakting and bonking. We were able to visit a couple less actives, but because of the Summer Solstice no one was out or home. It was really unproductive and we were trying to figure out what to do when F-stad called. Within 30 minutes we were on our way to Moss for a huge bonfire and celebration of St Hans Aften. With permission from Pres we stayed out in Moss til midnight. We had a HUGE bonfire right next to the fjord in Moss, we skipped rocks, we talked about conversion stories, we played ping pong, and got eaten alive by misquito's. (Which are Enormous) Then we had to drive home. Our car is made to seat 5, there were nine of us there, and 7 that had to take the hour long drive home. 2 Elders sat in front, us 3 sisters got the back seat, and the other 2 elders sat in the storage part of the car. It was quite the adventure and we just prayed that we wouldn't get pulled over. Oh the things we do. :)
We drove to Fredrikstad and all the Elders got out there. Then I drove us sisters home to Sarsborg. We pulled in our driveway at 1:20 am. We were asleep by 1:30 and up at 6:30. Hence the reason for my exhausted ways. But that's okay. It was worth it. 
Sister Wheeler, Sister Nance, and Sister Roe

Sunday was rough cause we were so tired. But ah well. In the middle of Sacrament meeting we got a phone call. When we checked it after church we realized that it was a man that we had met  a week ago. We called him back and he said that he wanted to meet with us. He wanted to learn more about the church. His name is Birum and he is my miracle this week. We rushed from F-stad to Sarpsborg and gave his the 1st lesson. We didn't have an Albanian Mormons Bok so we gave him one in English. (He can't Norsk) He said he could read it and pray about it and that he wants to come to church next Sunday. I needed him.
Then we went to the ward party to celebrate St Hans Aften again. It was great we had food, played frisbee and volleyball, and just relaxed. Elder Weaver played volleyball in HS, so at one point he came over and asked me if I wanted to pepper. It kind of made my life. Especially because all the Elders were in their civi's and we sisters were still in pros clothes. Thankfully it was a long skirt I was wearing. :) It was so much fun though.
Today we are going to go explore the fortress in Halden and see the Swedish border. I'm pretty psyched.
A couple of other things. We met a Thai woman the other week and were able to teach her this past week. She's Bhuddist and it is very interesting learning about her beliefs. We gave her a thai Mormons Bok and we are going to meet with her agian this week. We are working a lot with less actives I love it. They are all incredible people.
Oh!! I almost forgot. The family where Sister Nance and I sang. The wife cornered us after Relief society yesterday and asked us to sing in Sacrament meeting next Sunday. Pray for me! :S We need to pay more attention to who the music coordinator is I guess. :)
I rained all last week. Which was nice cause I was able to pull out a bunch of cardigans and sweaters...but it looks like it is going to be nicer this week. I love you all. I'm praying for you!
Søster Roe
PS Pictures, beautiful sunset, and I really love this car!!!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Tough, Rough Week!

Hello Family and Friends,                                                                                 June 17, 2013

And it came to pass that in the 2013 year of our Lord there were three Sister Missionaries in Sarpsborg Norway. Oh boy what a week it has been. I have been going nuts. But that's okay. Last Pday Sister Nance found out that her Grandma was in a coma and was going to pass away soon. It was very unexpected. She passed away on Tuesday. Thankfully that meant Sister Nance was able to call home and talk with her parents and family which really helped a lot. But, it was just the beginning our our tough week!

Our prayers are with Sister Nance
I was really excited about Anita. She kebabed us. We were really excited about Ranja. She disappeared. We were really excited about several other people and they either just kebabed, or told us that they were no longer interested. But that's the middle of the week, I have to start with the beginning. We went with the Fredrikstad Elders to the beach. It was stunning! We pulled up and there was sand and water and giant boulders. Sister Nance and I picnicked on top of the boulder and had a wonderful time just talking. I will send pictures I promise.
Picnic at the beach on Pday

Then we had zone conference on Wednesday. And we mostly kontakted the gågata and visited members and less actives. We were able to visit 6 less active families. It was fantastic! They were all great. Many of them just had problems with health and couldn't come.
Countryside of Sarpsborg 

But NO ONE was interested or willing to listen. Søster Nance and I were talking and just having a really rough time with things. Feeling like we weren't doing as well as we were supposed to and such...that day in our personal prayers (unbeknownest to us, this was Saturday BTW) We both prayed to have help and strength from the other side. Me from Grandpa Craig, her from her Grandma. We got that help.

