Monday, July 29, 2013

Grandmas, Buttermilk Chicken and Send offs

Hallo Alle Sammen!

I honestly sat down to write this email and realized that I have no idea what has happened in the past week. It's just been that kind of week! Wow. We did actually do things this week, but it just all blends together way too easily! 

We are still teaching Alex and Merete and that is awesome! They are both doing well, we are steadily progressing with Merete marching quickly towards her baptismal date! We are excited for her and looking at the next two weeks, it's going to be nuts! But that's okay. 

One of our Grandmas that take great care of us.
You know how all through your life you are taught to serve others in every way possible. For instance, walking and old lady across the street! Well this past week we were talking with Luli, one of our "Bestemor's" (grandma's) and she is the cutest lady. We had to run to an appointment, and we told her that and she said, "Well do you know where to go? Do you know how to get there?" We assured her that we did and then as we were walking out her door she said, "I'll just walk with you." And by walking with us she meant the whole way. We were definitely late for our teach walking with an 85 year old woman. But the best part was that every time we would cross a street, she would help us across the street! We are very well taken care of!

Søster Nance made buttermilk fried chicken for lunch at District meeting. It was absolutely deiglig! But, getting it to the church was interesting! There was buttermilk and raw chicken spilled all over our car! It was a "laugh or cry" situation. We chose to laugh. But when it happened I was pretty sure that Søster Nance was going to cry! 

Then we had our very first member teach! We taught Merete at the house of one of our other Bestemor's houses. She was the perfect person to have on the teach with us because she has gone through some of the same things that Merete is struggling with and it was just a wonderful experience. 

Sister Nance, Sister Roe, and Sister Wheeler prior to
 Sister Wheeler returning home from her mission.
Friday....that was a rough day. We had moves call on Friday. Søster Nance and I are staying in Sarpsborg alone together. Oh boy! I was made Sr Companion (Don't really know what that means...just that I am on the phone more than she is...) and I am a little panicked....maybe a lot panicked! But it's okay. That is why Sister Nance and I are staying together. Right?! 

Bishop's kids. We love his family.
It was so weird this morning at the tog station. We were with both sets of Elders as they were dropping off Elder Peterson, who is also going home, and Elder Weaver, who is headed to Drammen. They (all three of them) got on the train and Søster Nance, Elder Skinner, Elder Schultz, and I all looked at each other and said. Lets just walk away. Elder Skinner has been in the land the longest at 4 months. Then the rest of us with only 3 months of real Norsk. It's so weird. But the Elders are picking up their new companion later today. So then their companionship won't be so young. But yeah. 

We had a GIANT water fight with the whole ward on Saturday! It was the funnest thing!! Bishop and his kids literally had 250 water balloons filled up! I was absolutely SOAKED! But it was so worth it! And we had several of their nonmember friends there that we were able to pratt litt med. So that was fun! I'll send a bunch of overdue pics today. But I think that is all for now. 
I got  packages from home!! Thanks
grandma and Hyrum 4th primary!

I love you all! Hope you have a fantastic week! 
Søster Roe

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