Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Tough, Rough Week!

Hello Family and Friends,                                                                                 June 17, 2013

And it came to pass that in the 2013 year of our Lord there were three Sister Missionaries in Sarpsborg Norway. Oh boy what a week it has been. I have been going nuts. But that's okay. Last Pday Sister Nance found out that her Grandma was in a coma and was going to pass away soon. It was very unexpected. She passed away on Tuesday. Thankfully that meant Sister Nance was able to call home and talk with her parents and family which really helped a lot. But, it was just the beginning our our tough week!

Our prayers are with Sister Nance
I was really excited about Anita. She kebabed us. We were really excited about Ranja. She disappeared. We were really excited about several other people and they either just kebabed, or told us that they were no longer interested. But that's the middle of the week, I have to start with the beginning. We went with the Fredrikstad Elders to the beach. It was stunning! We pulled up and there was sand and water and giant boulders. Sister Nance and I picnicked on top of the boulder and had a wonderful time just talking. I will send pictures I promise.
Picnic at the beach on Pday

Then we had zone conference on Wednesday. And we mostly kontakted the gågata and visited members and less actives. We were able to visit 6 less active families. It was fantastic! They were all great. Many of them just had problems with health and couldn't come.
Countryside of Sarpsborg 

But NO ONE was interested or willing to listen. Søster Nance and I were talking and just having a really rough time with things. Feeling like we weren't doing as well as we were supposed to and such...that day in our personal prayers (unbeknownest to us, this was Saturday BTW) We both prayed to have help and strength from the other side. Me from Grandpa Craig, her from her Grandma. We got that help.

We were dreading Kontakting, and as we walked onto the beginning of the gågata the first two people we talked to were really interested. One, named Mona (Crazy right??), we had met before. She had stopped us and asked who we are and what we do. We set up an appointment with her. The other is named Lars. He was very open with us and almost instantly said, "Do you want to sit down and talk over tea?" We informed him that we don't drink tea, but we would love to talk to him. We sat down and basically taught the first lesson with him. It was a wonderful experience. We taught him in the mall so it was loud and distracting. The people sitting around us listened in the whole time. And the Spirit was still able to influence and touch him. As I bore witness of Joseph Smith, the power of prayer and that HE could know that God is there. The spirit was so strong. He agreed to pray. We are calling him tonight.

Then today. WE GOT GOLF LESSONS FROM PRO GOLFERS!!!!!!! It was so fun! They are in our ward and love the missionaries and offered to give us lessons. Their names are Cecilie Lundgreen, Laurette Maritz, and Reeve Nield. They were awesome! I am actually not that bad at golf. Surprise, surprise! They were so fun and it was awesome to talk to them, get to know them, and hear all about how they are spreading the gospel throughout the world!
Golf Lessons with the Pro's!

I'll send pictures later I have to write Pres! I love you! I miss you! I pray for you daily!
Søster Roe

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  1. Sister Roe - I love your posts - please continue!!! Sister Pinkerton