We were dreading Kontakting, and as we walked onto the beginning of the gågata the first two people we talked to were really interested. One, named Mona (Crazy right??), we had met before. She had stopped us and asked who we are and what we do. We set up an appointment with her. The other is named Lars. He was very open with us and almost instantly said, "Do you want to sit down and talk over tea?" We informed him that we don't drink tea, but we would love to talk to him. We sat down and basically taught the first lesson with him. It was a wonderful experience. We taught him in the mall so it was loud and distracting. The people sitting around us listened in the whole time. And the Spirit was still able to influence and touch him. As I bore witness of Joseph Smith, the power of prayer and that HE could know that God is there. The spirit was so strong. He agreed to pray. We are calling him tonight.

Then today. WE GOT GOLF LESSONS FROM PRO GOLFERS!!!!!!! It was so fun! They are in our ward and love the missionaries and offered to give us lessons. Their names are Cecilie Lundgreen, Laurette Maritz, and Reeve Nield. They were awesome! I am actually not that bad at golf. Surprise, surprise! They were so fun and it was awesome to talk to them, get to know them, and hear all about how they are spreading the gospel throughout the world!
Golf Lessons with the Pro's!

I'll send pictures later I have to write Pres! I love you! I miss you! I pray for you daily!
Søster Roe

Monday, June 10, 2013

Families are Forever!

Hey Family! First of all, I got to see 3 of the people that were in my MTC group last Friday which was so fun. Sister McArthur is like the sweetest person I know and she told me that she just cried when they left me at the MTC and then in the London airport she cried again for me! She is an amazing girl and will be an incredible missionary! I was so glad to see her! I love both my companions so much! They are incredible! Sister Nance loves to cook so between her and member dinners I am eating so good! I am definitely spoiled here! We are lucky enough to have a car too! So we are REALLY spoiled!! :)

Sister McArthur!!!
Okay! I don't have too much time cause we're supposed to meet the F-stad Elders so excuse the typo's.
First thing! Thanks for all the emails! That was a great blessing to see today! You are all so awesome! I love you all so much and am so grateful (thanks for that mom) for you!! Next up, Mom I got your card on the 6th of Juni, but it had to go to the mission office then to me so yeah. I sent a TON of letters on Saturday the 8th to y'all and so you should be getting those this week. I'm sorry but I can't send pictures this week...I have to send them from kirke and it's a 35 minute drive out of the way...but we are going their next week so I promise I will send them then. And that way I have time today to actually take pictures!
Okay, so this past week kind of felt like an eternity long. The sun really doesn't set...at least not for very long, so it really feels like a never ending day! It's so weird! It sounds like you are all doing great and loving life! I am so glad! I have a lot of things that I want to tell you about...and this probably isn't going to be very organized so bear with me. (We did a little research about the days there in Sarpsborg and learned the sun set yesterday at 10:32 pm and rose again at 4:02 am! No wonder the days are sososo long. It's not called 'Land of the midnight Sun' for nothing!)
Zone Conference:
We had Zone Conference on Friday. It was pretty great! Søster Nance sang for it and we did a lot of practicals. (Like role plays) It was really funny because one time I was practicaling with Elder Weaver for the second time around and he commited to...come to church I think it was...without hesitation. I got so excited a HUGE smile was on my face and I said "Virkilig? Kjempe Bra!" (basically really? So Great!) President Evans was sitting in on our practical and at the end of it he said, "You're really relaxed and you smile a lot. I like it." It was pretty funny.
Later in another part of the conference we were sitting listening to people bearing their last testimonies cause they're leaving this transfer. Elder Weaver was sitting right behind me and his stomach was growling super bad! At one particular moment I smiled, cause it was funny and that's what I do, so he started to laugh, so I started to laugh. Then he started laughing harder because I was laughing....it was bad....but ah well. 
Right now I'm kind of frustrated because no matter who I'm talking to when they find out that I've only been in the land a week and that I only had 6 weeks of Norwegian...or even if they just find out that we're from USA they say things like "Oh you're so clever!" And "Your Norwegian is so good!" So I don't know how well I'm really doing. Elder Petersen helped me yesterday after I shared a spiritual thought at a member dinner he came over and said, "You nailed the pronounciation but I would word it a little differently." So that was helpful. 
Some Funny Stories:
Oy! Where to begin. Okay...so we can't take pictures while we are proselyting so on the way home there is the fjord and the hill behind it and it is just plain beautiful so I decided to try to take a pic from the car. I rolled down my window and the driver (I won't name names) looked back, saw what I was doing and decided to stop. But she wasn't looking so she ran over the curb of the median and hit the turning sign....it was so funny! It didn't hurt anything but my abs because I was laughing hysterically! 
We had a teach lined up the other day and we got Kebabed. (like...they just didn't show) Then when we were contacting the gågata we say our appointment. Søster Wheeler was teaching him and he was...basically leering at her....then at the end of the lesson he leaned in to kiss her cheek! What?! She turned bright red and turned tail and ran. It was pretty amusing...needless to say we won't be meeting with him anymore. 
Quick side note. Everyone here loves how I laugh! Ha! And you all made fun of it! ;)  
I miss the sound of Taylor's laugh nearly more than any other thing! It is so genuine and unique! Here is a short clip of Bren and Tay being silly and you can hear her contagious laugh everyone loves!

