Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A Prayer on the Front Porch

Hei alle sammen!                                                                                        Oct, 28, 2013
Wow! Okay, just a heads up, I have like 10 minutes to write this email, so excuse the typo's and any accidental norsk greier that is thrown in. I am a little too lazy to translate all of my thoughts back into English. Haha
Life here is so good! I feel like this week flew by! (which it did!) And it was AWESOMEUnnskyld! Jeg vet ikke hva skjedde!
Anyways! Life is nuts! All we do if run from appointment to appointment, and we are trying to continue finding as well!! Life is wonderfully busy! I love it!
We are seeing miracles every day!
This past week I had been praying that I could better recognize the small mirakler, og jeg did! It was so cool! En av these mirakler was that we continued to find and teach new people! We have had a great two weeks of finding new investigators!!
Another miraklerl was that en av vår investigators, who we have been teaching for quite some time now, prayed in te lesson! He is a very shy older man, and he would NOT pray for us. We went into the lesson yesterday with out goal being that he would say the closing prayer. We asked him and he said no, we promised him blessings and he said no, we explained why it's viktig, and he said no. I bore my testimony that HE needed to say the prayer and that I felt very prompted by the Spirit that no one else could say it. I smiled at him, gave him a nod that he could do it. He thought about it, looked at me and whispered, "Kan du?"
The smiled fell from my face and tears filled my eyes as my heart broke. After hounding him for 10 minutes already I was ready to give up and say the prayer myself. But then, the spirit hit me so strong. He NEEDED to be the one to say the closing prayer. I needed to ask him again. The words that came out of my mouth surprised me a little. "Nei, jeg kan ikke ikveld."
He looked lost, looking at the member, his neice, that we had tilstede, he muttered, "Kan du?" She said, "I said the opening prayer."
He looked back at me, I said, "We can review prayer, how we do it. You can repeat one after us. But you need to say this prayer."
And he did. It was a mirakel. He prayed. He overcame that fear, and he prayed. Silent tears slid down my face as I listened to that innocent prayer. It was possibly the most beautiful thing I have ever heard.
The last mirakel that I wanted to talk about also has to do with prayer. We were bonking one night, it was cold and rainy, we were tired and ready to stop. But we knew that we had to find ONE person that night. We kept going. I said a prayer in my heart that we could find someone. Anyone. We kept walking. We stopped at the end of a long driveway for a second. I said a quick prayer that went something like this. " I know that the person is at this house. Let us help them communicate with you."
We bonked on the house and a boy opened the door, he's probably about 16 years old. He has no belief in God and doesn't know what it would mean if God did exist. We talked about how he could find out. Pray. He looked at us and said, "Nå?" We smiled and said, "Ja, hvorfor ikke?"
He stood there for a second. We did think he would actually pray. But he then looked at us and said, "What do I say? How do I start?"
A boy that had never before prayed, that didn't even know if God was there listening, was brave enough to pray, with two strangers, on his front porch. He was the one person that we found that day.
I know that prayers are answered! They are so important. God always will answer our prayers. Mirakler kan skje. Jeg har sett mange denne uken. I know that Heavenly Father loves us, and He wants the best for us. It all begins with Prayer.
I love you all. Miss you! Praying for you! Stå På!
Søster Roe

So, Taylor didn't attatch any pics this week, darn it. She must have been in a really big hurry. But, I read Sister Peterson's blog and it gave a few more details. One exciting thing is they have picked up 8 new investigators in the past 2 weeks and are teaching non-stop! This is such a miracle as Taylor has not had this kind of success in Norway up to this point and I know she is so grateful for people who open their hearts and listen to the message...the good news of the gospel! The image of the boy praying on the porch with Taylor and Sis Peterson is an image that is etched on my soul! What a great blessing.

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