Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Dear family and friends,

I need to preface this by saying, I am basically asleep while typing this, for reasons that I will tell you later, so it probably won't be as animated or as good as usual. This past week has been nothing like any of the other weeks we have had yet. But I should probably begin at the beginning, because as usual I almost tried to skip to the middle. So last Monday we went golfing, remember? It was fantastic. So then Tuesday came around and had a normal day, complete with an old man that told me I am "deilig" (delicious) yep that happened. I tried really hard not to laugh...but it was really funny. We also had district meeting on Tuesday. For which Elder Weaver asked me if I would tell about myself and such. I did, I was a nervous wreck, President Evans, Biskop, and our Ward Mission Leader were there. It was a very short simple thing. Two hours before District meeting Elder Weaver called again. He had the idea that we should cook lunch and have it after the meeting. So we rushed to get things ready and us sisters (mainly Sister Nance who is a heavenly cook) cooked Chicken in vegtables with buttermilk biscuits. It was deiglig!
We tried and tried to get a hold of Lars and he won't answer his phone. We will keep praying for him though and I know that someday he will want to learn more...it just may not be right now. 
A pretty sunset in Sarpsborg

On Wednesday we had been asked to mow Cecilie's lawn for her (much to my delight). So first thing, like 7 am we headed over there. Those three beautiful women had a gorgeous and HUGE breakfast waiting for us. (1st meal on Wednesday) Then after talking and eating for a couple of hours we went out to work of the yard. I loved mowing a lawn again! I missed it a lot. It was quite the adventure because the lawn mower had to be plugged in, and then because her front lawn is a hill that it litterally straight up and down.....I did it though. And it was epic.
Then after that we ran back to our house to do studies and re-get ready for the day. Then after studies, we picked up the Halden Elders and went to Biskops for our weekly dinner there. (2nd meal on Wednesday) Dinner was at 3 o'clock. After dinner Halden came on kontakting splits with us. Elder Peterson and I went together and didn't have too much success. Then we got together with the Fredrikstad Elders too and we all drove in our little car to Ceci's house again for the ym/yw's activity. Where we had our 3rd meal of the day! Then we went golfing in the rain and it was glorious. It was pouring rain and after Elder Peterson accidentally threw his club onto the fairway every couple of swings we would switch a golf club for an umbrella. It was lots of fun though.
Then Thursday we went and did service for a member. Little did we know when we agreed to do it however, that she lives an hour away from us in a town just past Halden...oops. So on our way back to Sarpsborg, we went ahead and picked up Halden and we all headed to the Whale dinner. We at whale, (picture coming next week) and it was shockingly good. I actually really liked it. It was the rhubarb soup that I couldn't choke down! So we had lamb leg, whale, bread, foccaccia bread, and rhubarb soup.
Then comes Friday. We were planning on cooking for ourselves for what would be the 2nd time that week when we got a text from F-stad asking us to give the spiritual thought at dinner that night. After realizing that we wouldn't be cooking we went to work. Sister Nance and I sang "Come Thou Fount" she was so excited to sing and I was a nervous wreck. After singing she said to me "Why are you shaking so much?" It was pretty funny.
Saturday we did a lot of Street Kontakting and bonking. We were able to visit a couple less actives, but because of the Summer Solstice no one was out or home. It was really unproductive and we were trying to figure out what to do when F-stad called. Within 30 minutes we were on our way to Moss for a huge bonfire and celebration of St Hans Aften. With permission from Pres we stayed out in Moss til midnight. We had a HUGE bonfire right next to the fjord in Moss, we skipped rocks, we talked about conversion stories, we played ping pong, and got eaten alive by misquito's. (Which are Enormous) Then we had to drive home. Our car is made to seat 5, there were nine of us there, and 7 that had to take the hour long drive home. 2 Elders sat in front, us 3 sisters got the back seat, and the other 2 elders sat in the storage part of the car. It was quite the adventure and we just prayed that we wouldn't get pulled over. Oh the things we do. :)
We drove to Fredrikstad and all the Elders got out there. Then I drove us sisters home to Sarsborg. We pulled in our driveway at 1:20 am. We were asleep by 1:30 and up at 6:30. Hence the reason for my exhausted ways. But that's okay. It was worth it. 
Sister Wheeler, Sister Nance, and Sister Roe

Sunday was rough cause we were so tired. But ah well. In the middle of Sacrament meeting we got a phone call. When we checked it after church we realized that it was a man that we had met  a week ago. We called him back and he said that he wanted to meet with us. He wanted to learn more about the church. His name is Birum and he is my miracle this week. We rushed from F-stad to Sarpsborg and gave his the 1st lesson. We didn't have an Albanian Mormons Bok so we gave him one in English. (He can't Norsk) He said he could read it and pray about it and that he wants to come to church next Sunday. I needed him.
Then we went to the ward party to celebrate St Hans Aften again. It was great we had food, played frisbee and volleyball, and just relaxed. Elder Weaver played volleyball in HS, so at one point he came over and asked me if I wanted to pepper. It kind of made my life. Especially because all the Elders were in their civi's and we sisters were still in pros clothes. Thankfully it was a long skirt I was wearing. :) It was so much fun though.
Today we are going to go explore the fortress in Halden and see the Swedish border. I'm pretty psyched.
A couple of other things. We met a Thai woman the other week and were able to teach her this past week. She's Bhuddist and it is very interesting learning about her beliefs. We gave her a thai Mormons Bok and we are going to meet with her agian this week. We are working a lot with less actives I love it. They are all incredible people.
Oh!! I almost forgot. The family where Sister Nance and I sang. The wife cornered us after Relief society yesterday and asked us to sing in Sacrament meeting next Sunday. Pray for me! :S We need to pay more attention to who the music coordinator is I guess. :)
I rained all last week. Which was nice cause I was able to pull out a bunch of cardigans and sweaters...but it looks like it is going to be nicer this week. I love you all. I'm praying for you!
Søster Roe
PS Pictures, beautiful sunset, and I really love this car!!!

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