Another day we were visiting addresses from the area book and we were just following the gps. We were out in the middle of NOWHERE and I look at a sign and it said, Halden 5, Sweden 7. Yep...we almost ended up in Sweden. I think we are going to go to the border next week. 
Maybe Tay needs to pay more attention to the map so she doesn't end up in Sweden!
Okay one cool experience and then I need to email Pres. 
We were contacting and nothing and no one felt right. It was a weird day anyways in town consisting of 2 street bands, a zombie walk, and an elvis parade. Then at the end of the day. I saw this woman. For some reason I just decided that I needed to talk to her. So I did. I walked up to her and said, "We're missionaries for the LDS church and we are out sharing about our beliefs. One of our beliefs is that families can be together forever. I see you have a family" Motioning to her little girl. We have now an appointment with her tonight and she said "I'm excited to meet with you." I håp it goes well!
I love you all! Talk to you again soon! 
Søster Roe

Monday, June 3, 2013

Family activities since Taylor's been gone to Norway

Porter had a great chalk fight at the end of school with his fellow Exec friends
Payt's Senior night
Mother's Day 2013...Dad and I enjoyed a little quiet time at the temple! I loved my Norge shirt Tay mailed me!
Bren dominated in Club Volleyball
Denton graduated from Weber State Univ!
Brenna & Mom went shopping one day to Ogden and  Bren got this stylin' dress!
A whirlwind of Activities to finish up the school year....
Cheered on Kycen at the Wellsville Mile!
Porter attended his Junior Prom with his darling date Kessa Merkley who was voted Prom Queen!
Kait's 23rd Birthday Bash!

Rooted for Kyce at his soccer game 
Gma Linda and Ron on Payt's graduation day

I made it to Norway....finally!

First things first. I am sorry for all of the typo's, these Norsk keyboards are going to take some major getting used to!! 

I am finally in Norway! I am so glad to be here and to have the opportunity to live in Sarpsborg! I love it here so much! Okay, well I guess there is no place like to beginning to start. And that beginning would be this: 
Merkurveien 19
1734 Hafslundsøy
Sarpsborg, Norway
Pres and Sister Evans and my girl!

