Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Our hopeful Merete!

Norweigan Ice Cream!

Well as always it has been another wonderful yet interesting week in Sarpsborg! Life is as crazy as ever! And this town is kjempe strange! We have found that one corner of sentrum is the one where people always whistle at us or honk their horns...and it just happens to be the corner that we have to go through to get to our car at the end of the night. So it has been really funny to see Søster Nance's reactions to that!
On Monday we went to this beautiful Medieval church and we went to a couple different towers where we could just look out over the country side. It was awesome! I do have pictures but I left my camera in my bag in the car cause we just stopped off in Moss on our way to Oslo. It's going to be a bit of a crazy day! I'll have to send pictures another day...and I still haven't sent pictures of the whale that we ate. I'm sorry I'll work on that! We also went and got minne books. I am really excited about that! It's gonna be so fun to have everyone write in it!
I'm sorry that my emails are always so scattered. But I never know where to start so they will continue to be scattered.
So lets talk about ice cream. I thought that I loved ice cream before I came to Norway. HOLY COW! My addiction to ice cream was nothing compared to people here! The problem is that not only do we get ice cream at ever member meal, but when we do have it in a cone it takes Søster Nance litterally an hour to eat it. And don't ask her to walk and eat it because she will get lost! :) (So obviously I misunderstood her last letter which said she had a lack of ice cream and chocolate hahaha....language barrier or generation gap hahaha)
The 4th of July was NUTS! We had district meeting that we were making pulled pork sandwiches from scratch for. So we got up super early. Drove to the Fredrikstad Elder's house, got the church key, drove to the church and started cooking. We did all of our studies at the church which was a nice change. And the food was deilig!! Then after that we had to run into F-stad to get Søster Nance's...basically her norwegian social security number ordered. Then we had to drive the Halden elders to Sarpsborg so that they could catch a bus. We then ran to a dinner appointment with our MMK and went straight from dinner to the Language class that we started with the F-stad elders at kirken. That was probably one of the longest days of my mission. But we had like 9 people come to the språk class which was awesome with it being the first time we did it. So that was a blessing!
Then came Friday. We (Søs Nance and I) met an awesome lady named Merete while we were kontakting the gågate sammen. We got an appointment with her for Saturday and were really looking forward to it. Especially cause Saturdays in this town are ROUGH! So we had like 3 appointments Saturday which was awesome.

 Then, Sunday began with a heart attack. Søs Kultorp is this gamel woman in our ward. She's like 86 and is amazing! We love her. But we were in the middle of comp study when a phone goes off. We all check our phones rapidly and Søster Wheeler answers it. After she hangs up she looked at us and said "Søs Kultorp needs us." We jumped up and were out the door. I thought that the woman was on her death bed! But we get to her apartment and she says I am sick and I need you to go get some medicine and food for me. Thank heavens it was only that! After we came back with the stuff she had requested we sat and visited with her for 2 hours. After we left her apartment we ran to our first appointment. And Burim showed for our appointment so that was a plus! We had three appointments and ALL OF THEM CAME!!!!! NO ONE KEBABED US! (As far as I can tell Kebabed means 'blows us off') Oh for all that is blessed and holy I needed that!
Faith in Every Footstep, literally! Sis Nance and Sis Roe.

 But the best part was teaching Merete.We taught her the 1st lesson. We read Moroni's promise with her and both Sister Wheeler and I got the impression to read 2nd ne 31 with her. So we did. And right after that we all got the impression to invite her to baptism! The spirit was so strong that she automatically said "Yes!" and after a second she said "well I don't know." We couldn't think of a day. So we just said in August and we are going to pick a date for her next time we meet. I am so excited for her! She came to church yesterday and it was so good!!!! She loved it. The spirit was so strong and when we talked to her about it afterwards she just smiled and said, "It just feels good here!" I am stoked! Life is good!

 2 Nephi vs  17 Wherefore, do the things which I have told you I have seen that your Lord and your Redeemer should do; for, for this cause have they been shown unto me, that ye might know the gate by which ye should enter. For the gate by which ye should enter is repentance and baptism by water; and then cometh a remissionof your sins by fire and by the HolyGhost.

Then after church Sunday,..oh boy. Now that was interesting. Halden (the Elders) had asked to take our car so they could go to some graduation in Meesen. We agreed (stupidly) They said they would bring the car back by 5. So we caught a bus to Sarpsborg and tried contacting. The problem is that it was a Sunday, and there was a Soccer game. So it was literally a ghost town. We went bonking and NO ONE was home. So it was almost 5 and we were slowly walking to where the Elders were going to give us the car back. Before we know it it's 5:30 55:30 and there is NO ONE. They didn't text, or call. So when we called them we asked them if they were getting close. (Keep in mind it was also fast Sunday so we hadn't eaten yet.) They were still at the graduation! We decided to sit in the city and do some studies. Then an hour and a half later when they didn't answer our phone calls or texts we decided that they weren't coming so we'd take a bus into Hafslundsøy. The problem with that is that there wasn't one running cause it was Sunday. So we walked. It's probably 7 kilometers from sentrum to our house.

.(Google tells me that is 4.3 miles but probably felt a lot further still on an empty stomach and in dresses!)
My happy Norway girl Taylor...keep smiling sis!
The Elders didn't call the whole time. It took us an hour and twenty minutes to walk home. And right after we get home (of course) they pull up behind us. We were not happy with them. At all. It was funny though because when Elder Peterson got out of the car the first thing he said to me was "I think we're going to walk into the city." I just nodded. I was so frustrated I just couldn't look at him. But they didn't walk. Cause there wasn't going to be a bus to Halden. So they took our car. They picked us up this morning. And they are going to buy us boler for breakfast. So I guess we'll forgive them. Well that's all for now folks! Hope all's well with you! Love you!
Søster Roe

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