Monday, December 2, 2013

One week closer to Christmas!!! Think SNOW!

Happy December!!                                                                                           Dec 2, 2013

Wow! I seriously don't know how that happened! It is December and there is STILL no snow in Drammen! It's killin' me people! I don't know what to do! Haha! But that's okay.

Norwegian dessert at Thanksgiving
Life in Drammen is good! We were blessed to have two Thanksgiving dinners this week! One with a Norwegian Family in the ward who's daughter is serving a mission in England. And the other was with our MMK who's wife is American. :) So that was really fun! On Saturday, the American Thanksgiving, Sister Hornback and Sister Landry played in the Christmas Concert. So I was on splits with Christy all day making food, playing with her kids, and eating the food, so that was well worth it! :) (Pictures of that one will have to come later, they're on Elder Nash's camera...haha)
Trude who is one of my favorite person here!

Then we went to the Christmas concert all together which was so cool!!! Norwegians take their Christmas seriously! I'm tellin' ya! It's incredible! I am so thankful for the chance that I have to spend the Holidays here, no matter how much I miss all of the people back home. :) Also, we did a ton of service this week! It was awesome! If nothing else on my mission I am learning to clean OTHER people's houses! :)

What a view from Spiralen! Goofy Taylor!

Then, today we went up Spiralen, which is a spiral tunnel up a mountain. The view from the top was incredible!! I took lots of pictures, and we took lots of goofy pictures together too! So that was fun! :) Then we went to the church and played basketball, 21, and I, amazingly, won! Who would have guessed!? But it was cool! We just chilled and decorated our apartment for Christmas! So that was fun!

This about sums up our companionship
It's a statue of a rooster!

Life is so good. You know I was reading in Jesus the Christ the other morning for personal study and it was way cool!! It was talking about how the birth of Christ was prophecied om the beginning of time and how when Adam was cast out of the garden it was said that the seed of the WOMAN would have power to bruise his head. And how it didn't say anything about the man, or the pair, but the woman. And then how Christ is the only person to be born of woman alone. It was really cool! I just kinda hit me, it's all real. It all happened. There is a God. There is a Savior, there is a plan. There is a reason for everything.

Christ the Lord is Born!!! And, He LIVES!

The Gospel is true people. There's no denying it! Live it, learn it, love it! 

Praying for you!! Love you!! 

Søster Roe

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