That is my mailing address so feel  free to use it whenever you want to. :)

Alrighty. So last week being at the MTC as the only Norwegian was...interesting to say the least. But it was good all the same. I was so ready to go and that is no lie. The flights. There were two elders that I flew with from SL to Dallas. They were both headed to South Africa. We landed in Dallas literally seconds before a lightening storm hit, which was an adventure. So the tram that I could have taken to get to my other terminal was closed. Instead we had to walk. I am so sorry Kaitlyn.(Kait had been teaching school and so didn't get to talk to Taylor earlier in the day so Taylor was going to call her from Dallas) I tried so hard to call. I got to my terminal with 20 minutes to spare before we were to board the plane and so I went over and tried to call with the pay phone. For some reason, no matter what I tried it wouldn't connect! I was so frustrated because I wanted to talk to you so badly! I cried...the Elders got really frustrated because they couldn't help...and I was crying and they couldn't give me a hug....it was a little humorous. We all pulled out our boarding passes and realized that we were on different flights to London. Theirs left 2 hours after mine. I boarded my plane and we were grounded for about 30 minutes longer than expected because of the storm. I was a little bugged...mostly because I was worried about making my flight in London. I sat next to a young woman from Sweden and a man from Ireland. Both of them asked me about the church so I basically shared the first lesson with them. It was a really cool opportunity! The Irish guy looked at me and said, "No offense, but I like my church better. Because I can drink in my church." 

They both also kept asking me where in Norway I would be going. They were shocked that I really had no clue and that I was going to just end up going wherever they told me to go. Finally our flight took off we had dinner...which was disgusting...thanks for the snacks mom and grandma! And then we slept for the rest of the flight. When we arrived in London I had 45 minutes to get to my next flight and board. Let me just say that the London, Heathrow airport is HUGE!!! I had to take a 10 minute bus ride to get to my next terminal...then I had to go through security again and navigate to my gate. It was crazy. I ran up, handed my ticket to the lady, and she looked at me and said, "You only just made it! Good job." Then as I sat down on the plane the captain said "The doors are closed and we are on our way." Talk about a tender mercy that I made it just in time! 

Getting through the airport in Oslo was a piece of cake. I got my bags, went through customs, and met President and Sister Evans. Then we exchanged money and were on our way to the mission home. That was when I found out that I would be in Sarpsborg with Sister Nance (!!YAY!!) and my beautiful trainer Sister Wheeler. We got to the mission home and the AP's were there waiting for us. (Elders Bird and Van Wagner) Then we had dinner. (Salmon, potatoes, cabbage something or other, salad, rolls, and finished off with cake and berries on top). Oh really quick, Sister Evans found out how much I love Lilacs when I say how many there were just growing wildly all over the place so she cut some for me and put them by my bed that night! Then I had my interview with President, got my phone from the APs and went to take a shower (the most blessed and holy thing ever) and sleep (also was amazing). I slept for like 10 hours straight. It was fantastic and will never happen again on my mission. The next morning, after a delicious breakfast, I caught a couple trains and got to Sarpsborg. 
A beautiful gesture...Tay's favorite smells and simple joys. Sister Evans was so kind to place a vase of them by her bed that night in the mission home....a piece of home!

I got off the train to be embraced by my new companions, and we put my luggage in the car. Then we immediately went contacting! AHH! Talk about being thrown into the work! It is awesome! I love contacting! We talked to lots of people, and got several peoples numbers so we'll see what happens. We are opening Sarpsborg and the members are so excited to have sisters! We have a ward, it's actually the Fredrikstad ward and everyone from Fredrikstad, Sarpsborg, and Halden are in the ward. The members are so awesome! We have a meal appointment almost every night. There are 7 missionaries in out ward. The Fredrikstad Elders, us, and the Halden Elders. No offense to the Elders but during testimony meeting yesterday everyone bore there testimonies saying how happy they were to have so many missionaries, especially sisters! We're the favorites ;) 
Sister Nance was in Taylor's district at the MTC! Now they're companions!

I don't have jet lag. I am just happy to be here and working hard. The country is beautiful and I absolutely love the people! We have our first teach tonight, we'll see how it goes. I am so excited and a little nervous. I will write some hand written letters later today and get them sent off. I love you all! Miss you! Praying for you! Love!

Søster Roe