Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Hallo alle sammen!                                                                          Oct 21, 2013
Well that was a busy week!! A incredibly, wonderfully busy week!! :) I loved it so much! And let me tell you, winter is on it's way! The sun lately has been setting around 5:30 and has been rising as late as 8:30...and it's getting progressively later and earlier, respectively. It's going to be an adventure! It started snowing today!!!! Wahoo!! Oh happy day! I am so excited!
We had some very interesting moments this week that I would like to tell you all about. The first is this. We totally had a Harry Potter day. We figured out what Tom Marvolo Riddle's name is på Norsk. Then on the street we contacted a lady that seriously looked like Umbridge...but the worst part was that she kinda acted like her too! You know, that innocently evil look...it was so weird! We walked away after chatting with her and just had to laugh! Until! We contacted a woman that I swear could have been Trelawney! With comments about the "all seeing eye" included! All she needed was to mention the Grim and we would have found the real deal! It was pretty humorous!
Then!! We were contacting and we saw a man that had a leash in his hand, walking behind a little wall thingy. We expected to see a dog when we rounded the corner! But that was definitely no dog! We turned the corner and actually gasped in surprise when we saw at the end of the leash, a ferrit! After further inquiry of the owner, the ferrits name is Sid. Like Sid the sloth. Hahaha! Oh heavens! We were trying so hard not to laugh!! (Taylor and Kaitlyn and Denton and Porter and Bren are huge fans of Harry Potter so I guess they'll all understand this, I do NOT :) )
Taylor's 'perfect world'
The Lord really is hastening His work! We had stake conference this past weekend and the Saturday night session (which missionaries used to not be allowed to attend, but which rule was changed by the first Presidency) was devoted to missionary work, and how members and missionaries can and should work together! It was amazing!

 One thing that Elder Texeira said that I really liked was "Real growth is a consequence of individual conversion. Not the other way around."
at about 8:30 a.m. 
All too often we thing that when we start to see real growth in the church it will cause us to become individually converted. NO! We must be converted, and willing to be the tools in the masters hands before growth can occur. I know that. And I am so grateful that I can constantly become more and more converted and a better disciple of Christ.
We had a wonderful teach last night!! We taught Frelsesplanen.....I don't remember what that's called in English right now.....the second lesson in preach my gospel......yeah you can figure it out. And the spirit was so strong! As we worked together with the spirit we were able to help the investigators present feel the truth of the gospel. I know without a doubt that this is the gospel of Jesus Christ. Gods true church on the earth today. To quote Elder Texeira once more, "There is no knowledge in the Gospel without you feeling something."
I know that we can really FEEL the truth, and that is how we can say that we KNOW something that we have never personally seen. Such as I know that God exists. Because I feel it in my heart and it is a knowledge that I cannot give to myself.
I love you all! I am praying for you! I hope you have the best week yet!!
Søster Roe

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