Monday, August 12, 2013

The NEW MOON! :)

Hallo Alle Sammen!                                                                                        Aug 12, 2013

How are you all doing on this beautiful Fall day? Yep I did just say fall. Welcome to Norway! Every morning now as we wake up in our stunning little town of Sarpsborg, it is foggy and almost frosted! I have pulled out all of my cardigans, sweaters, and tights. Oh yeah, it's becoming fall. (I will be purchasing my winter coat soon, I have been watching for sales but just so ya know, that will come out of my personal account and they're pricey!)
Not going to lie, this has been a kjempe tough week! But, it is during the hardest times that we learn the most, is it not? So I will start at the beginning of this week of learning

Going into this week I was exhausted, there is no doubt about that. I went into the week thinking to myself, "I honestly believe that only missionaries and mothers of fussy new born children can be this tired." I came out of this week thinking, "It's possible to be more tired that that?"
A little Ben and Jerry's after a hard day!
The answer is yes. And the most exhausting thing that a missionary can do is go and try to find people to teach day after day and just get a whole bunch of "Nei, takk." But it makes it that much more exciting when just one person stops to listen. And it is amazing how quickly that exhaustion can be pushed away when the Spirit takes over and you are able to teach and testify. But I have learned one thing for sure, never think that you can't be more tired, hungry, frustrated, or ignored...because what ever you thought, you will be proven wrong!
Now you may be wondering as to the title of this email. It is evidence of how tired I have been this week. Søster Nance and I have been going to sleep as soon as possible for the past week and one night we turned off the light and climbed into bed, and we realized that it was really dark! We both commented on it and Søster Nance said, "Isn't this called "The Land of the Midnight Sun"?" I, being exhausted, laughed and said, "Yeah...but that must also mean that it's the land of the New Moon too!" We proceeded to laugh for the next 15 minutes because of the memories of being mooned....yep there are a lot of old Naked people here abouts this land of Norway!

Lesson Number 2: THE WORK WE DO IS TRUE
If you ever wondered if this gospel is the true gospel of Jesus Christ I know the way that you can find out. Teach it to others. I say that for two reasons. The first is because the spirit will confirm it to your heart without a doubt.
As we taught Merete this week, (whose baptism was moved to, hopefully, the 17th) the truth of this message that we share has never been more impressed upon me. Merete has been struggling. That's just a fact. But as we met with her one day, we had a lesson plan, we were ready to teach, we sat down in the park and the Spirit wiped from our minds what we had planned. Naturally I panicked. I didn't know what to say, or how to say the things that were coming to my mind. But when I opened my mouth. I was surprised at the words that I spoke. "Merete, what do you want to talk about today?" WHAT? You can't ask the investigator what they want to talk about! Can you? My heart hurt with the word that came out of her mouth next.


Here we had planned to talk about faith, or something, and she needed to talk about her Heavenly Father. As we bore testimony about her Heavenly Father, and how much He loves her, as we talked about how one day she would be able to see Him again, and how He will give her a big hug. I knew. I knew without a doubt that what was being said, was pure truth. Pure truth that could only come through the Holy Ghost. It made a difference in her countenance. And it made a difference in my own teaching too. So if you want to know that this gospel is true. Teach it. Study it in your heart and mind, and then teach the simple truths, because that is what this gospel is. Simple
The second reason I say that is this. The power of the adversary has never been so noticeable in my life of in the lives of those around me than now. This past week had been especially rough because of the following, 1) We had to move Merete's dåp, 2) No one would listen to us and 3) Every time we would walk down the street, or go up to houses the Spirit would tell us that we needed to just keep walking.

Satan is working so hard to make sure that we don't help people, that we don't show people the joy that comes from living the gospel. That is honestly terrifying, to be walking down the street and feel the incessant promptings of the Spirit telling you to get off that street, to go somewhere else as soon as possible. Follow that prompting. There were several times this week that we would be almost running down the street because of the need to get off of it. That is why we are told to keep DAILY contact, whenever possible, with our investigators. Because if Satan is working as hard on us as he has been, then he's working even harder on them. And he wouldn't be working that hard if what we were teaching wasn't truth.
This work is true.
Our view on our morning walk. Fjords in Fog

I never have been the type to avoid people on purpose...I mean yeah, I would occasionally avoid the guy that I had gone on a date with the night before...but what can I say everyone does that. But on the mish, I can say I have become pretty pro at avoiding people! (Mom's note: So glad Taylor is avoiding dangerous situations and people!!)
Here's my problem: Men. Crazy men, drunk men, old men, yep...they are a problem in my life. The good thing is that I think I have found all of them in Sarpsborg, so when I see them coming I can avoid any more gross and awkward encounters. That has seemed to happen A LOT this week!
Especially with this one man in particular? Remember me telling you all about the drunk man on the bench with the dog, and the awkward and disgusting hug? If you don't look it up, it's a few emails back. Yeah, he was everywhere this week! And it's a good thing that we have bee together, Søster Nance and I, because when I start humming hymns and walking in the opposite direction, or ducking into the nearest open store, she just follows and asks questions later.
Now it's the phone calls that I just can't avoid! Especially when their number isn't logged in our phone as "Do Not Answer". That's always an awkward moment when I answer the phone and am immediately asked if I wanna go over to some guys place and play a thank you.

Lets be honest, this has gotten excessive! Oh the life of a Sister Missionary! You've just got to love it, right? Well until next week folks! And in the next edition, "Learning to Knit", and "Where oh Where will Søstre Nance and Roe Go?" Praying for you all! Love you!

Taylor loves the rain!

Søster Roe  

PS. Thanks for all the mail! I got 2 letters from Mom and a postcard from Port from Cali! They were much appreciated. 

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