Tuesday, July 16, 2013

No smooching on missions!

Dearest Family,                                                                                          July 15,2013

Well if I never say anything else about Sarpsborg that you remember, remember this, Sarpsborg is a very...interesting...little town. Oh the week we've had!

But we have to start at the beginning. The Elders did make up with buying us chocolate Boler for breakfast and then they later bought our dinner too. So that was wonderful! We went and played ultimate frisbee at a part above Oslo and it was really fun. I had missed turf! There were a ton of people playing!! Eventually I designated myself to take pictures for everyone. It was a wonderful day though and we had a fantastic Zone Leader Training! It ws pretty great. We even watched a "Remember The Titans" clip. It was funny.

 But the thing about Oslo was going home. Olso is a huge city with lots of tunnels and it is very easy to get lost. Especially because the GPS loses signal all the time! So we finished out our day and were getting ready to drive home. The Halden Elders were going to drive with us, but they were going on splits with the ZLs. So Elder Schultz came up to me and said, "Elder Chapman doesn't have a license so you have to drive." WHAT?!?!?!?! (Taylor gets really nervous about driving in the city and becomes flustered easily!)The biggest city I have driven in was Salt Lake and that doesn't even happen very often! I started to panic and so I went over to talk to Elder Weaver to see if he could give me very simple directions to get out of Oslo. Cause when you get out you're home free...it's the getting out that is the problem. I am pretty sure that he thought I was going to have a panic attack or something cause the first thing he said was "What's wrong? Do you need to sit down?" Poor guy. Well after gripping the steering wheel so tightly that my fingers still hurt 2 days after the fact we eventually got out of Oslo and home to Sarpsborg. Thank the heavens
And I thought that would be the only crazy moment that week! Funny! Cause on Tuesday we are having studies and Sister Wheeler's phone rings. She looked at me and Sister Nance and just said, "It's President." Now we were worried because President had just called and moved Elder Whitmer from our district to Årendal...so we automatically thought that one of us was getting moved! Thankfully that wasn't the case. He just wanted to let us know that he and Sister Evans would be coming out to visit with us and interview us the next day. Surprise. It was actually really good. It was awesome to be able to talk with them. I love those people. Sister and President Evans walked into our apartment and said, "Wow, this is really small!" They were both surprised, I think, that we hadn't been asking them for stuff. Sister Evans was so cute and saying, "I am going to bring you this and you need this, and I can't believe you haven't said anything before!"
Taylor is pretty low maintenance, as Sister Evans can attest to!
We haven't been able to meet with Merete since she came to church. We don't know what happened, but we keep praying that we will see her again. We have been teaching Alex though. Alex is awesome! He's from Ethiopia and has been living here for 12 years now. We invited him to be baptized and he said, "I know that this is a serious thing. So I would like to pray about it." WOW! That's what I'm talking about! He came to church yesterday which was perfect! Søster Nance sang "I know that my Redeemer lives" and the spirit was so strong! It was beautiful and I am glad that Alex was there for it!

Alright, so on Friday! What a day Friday was! We had met this man earlier in the week and we had asked if we could meet with him another day. He said, "I am always in the city so I will find you."
So Friday, we (Sister Nance and myself) were contacting and all the sudden someone comes up behind me and grabs me by the shoulders and squeezes my shoulders. Naturally I think "Who is that?" I turn around and it's this man that we had met. We talk to him briefly and he flops down on the bench behind him. He had the cutest little puppy with him and it hopped up on the bench next to him. So I sat next to the puppy. This man is totally wasted, something I didn't realize until we sat down and he started talking. OH BOY WAS HE DRUNK! So he gets talking about how his grandparents were Mormon (in very slurred speech) so I am just thinking "how can we end this as soon as possible?"  When all the sudden in the middle of his sentence he stops and strokes my face saying things like "Oh you are just so beautiful." And "Jesus loves you so much. I love you too." He keeps stroking my cheek and eventually tries to pull my head towards him. I and thinking "Oh my gosh what just happened, how do I get out of this??" Followed quickly by, "I refuse to let this man kiss me!"
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So he does this like twice. Then I just go to leave. The problem with that is that he was quick for how drunk he was! And while I was looking down to grab my bag he stood up so when I stood he grabbed me and just didn't let go! Sister Wheeler sees this happen and starts to come over. He the whole while is whispering what I suppose he would call "sweet nothings" into my ear! SO GROSS!!!! Finally I got away and we just laughed about it as soon as we were out of the situation but it was gross! You should have seen the Elders faces when we told them about it! Elder Weaver just said, "Did you get his name? What did he look like? How old is he?" It was really quite amusing!
This is how light it is when we go to bed!
Well, that's all the news for now! I will send more pics asap. Hope everyone is doing well. I pray for you all.
Søster Roe

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