Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Happy 4th of July America!

Hallo Alle!                                                                                                      July 3, 2013
I cannot believe that is is already going to be the 4th of July! It will be weird missing my first big holiday back home but that's okay. It will probably be safer for me here where there aren't any fireworks that could possibly be hazardous to my health! :) We are going to have our district meeting on the 4th so we will be able to have a little 4th of July Party too! I am pretty excited! We are making pulled pork sandwiches for it. It will be a good time. But you should all have a helping of Dutch Oven potatoes for me!
The language is coming! After being here for a month I feel really comfortable contacting on my own...as long as they aren't actually Swedish...then we have a bit of a problem. :) We are in a small enough place that there aren't really that many tourists or refugees so everyone just speaks Norsk to us. It helps so much! The Lord is certainly helping me to understand and get a grasp on this language! Søster Wheeler is leaving us this month and as far as we know it will be just myself and Sister Nance in this area......that will be interesting. :) I am sure it will be an adventure! Transfers aren't actually until August so we'll see how it goes! Thankfully we have two sets of Elders relatively close to us if we need help. 
A view of Norway

We haven't been able to meet with the Thai sister again yet, but we will. And we have our first progressing investigator!! After 4 going on 5 weeks of working with the area we feel like we are actually beginning to progress. It is a wonderful feeling!
We had our Sister Training Leader come and be with us all last Wednesday....it was rough. But that's okay. She just did things very differently. And it works for her but I just found it to be very uncomfortable.
We are also teaching a woman named Elsie. She is awesome!! She reminds me so much of Grandma Linda! It is awesome! She just loves us, and she is our bestemor! That is for sure!!
My Grandma Linda. This "Elsie" reminds me of Grandma.(She must be awesome!)

Funny moment: we contacted a guy like 3 weeks ago and after that he wouldn't answer our phone calls and such so we just gave up on him. Then the other night we had just finished planning and my phone rings. It's him. I answer it and he was TOTALLY WASTED!!! It was so uncomfortably funny! We laughed for about 15 minutes straight after I told him to take 2 asprin's, drink a glass of water, and go to sleep. It was SO awkward! Yeah...don't think he'll be coming to church soon.
Søster Nance and I always go contacting alone together now. It is so helpful because if nothing else if forces us to speak and to be truly actively listening so that we can respond. It's great!
Remember Lars? Remember how we couldn't get a hold of him after a while? He called us this week! Apparently he is on Holiday, with the rest of the city. But he said he wants to meet with us again. So that's a blessing!
We sang in church yesterday, Søster Nance and I, and it actually was really good. I was a nervous wreck. But that's not any different than usual! We sang "Come Thou Fount" på Engelsk. And it brough the spirit so strong! It was much needed and most everyone was crying by the end of it. Including me! :)
Last week we went to a Fortress in Halden and to the Swedish border. It was pretty awesome! I'll post pictures. The Fortress is where the king of Sweden was killed. And was used in WW2. It was very interesting. 
King of Sweden Headstone

Sister Nance and I started a "praying for charity" list for the things that we are struggling with. Mostly cause I was reading in Mosiah 24 and I realized that my circumstances might not change, but my outlook and abilities can. So even though I do have to pray for charity for things I can move on and make them a joke rather than dwelling on them. I am not going to lie two of the things on there are "lack of chocolate in my life" and "lack of ice cream in my life". Yeah...it's a fact. 


I love you all so much! Thanks for your support and love! I am going to have to send my SD card home again soon so that you can watch the video's we've been making! I love you and will talk to you again soon!!!

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