Monday, September 30, 2013

Asker, Asker, Asker...where she is going?

Asker, Norway

Well folks, I'm getting transferred. After 4 fantastic months worth of adventure in Sarpsborg I am headed to another little town across the fjord called Asker. (Pronounced like Oskar...but with a long A sound at the first...not like Ask her.)

Asker, Norway

I have decided that the hardest part about this is the fact that I am leaving an amazing ward that literally has become like family to me! It about killed me in church yesterday when I told the ward. Beautiful Sister Kultorp just grabbed my hand and told me that she would like to write me through out my mission, Sunniva, Natalie, and Liss-Andrea (Some of the Miamaids) just hugged me. John Strand our MMK told me that if I ever needed ANYTHING to just let him know. And the whole ward has exhorted me to come back and visit at the end of my mission.....I hope to be able to because these people are amazing.
 The things with Norwegians is that they tend to be hard to get to know. But once you become friends with them, you are literally friends for life! I love these people. And it has been an incredible time here in Sarpsborg.

So I will be going to Asker, leaving the Fredrikstad ward for the Sandvika ward, and it is going to be like starting completely over. But that's okay. Change is good. Oh boy am I going to miss Sister Morris, though! It feels like we have been friends for the longest time! But these 6 weeks sure did fly by at a ridiculously fast pace!!! I am going to miss this girl and her goofy ways! It's weird because with every new companion you start from the ground and have to build a relationship with them. You put so much effort into it, because you are literally with the person 24/7 and if you don't get along it's going to be the longest transfer of your life! And then you just leave it, and start all over. It happens. And it happens to be one of the hardest yet most rewarding things you ever do! I love all of my companions so much!!

I am excited to meet Sister Peterson, who will be my new companion! I have a feeling that it is going to be a great transfer!! It's kind of funny, because, now bear with me here, we are all different, right? We all have many different sides to us, right? One of my favorite things about new companions is that you almost always will develop one of these different sides of you. You don't become a new person...just a more well rounded personality! With Sister Nance and Sister Wheeler I was more of my goofy self, with Sister Morris I was more of my quiet attentive self. I don't know what side of my personality will be emphasized this transfer. But we will definitely find out.
One of my favorite things this week has been this song by Hilary Weeks that we've listened too. I love it! I love the message with it! It talks about God's love for us, som hans barn. Here are some of the lyrics;

"...I know He loves you still He loves you through, He loves you. Even while, even when, He loves you anyway, in spite of and more than. When you slip, when you fall, when you're weak and you let go, even when you should hold on. He loves you still, He loves you still. And somethin' tells me, He always will. He doesn't wait for the moment we deserve it. He doesn't hold back His Grace 'til we earn it. No, He knows we take time. And He loves us still..."
Isn't that great? I know that too. I know that God loves us. We are HIS. And He loves us because of that. He loves every part of us. Our strengths and our weaknesses. He is always there for us and is willing to help us in whatever way He can. He loves you. And He loves me. And I love all of you!
I am praying for you!! Love you so much!! Ready for this new adventure? I hope so!

Søster Roe  

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Squash Anyone?

Hallo igjen,                                                                                           Sept 23, 2013

Wow! Did that week actually happen? I seriously doubt it! Well obviously it did, because otherwise I wouldn't be emailing again, but still. That went fast. 

The view on our drive to Aremark

On Monday we went golfing again with CC and Lolly. It was so much fun! And we ended our week with them too, when on Saturday we went and played squash with them first thing in the morning with their nonmember friend! It was so much fun! I love playing squash! It's actually quite the workout! Who knew?? 

Reeve took us golfing again!!! LOVE HER!
Squash!!! What a fun and difficult sport!

In the middle of the week President and Sister Evans came down på besøk, for our distrikt meeting and we had lunch and interviews with them. It was really nice. They're great. Moves call is coming up on Sunday morning, that's exciting and incredibly nervewracking. But that's how it always is. :)
Sister Morris and I were both very actively participating in church yesterday! I taught Relief Society while she played the piano in Primary. It was kind of a funny lesson for a missionary to give, on marraige and the importance of and how to create strong family relations. But it ended up going pretty well, thank heavens. I was super nervous. It was really weird to teach without a companion there to help you out. I'm definitely not used to that anymore.

