Monday, October 14, 2013

Stunning Fall in Asker

Hello All,                                                                                                Oct. 14, 2013
Okay, fall in Norway is STUNNING! It's so different from the states...which were always beautiful...but here everything is electric and just gorgeous! I love it so much! It is cold though! I am almost ready to pull out my winter boots! But I'm trying to hold off for a little bit longer...just cause I am going to be wearing them for a LONG time!
Summer is gone in Norway! But how beautiful was this picture!
This week has been wonderful!! It has been a really fun week as Sister Peterson and I have gotten to know each other so quickly! I feel like I have known this beautiful Sister for a lot longer than a week! She's such a good missionary and a hard worker! I am so thankful for the chance I have to be her companion! We were talking about it and we decided that because we have become such fast friends that it feels like we have been together, in Asker, for a lot longer than a week, at least like 6 weeks! But hey! That's not a bad thing!
I finally got to meet the ward yesterday! Which is HUGE!!! It's awesome! And they are so involved in missionary work! The AP's had two of their investigators get baptized yesterday, Surmila and Sumitra! They are the sweetest young women and I am so thankful for their decision! The spirit was so strong and after feeling something like that you cannot doubt the truthfulness of the gospel!
We have taught more in the past week than I have in my whole mission, and that is exciting! People use so much English though!! It's so weird! I am used to no one knowing English, or at least not feeling comfortable enough to speak it! But that's okay, I just have to adjust and work on some different skills! Ya know?
Life is good. The work is hastening and progressing! I am excited to be here in Asker, and look forward to my time here! This week I hit my 6 month mark as a missionary. That's weird! I literally have 12 months left! How has the time already gone so fast!?
Pres and Sister Evans are in our ward! It's pretty fun! President and I talk football a lot! He tells me all about the games, and such! It's always funny to me that he talks to me about it and not to the Elders! You taught me well Dad! Thanks for that! :) Oh! There's also and Elder Rowe in my district/ward right now! It's super weird! But mostly it's just funny! (Taylor loves football and asks often about how the Aggies are doing...her Dad made sure his kids became football fans!)
Well We've got to run! We're headed to the Naked Park in Oslo today! Gotta love it! Naked statues are all over the place in Norway!! I think it's a European thing! Well that's all for this week folks!
Søster Roe

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