Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Good times and Goodbyes

Hei, Hei!                                                                                                          Aug 20, 2013
Yeah for P-Day!!! Crazy Taylor!

This week really has just been a weird week where not much has happened! But hey! That's okay! We did learn to knit! And I began knitting myself a scarf for winter! I am so excited about it! It is so warm!! Life is good! All the time when we get home at the end of the night I just want to knit...I feel like I should probably be older than I am because of that...but that's okay!

Søster Nance and I were surprised when Moves and Moves call were moved up by a day! So, we had our moves call Sunday morning...I am staying in Sarpsborg and Søs Nance is headed to Bergen! It will be quite the adjustment for her! And for me! So I say goodbye to her on Wednesday and say hello to my nye ledsager Søster Morris! (Fun Fact! Søs Morris was also trained by Søs Wheeler!) It will be a new adventure and I am looking forward to it! No matter how sad I am to say goodbye to Søster Nance!! She's the greatest! We will for sure have to keep in touch! Elders Skinner and Schultz are also moving! Skinner is headed to Narvik, and Schultz is headed to Mo i Rana, where Søs Morris is coming from!
Last pday with Sister Nance. Will miss her!

This moves call was huge with a lot of changes! But it's all for the better, and we are ready to learn! We are getting a new batch of missionaries on Wednesday, and with that it will mean that 64% of our missionaries will have been out for LESS THAN 6 MONTHS! That is a really young mission! But I know I have felt so blessed with learning this language because I have been with greenies! Especially in the past 3 weeks! It will be rart to have 6 week transfers now! But that's okay!

It has been raining very hard and awfully much lately! But I love the rain so that is okay with me! As long as I have my umbrella!!
We are continuing to work with Merete, trying to help her quit smoking so that she can be baptized! I know that she can do it! And she knows she can too! I am excited for her and the progress she has been making! She will continue to progress I think!

I am progressing as well! Me after killing a spider!

If I could ask you all to do ONE thing. It would be this. BECOME MEMBER MISSIONARIES! It is so hard as a missionary to go around all day and be told no especially because then we go to member dinners and they say, "I know so and so who isn't a member!" I know that it is scary! I never would have had the guts before to ask someone if they wanted to find out more about what I believe. But now, I am determined that I am going to do whatever I can to help the missionaries out when I am no longer one! If you love the gospel, you want nothing more than to share it with others and to invite them to have some of the joy that it gives you, too! So take a step and invite, and investigate, with someone, why this gospel is something you love. Share it, and if you can't bring yourself to invite someone. Become good friends with the missionaries, and set up some way that you could just introduce someone to them.

That is my plea for you all today! I love you all and pray for you always! I hope you all have a great week! Much love from Norway! Until Next week!
Søster Roe 

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