Then in Sacrament Meeting Eirin and Linnea, the bishops daughters, came up to me and gave me a big hug and sat by me during the meeting and said, "We are best friends, right? You'll never leave me will you?" I just love these people, the ward here is wonderful, the members are so loving, and they have become, in a way, my family. I love them. And am going to miss them tons if I move.
The Skog (forest)

I absolutely love Sister Morris!

This week there was a day that we were just really struggling, it wasn't even nine in the morning and we just needed to get out of the house and work some things out. We drove to a random skog and just wandered through it. Praying, pondering, working through personal trials, and trying to understand what to do next. It was an incredible comfort. As I walked through that skog, the moss underneath me sometimes made it feel like I was going to fall through the earth. It kind of represented how I felt emotionally. But I never fell through. It was solid underneath, it was also just really flexible. Sometimes it feels like we can't take it any more emotionally, physically, spiritually, or intellectually. But it's always a solid foundation underneath, sometimes you just have to stretch a little, become a little more flexible. But just like walking on that soft forest ground, it always bounces back.
3 Billy Goats Gruff Scene....AWESOME
Call me the 'sheep whisperer!'

I was reading in "Jesus The Christ" By James E. Talmage this morning and came across this quote that is exactly how I feel about my prayers, especially those offered in the skog this week: "It is well to know that prayer is not compounded of words, words that may fail to express what one desires to say, words that so often cloak inconsistencies, words that may have no deeper source than the physical organs of speech, words that may be spoken to impress mortal ears. The dumb may pray, and that too with the eloquence that prevails in Heaven. Prayer is made up of heart throbs and the righteous yearnings of the soul, of supplication based on the realization of need, of contrition and pure desire...Prayer is for the uplifting of the supplicant. God without our prayers would be God; but we without prayer cannot be admitted into the kingdom of God."
I know that God hears and answers the prayers of our hearts. He greatly appreciates the efforts that we put forth to pray, even and especially when our words are not able to convey the feelings in our hearts. He knows, and he just asks us to do our best. He wants to help us through the hard times, but we need to ask. We need to humble ourselves to the core. Become who we are at the core, a child of God. We need to act as such, then and only then can we truly become worthy to be His servants. I know that. And I am excited for the journey.
My prayers are with you! I love you all. Good luck with this weeks adventures! Vi snakkes da.
Søster Roe

(Taylor said to tell you all how much she loves you and appreciates the support many of you show with your emails, letters and kind words. She misses you and mentions many by name and asks about how you are doing and wanted me to let you know.)

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Stress??? What is stress anyways!

Hei Hei,                                                                                                Sept 18, 2013
Well another week has come and gone, and that is just plain hard to believe. With this next week comes my 5 month mark of being a missionary! How weird is that! See mom, it's flying by! The main thing that happened this week is that the whole mission is just plain stressed. It's kind of ridiculous!
We got a new booklet that we study, and it's called "Adjusting to Missionary Life" In said booklet we are told to take a stress test.'s not good. Sister Nance told me what she got and then she told me that I need to take it. There are three levels of stress that we can be at. Green (meaning that you are golden and don't change anything), orange (you are stressed and a little anxious, but you should snap out of it soon, and if you don't within 3 days then contact the mission pres), and red (in which case you are told to contact your mission president immediately.) Yep. I took the test.
Lets just say that the reason that I haven't been sleeping may be due to stress...the problem with that is, I haven't been able to pinpoint the reason or cause of my stress. So I don't know how to fix it yet. But that's okay. I am thinking that it's probably just a, nothings really happening in our area, I have been here for four months and I don't feel like I'm doing enough, kind of thing. It can only get better though right? The key is to talk openly about it! If you don't talk to your companion then there is nothing you can do to try to work through things. Yeah, my obsession with psychology and solving other peoples problems has come in handy on the mission, it's definitely helped my listening skills increase.

