Monday, September 30, 2013

Asker, Asker, Asker...where she is going?

Asker, Norway

Well folks, I'm getting transferred. After 4 fantastic months worth of adventure in Sarpsborg I am headed to another little town across the fjord called Asker. (Pronounced like Oskar...but with a long A sound at the first...not like Ask her.)

Asker, Norway

I have decided that the hardest part about this is the fact that I am leaving an amazing ward that literally has become like family to me! It about killed me in church yesterday when I told the ward. Beautiful Sister Kultorp just grabbed my hand and told me that she would like to write me through out my mission, Sunniva, Natalie, and Liss-Andrea (Some of the Miamaids) just hugged me. John Strand our MMK told me that if I ever needed ANYTHING to just let him know. And the whole ward has exhorted me to come back and visit at the end of my mission.....I hope to be able to because these people are amazing.
 The things with Norwegians is that they tend to be hard to get to know. But once you become friends with them, you are literally friends for life! I love these people. And it has been an incredible time here in Sarpsborg.

So I will be going to Asker, leaving the Fredrikstad ward for the Sandvika ward, and it is going to be like starting completely over. But that's okay. Change is good. Oh boy am I going to miss Sister Morris, though! It feels like we have been friends for the longest time! But these 6 weeks sure did fly by at a ridiculously fast pace!!! I am going to miss this girl and her goofy ways! It's weird because with every new companion you start from the ground and have to build a relationship with them. You put so much effort into it, because you are literally with the person 24/7 and if you don't get along it's going to be the longest transfer of your life! And then you just leave it, and start all over. It happens. And it happens to be one of the hardest yet most rewarding things you ever do! I love all of my companions so much!!

I am excited to meet Sister Peterson, who will be my new companion! I have a feeling that it is going to be a great transfer!! It's kind of funny, because, now bear with me here, we are all different, right? We all have many different sides to us, right? One of my favorite things about new companions is that you almost always will develop one of these different sides of you. You don't become a new person...just a more well rounded personality! With Sister Nance and Sister Wheeler I was more of my goofy self, with Sister Morris I was more of my quiet attentive self. I don't know what side of my personality will be emphasized this transfer. But we will definitely find out.
One of my favorite things this week has been this song by Hilary Weeks that we've listened too. I love it! I love the message with it! It talks about God's love for us, som hans barn. Here are some of the lyrics;

"...I know He loves you still He loves you through, He loves you. Even while, even when, He loves you anyway, in spite of and more than. When you slip, when you fall, when you're weak and you let go, even when you should hold on. He loves you still, He loves you still. And somethin' tells me, He always will. He doesn't wait for the moment we deserve it. He doesn't hold back His Grace 'til we earn it. No, He knows we take time. And He loves us still..."
Isn't that great? I know that too. I know that God loves us. We are HIS. And He loves us because of that. He loves every part of us. Our strengths and our weaknesses. He is always there for us and is willing to help us in whatever way He can. He loves you. And He loves me. And I love all of you!
I am praying for you!! Love you so much!! Ready for this new adventure? I hope so!

Søster Roe  

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