Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Change is good!

Oct 7 (1 day ago)
                                                                                                                        Oct. 7, 2013
Well Hello!!
My new companion Sister Peterson and me!

Wow, another week has come and gone and my head is somehow still attached!!!
 I am officially in Asker, a little town just outside of Oslo. It is beautiful...in a different way from Sarpsborg. I miss the farmland, but that's okay. There are actually people here to contact and teach!! That's a change.
I have a fantastic companion! Sister Peterson is awesome!! She's from Idaho, has been in landet for 7ish months now, 6 months in Trondheim and the past 6 weeks here in Asker. She is such a hard worker, a dedicated missionary, and a good friend. I have been so blessed with my companions!!

I passed my drivers test last week! Wahoo! So I officially have a Norsk Drivers License! That's exciting! (Apparantely this isn't an easy thing to do there hahaha)

Mending the Elder's pants :)
Traveling was crazy! My train leaving Sarpsborg was 20 minutes late and then when I got to Oslo I had to switch trains with all of my luggage, I got up to the board to find out where I needed to catch my next train and could not figure it out! So I decided to ask one of the 3 police officers that were standing near by. They debated back and fourth for about 5 minutes on which train would be best for me to take. Finally I said, "Then I'm going to go catch that one..." And walked away. I felt so bad for Sister Peterson when I finally made it to Asker, she was pacing a little...and kinda stressed out. But we survived!

Asker, Norway

Conference this weekend was much needed and incredible!! I loved every moment of it!! Especially all the talks about member missionary work!! We do everything that we can as missionaries, and that will never be enough. We NEED members to help us out and do their part! It will be a wonderful thing to see happen. The Lord is hastening His work, so we need to hasten ours. Start reaching out to the less active friends and neighbors around you. Befriend the nonmembers and show them your love for them. When you just love them the invitation to learn more about your beliefs is not a scary one, they cannot get offended when you are being sincere. Do it. Help the missionaries.
Laurel aged young women and Priest aged young men. Do you know the missionaries in your area? Get to know them! Go on teaches with them! Support and help them! They cannot do it alone and you will be blessed for your efforts!
Life is such a wonderful gift, and can be enjoyed so much more fully in the gospel, so why wouldn't we invite others to learn more?
I know that as we do what we can to bring those we love into the fold that the Lord will bless us and will multiply our efforts.
Today we had a picnic by a beautiful part of the fjord called Sem. It was so peaceful. All around us is evidence that God exists and that He loves us.

We're going to go explore Ikea...hope we make it back out in time for our appointment tonight! :) Love you all! Praying for you! Praying that you will take missionary opportunities that come your way!! Miss you!
Søster Roe

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