Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Happy Father's Day Dad!

Happy Fathers Day!!                                                                            Nov 11, 2013
Yep. Yesterday was the Norwegian Fathers day! So that was fun! I love you Dad! Miss you! :)

Enjoying a laugh together...March 2012
Daddy's Girl!
This past week...what happened this past week...Well on Monday we went with Jan Axel, one of our investigators, to an island. It was so pretty and we learned a lot of new Norwegian words! It was beautiful we just walked around the whole island. Very fun.

Then we saw a mirakel on Wednesday. After being at Zone Leader Training all day long (which was super fun!) and eating luch all together with our zone...well the half that came to lunch with us that is, we finally made it back to Asker. We had about 45 minutes before our appointment that night so we decided to go bonking. We bonked on a few doors who just said, "Nei takk" and then promptly shut. But then as we climbed up the stairs to the next door, with a prayer in my heart we bonked on it. It opened and didn't shut automatically when they saw that we were missionaries! That was a mirakel in and of itself! But it gets even better! Because then the girl that opened the door went to get her mom. Her mom came to the door and said, "Oh!! Come in! Come in! It's the Sisters! Come in!"

Sister Peterson and I looked at each other, a little taken aback, because we had never been so welcomed before, we shrugged out shoulders as if to say "Why not?" And stepped inside. It turns out that the lady that so enthusiastically welcomed us into her home was infact a member! She's from Brazil, and moved from Brazil to Portugal to Sweden to Norway. Her records were still in Portugal. But she had been praying that someone from the church would find her. Two weeks previous she had seen us walk down her street to our appointment and had prayed that we would come and find her. So that was quite the mirakel. We found her. And she came to church yesterday and it was good! Crazy world we live in, eh?

But that was fun! We then, yesterday, had the opportunity to go and eat dinner with Karin's (a girl that goes to school with my brother as an exchange student) family! They were so nice!! The food was DELICIOUS!! And the conversation was plealsant! I could tell that they had lots of questions about Utah, and Hyrum, but didn't know if they should/could ask them. But we shared with them a "Family a proclimation" so that they could understand a little more about our culture. I brought a picture of cache valley and we talked for a while. Her little brother asked why we don't drink coffee, so that gave us a chance to teach them about the Word of Wisdom. So that was cool! :)
They were super sweet! I'm glad that I had the chance to meet them! That was cool!
The view from Karin's HOUSE!!!
I'm staying in Asker with Sister Peterson! So that will be fun! A blessing for sure!! :) I'm getting super stoaked for Christmas! I had to buy some Jule Brus...Christmas celebrate! And we've already got plans for Thanksgiving and Christmas! So that will be fun! We're having Thanksgiving with an American Family and a real Norwegian Christmas! It's going to be fantastic I know it! I am loving life and we are just working hard! Always!
I love you all! Miss you! Praying for you all!
Søster Roe

The Best soda for Christmas here! I love it!

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