Man, what a beautiful clear lake. Norway is Gorgeous!

So, on Friday Sister Landry and Sister Hornback came.  That was good. We found a lot of people that were willing to at least give us their information so that we can get in contact with them later. So that was pretty great. And then when we were out bonking we ran into a lady and were able to teach her right then and there, so that was a huge blessing! It was really exciting and it was good to teach again! I've missed that!  

Peaceful night

Yesterday we taught relief society. That was awesome. If I thought that teaching relief society was scary back home, in English, it's ten times scarier here. Mostly just cause you're trying to lead a discussion and you yourself don't always understand what is being it was interesting. But it was good. It was funny because for part of it we ended up speaking in Norwegian and then saying what we just said in English, trying to find someone to translate. It was amusing! And such a blessing to learn from the beautiful women in our ward! 

Taylor just having some much needed down time on Pday

We had a really good discussion about becoming who God would have us be. And how we have to turn our lives over to him so that He can shape us into whoever He can best utilize. I know that it can be painful, sometimes we just plain don't want to change. But it's for the best when it comes from the Lord. We can help certain people, we can enjoy our lives to the fullest, and we can overcome any challenge with the Lords help. I know that. I love you all, I pray for you! I miss you! I think about you often, and am thankful for the support and love you have shown me, and continue to show me! Have the best week you've ever had!!
Søster Roe 

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Joy in the Journey

Sept. 9, 2013
Hei Dere,
Beautiful night we spent at Sarpsborg Lake

Family Home Evening at the Nield's! He is the golf pro!

Well another week has gone by and we are now heading towards the tail end of this strangely short transfer. Lots of times I get to this point in the week where I am going to write this post here, and I have no idea what happened this week and what happened two months ago, because it all feels like the same week. But that's okay. First things first, I'm sorry I forgot to send this last week, but HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MOM AND DAD!!!! I hope you two had a wonderful day together and thank you for your wonderful examples of what a marriage should be. You two are the best!

McDonalds in Norway is much better than in the States!
So last Pday was really fun. We ended up just hanging out, eating delicious food, playing lots of ping pong and basketball, and watching a movie. (With permission from President, obviously.)
It seems like one of the main things that has stuck out to us this week is that we had no idea what to expect when we signed up to come on missions. We were driving home one night and realized that we don't feel like missionaries. But then we had to go to the basics and define what a missionary is. A mission does not consist of teaching people constantly and baptizing everyone we meet. (At least my mission isn't)

 A mission is a journey for yourself as well. We go around and try to teach people in a language that we are trying our best to learn, and trying to tell these people that there is a God and that He loves them. But how do you teach about a person that you do not always feel like you know that well. So this is our conclusion. Our missions are a 1 1/2-2 year adventure of learning faith, patience, and love. You put your "life" on hold and learn more about who you are, and whose you are than ever before. And then you invite others to do the same thing. To learn who they are, and that they are important. And what a journey that is. Do we ever really understand that? And can we ever comprehend that it is a life long journey? It's just magnified for me right now into this little period of emphasized learning. But if you pay attention to it, it's always there.
Sorry I got to rambling
One thing that I learned this week is the difference between being proud and being confident. I have done quite well in learning this language. I have been blessed to be in a place that people only speak Norwegian to me, and that I can learn quickly. But I have been really hesitant to say that I am doing well. Because I didn't want to sound proud. But the difference between pride and confidence is where you give the credit. I have decided to accept the fact that I am good at this language. I have been blessed with the chance to really learn and focus on my language skills. It is definitely a blessing from the Lord!
Sister Morris and I enjoying our Journey!

