Monday, November 18, 2013

Drats! Still no Snow in NORWAY!!!

Hallo alle sammen!                                                                                 November 18, 2013

Well here we are to the end of November and there is still no snow on the ground her in Asker. Well that's silly. Haha. Ah well. It will come sooner or later, right? And it turned out to be a blessing the other night that there was no snow. Because we had quite the adventure! But lets start at the beginning of the week shall we?
On Monday we put together Christmas packages for the fam! That was fun! And we finally got those sent off on Friday, I think it was....Then Monday night we had the longest teach of my life. We had an investigator with a baptismal date set for yesterday. But on Monday as we went through the baptismal interview questions with him he answered all of them in the best way possible, completely ready for baptism! Then we got to the last question, which is basically, "Are you ready?" And he said no. He doesn't feel ready because he still has questions and he wants to know completely that it is absolutely correct. Which certainly isn't a bad desire. But the thing is, we all still have questions! We all still wonder about things, right? That's the beauty of this gospel, is that it encourages us asking questions and searching out the answers, constantly building upon the faith we already have. But that's okay. We will continue to work with him, encourage him, and try to help him build courage in himself. 

Oslo fjord og oss....beautiful place for kontakting

Then on Tuesday! I don't know why but Tuesday's are always our busiest days! It keeps life interesting though! :) We taught 4 lessons on Tuesday, as well as had district meeting! It was amazing, the experience of running from appointment to appointment. We taught the restoration lesson 4 times in one day. That was a wonderful day!
There's one girl that we taught that day that is really cool...well they're all cool...but she's probably the most positive! She's 17, and not too religious. But everything we said she accepted, when we asked her to begin reading the Book of Mormon and praying about it she answered, "Of course, why wouldn't I?"
She is awesome! I am excited to see where things go with her! That was an incredible day though! After planning that night and then collapsing into bed I just thought, "This is what I am striving for as a missionary, everything I do as far as finding, visiting members, and bonking on doors, leads to days like this, full of teaching."
Then on Thursday we had to take our car into Oslo to get our winter tires put on it and we kontakted around the fjord. It was so cool! So pretty! I loved it!
Asker/Sandvika from top of Kolsas

But Saturday, now that was an adventure. We had got to visit a member, after giving our car away for who knows how long, and had about an hour and a half traveling to do to get home by using buses and trains. The adventure came in when we got off at our appointed trainstop and were supposed to be able to catch a bus. But there was no bus stop. When we finally found the bus stop, 20 minutes later, the bus was done running for the night and we had missed it by about 5 minutes. So we started walking. We were about 5 kilometers from home, it was really dark...but you know, you just make it enjoyable. So somehow Sister Peterson and I started speaking in British accents and did for the whole hour walk home. It was a great moment! 

Random statue of woman???

Especially when we woke up in the morning and her hip hurt and my knee hurt, and then we missed the bus to church, so we had to walk to a different bus terminal that would get us on a bus that could get us relatively close to the church, so that we would walk the rest of the way. If nothing else all this walking and running and missing buses is going to help me a little to try to stay in shape during the holiday season! :)
Well, here we go, into another week full of adventures!! Happy Thanksgiving everyone! And Happy December! :) Love you all! Miss you all! Praying for you all!
Søster Roe

Here are a few random things Tay also said in her email to me that might interest some of you...

PS>Um, surprise, I got the package last Thursday!! I am loving the Advent Calendar, and the Christmas music (thanks Grandma) and the general conference magazine. And it is safely put away in a closet and I promised myself that I wouldn't look at it.... :) I sent a package home on Friday? Kansje...
There was a big glitch in the system between the church and our bank, so the missionaries in our mission never got our there are some charges on my personal account, they were for bus passes and gas. They will be reimbursed, I wish that I hadn't had to put anything on there, sorry. We hopefully will be getting our money tomorrow.
One of our investigators, his wife is from the Phillipines, and her family still lives there, but everything's okay with them. So that's a blessing. All of our members and investigators have told us about it. And people on the street have asked us several times questions about it, like "Why would God let that happen?" and "Wouldn't your time be better spent helping those in need then trying to convince people that God exists?" 

I will get on writing Aunt Vicki and Uncle Albert also.They are so good to me.
Tell Kyce I love him! I don't think a letter would get there in time, but I love him and am proud of him and am thinking of him (Kyce is Taylor's cousin who will be receiving the priesthood in a couple weeks). Hope you all enjoy Tgiving!!! I love you so much!!!
Taylor and Kycen!

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