Monday, November 25, 2013


Hello all,                                                                                                     Nov 25, 2013

Well surprise number one of this week!! I NO LONGER LIVE IN ASKER! Yep,Thursday night I moved to Drammen and am now companions with Sister Landry and Sister Hornback! It was quite a shock when I found out Tuesday that I would be moving. But that's okay. I miss Sister Peterson a lot! I learned a lot from her about missionary work, loving people, serving others, and being willing to do whatever it takes! I'm going to miss her steady ways and her strong testimony. But Sister Pitts is going to benefit so much from it and they are going to do wonders together, so I can't complain.

So my new address is
Sister Taylor Roe 
Tomineborgveien 47
3011 Drammen

But I've had some awesome adventures this past week!! We went to Hønefoss this past week for a teach and it was so beautiful!! While we were there looking at the beautiful place I kept thinking, "How could a place so beautiful and peaceful be so tainted by what happened that day?" Hønefoss is where the massacre was a few years ago. 

Then I moved to Drammen. And yesterday we saw so many miracles!!! 

1 We had two investigators in church that said that they loved it and want to come again.  

2 We went contacting after church and prayed that we would find 2 potential investigators, 1 phone number and one appointment. We found exactly what we had asked for.

3 We went bonking right before we had an appointment. Before we went, we had about 45 minutes, we prayed that we would find a norwegian family of 4 that would listen to us. And then jokingly Sister Hornback said, "Two kids? What color of hair?" And I smiled, thought about it for a second and said, "Two kids. Blonde hair." Then Sister Landry said, "Where do they live?" And I pointed down a street and said, "Down there." 

I have never done or said anything like that before. We bonked on 4 houses and then had time for one more. As we went to the door I thought "This is it." We knocked, the door opened, to a dad with two kids, with blonde hair. They're Norwegian and they said we can come back. 

MIRACLES HAPPEN! When we have faith and believe that they can occur, and then do our part to help them happen they will. The Lord know His people. He will guide us in every footstep. Trust him. 

I am excited for this transfer, for the time I'm going to have here in Drammen. It's going to be full of adventures and learning. And I've got two great companions too. I have been so blessed with all of my companions! They are all amazing! I am so thankful for these women who have great faith and great capacity to learn! I love being a missionary!
A Trio Again! 

Have a happy Thanksgiving!!!!! 

PS I get two Thanksgivings!! Wahoo! :) 

Love you all! Praying for you! miss you! 


Søster Roe 

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