Monday, June 10, 2013

Families are Forever!

Hey Family! First of all, I got to see 3 of the people that were in my MTC group last Friday which was so fun. Sister McArthur is like the sweetest person I know and she told me that she just cried when they left me at the MTC and then in the London airport she cried again for me! She is an amazing girl and will be an incredible missionary! I was so glad to see her! I love both my companions so much! They are incredible! Sister Nance loves to cook so between her and member dinners I am eating so good! I am definitely spoiled here! We are lucky enough to have a car too! So we are REALLY spoiled!! :)

Sister McArthur!!!
Okay! I don't have too much time cause we're supposed to meet the F-stad Elders so excuse the typo's.
First thing! Thanks for all the emails! That was a great blessing to see today! You are all so awesome! I love you all so much and am so grateful (thanks for that mom) for you!! Next up, Mom I got your card on the 6th of Juni, but it had to go to the mission office then to me so yeah. I sent a TON of letters on Saturday the 8th to y'all and so you should be getting those this week. I'm sorry but I can't send pictures this week...I have to send them from kirke and it's a 35 minute drive out of the way...but we are going their next week so I promise I will send them then. And that way I have time today to actually take pictures!
Okay, so this past week kind of felt like an eternity long. The sun really doesn't least not for very long, so it really feels like a never ending day! It's so weird! It sounds like you are all doing great and loving life! I am so glad! I have a lot of things that I want to tell you about...and this probably isn't going to be very organized so bear with me. (We did a little research about the days there in Sarpsborg and learned the sun set yesterday at 10:32 pm and rose again at 4:02 am! No wonder the days are sososo long. It's not called 'Land of the midnight Sun' for nothing!)
Zone Conference:
We had Zone Conference on Friday. It was pretty great! Søster Nance sang for it and we did a lot of practicals. (Like role plays) It was really funny because one time I was practicaling with Elder Weaver for the second time around and he commited to...come to church I think it was...without hesitation. I got so excited a HUGE smile was on my face and I said "Virkilig? Kjempe Bra!" (basically really? So Great!) President Evans was sitting in on our practical and at the end of it he said, "You're really relaxed and you smile a lot. I like it." It was pretty funny.
Later in another part of the conference we were sitting listening to people bearing their last testimonies cause they're leaving this transfer. Elder Weaver was sitting right behind me and his stomach was growling super bad! At one particular moment I smiled, cause it was funny and that's what I do, so he started to laugh, so I started to laugh. Then he started laughing harder because I was was bad....but ah well. 
Right now I'm kind of frustrated because no matter who I'm talking to when they find out that I've only been in the land a week and that I only had 6 weeks of Norwegian...or even if they just find out that we're from USA they say things like "Oh you're so clever!" And "Your Norwegian is so good!" So I don't know how well I'm really doing. Elder Petersen helped me yesterday after I shared a spiritual thought at a member dinner he came over and said, "You nailed the pronounciation but I would word it a little differently." So that was helpful. 
Some Funny Stories:
Oy! Where to begin. we can't take pictures while we are proselyting so on the way home there is the fjord and the hill behind it and it is just plain beautiful so I decided to try to take a pic from the car. I rolled down my window and the driver (I won't name names) looked back, saw what I was doing and decided to stop. But she wasn't looking so she ran over the curb of the median and hit the turning was so funny! It didn't hurt anything but my abs because I was laughing hysterically! 
We had a teach lined up the other day and we got Kebabed. (like...they just didn't show) Then when we were contacting the gågata we say our appointment. Søster Wheeler was teaching him and he was...basically leering at her....then at the end of the lesson he leaned in to kiss her cheek! What?! She turned bright red and turned tail and ran. It was pretty amusing...needless to say we won't be meeting with him anymore. 
Quick side note. Everyone here loves how I laugh! Ha! And you all made fun of it! ;)  
I miss the sound of Taylor's laugh nearly more than any other thing! It is so genuine and unique! Here is a short clip of Bren and Tay being silly and you can hear her contagious laugh everyone loves!

Another day we were visiting addresses from the area book and we were just following the gps. We were out in the middle of NOWHERE and I look at a sign and it said, Halden 5, Sweden 7. Yep...we almost ended up in Sweden. I think we are going to go to the border next week. 
Maybe Tay needs to pay more attention to the map so she doesn't end up in Sweden!
Okay one cool experience and then I need to email Pres. 
We were contacting and nothing and no one felt right. It was a weird day anyways in town consisting of 2 street bands, a zombie walk, and an elvis parade. Then at the end of the day. I saw this woman. For some reason I just decided that I needed to talk to her. So I did. I walked up to her and said, "We're missionaries for the LDS church and we are out sharing about our beliefs. One of our beliefs is that families can be together forever. I see you have a family" Motioning to her little girl. We have now an appointment with her tonight and she said "I'm excited to meet with you." I håp it goes well!
I love you all! Talk to you again soon! 
Søster Roe

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  1. Love her enthusiasm for the work and the way she tells her stories....I would love her as a companion!