The greatest thing we can do in this life though, is to live each day. Find joy IN the journey. Not just FROM the journey. Life is meant to be enjoyed along the way. Especially in the hardest times, that is when we need to recognize and appreciate the joy the most.
We have a new elder in our District. Emergency transfer, because of his comps health. Elder Tate. He's fresh out of high school, and the MTC he's awesome! And very mature for his age! He's going to be a fun addition.
I am trying to get my Norwegian license and the only issue is my test is scheduled for the day after moves. I don't know if I'll be here. And if we don't cancel it 2 weeks ahead of time then we have to just pay for it all anyways. I called Pres, cause I don't want to cost more money and he just said, "That's a very sneaky question Sister Roe." And "Don't worry about it, it will be fine." So I don't know...I guess we'll see what happens when transfers come around.
Read the talk from 2011 May conference. Waiting Upon The Lord. Well I gotta go. We're headed back out to Gamlebyen for pday today. Hope you all have a great week! Love you!! Keep the Faith!
Søster Roe

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Mormon Missionaries with Mustaches???

Another Week Gone!                                                                                       Sept 2, 2013

Well Folks, time sure does fly. I know that I say that a lot, but seriously! I'm almost to my 5 month mark as a missionary. I only have a little over a year left! That is so crazy to me!! I don't know what to do about this life! But that's okay! 

Hello fellow beings, this is Elder Jensen (I come from the Norway) and Elder Palmer! We currently are serving in the same ward as Sister Roe.what to say about Sister Roe, well she has an awesome laugh, but you guys already knew that! (baaaaaahhh) (that would be a sheep, if you catch our drift). Anyway's it is a pleasure to serve around Sister (Taylor) Roe, she is a real hoot! Little side note, Elder Palmer has the same first name as Sister Roes mother, who is also called Sister Roe but that's not the first name we're talking about, otherwise we'd have lots of people with the same first name. Now at
The Elder's overtaking Tay's email! Fun loving Young men!
this point you're probably thinking:"What strange people" and in a way we'd have to agree, if it wasn't for the fact that we've been away for a long time...a  very long time which when you're not around females and other normal people as often, it makes you a little weird, actually really weird. But that's besides the point, we hope that you have enjoyed this email and hope that ya'll like banana's and sheep!:) 

Love, Elders Jensen (I come from the Norway) and Palmer (Same first name as Sister Roe's mother)

Yeah, hope you all enjoyed that crazy little message from the Elders. Elder Jensen isn't actually from Norway. He's from Rexburg, Idaho...yep. :) Anyways! This week! 

We had Pday at the fort in Halden again, Elder Gilreath got attacked by stinging nettle, that was rough...And I got scared really bad by Elder Palmer when we were exploring, that was not so fun...but it's was pretty funny. So that's a plus! We also went to the border again, that was fun! 

We had our Zone Conference in Oslo again, and Elder Kearon came and did our meeting, it was awesome! I got a lot of really good advice! So that was really fun! He loves us Sisters, it seems like most people that we talk to love the Sisters because they are the ones that made a difference personally in their lives. Don't get me wrong, the Elders are amazing and they do so much that we can't as Sisters, but sometimes it takes a sister. 
                                               Who wouldn't love the Sister missionaries!
We are going to have a great Pday today, we're having a big breakfast all together, (cooked by Elder Maddock) after which we are all going to finish emails and studies, followed by watching a Disney movie and playing games! It's going to be pretty fun. 

Sorry this email is lame and short. Nothing really happened this week. We had dinner at the Bishops and Elder Gilreath got attacked by Bratz dolls and stuffed animals. And other than that we just had a lot of meetings this week. This next week is going to be better I think. 
                                               Tay writing home in her 'Dude Ranch tee'!  :)
I told President about how for some reason I keep feeling like I should go to Tromsø and he said, "That's good to know...the area is big enough for two sets of missionaries..." So I guess we'll see here in 4ish weeks where I'm headed next. I'm definitely starting to go kind of stir crazy here...I love the people, and the ward members, but I keep feeling like I need somewhere, or something, new...Ah well! I'm going to send some more pictures soon! I love you all and hope you all have a great week!!! 

Søster Roe