Tuesday, January 28, 2014

We are still FRIENDS.... and a QUOTE BOOK!

Hallo Alle Sammen!                                                                                   Jan 27, 2014

Well...How's it goin'? I really don't know what to say this week. 
We got out on Pday! With our fevers!

Last pday we went to Sverd i Fjell. That was fun, in our feverish state climbing all over the giant boulders on the edge of the water with the tide rapidly coming in was probably not the greatest idea we have ever had...but we enjoyed it! :)

( ps you know how last week I jokingly said  felt "like a monkey on morphine"? Guess what the doctor put me on last week!!! MORPHINE!!! Hahahhahahahahhahahahahahahaahahaha I had a good laugh! :)) Glad that made Tay laugh...it makes me worry!
Tay was standing on a rock...no worries Mom! Right?!

We were sick all week long and after a trip to the doctors office on Thursday we were officially on house arrest to give ourselves some time to get better. So that was...interesting. I was going stir crazy people. Like a monkey on the inside of a glass cage surrounded by enticing bananas. It was rough. 

But that's okay. Nance and I are still friends! And if that doesn't tell you about the strength of our friendship, nothing will!  

Want to hear something bizarre!? This Sunday, the 2nd of February, is the FIRST DAY OF SPRING here! What?!? That is so not fair! We didn't even have a winter. I am so not about that life! I need me some snow! But ah well. For some reason the one winter I have in Norway it's actually a Spring.

Yeah...I'm just going to ramble if I keep trying to come up with things that happened this week...sorry. 

Oh! The subject of this email. Explanation time. 

When I was a teenager (cause even though that feels like right now I am actually freakishly, an adult...) Kaitlyn had a quote book that she would carry around and write in all the time. I decided, in Drammen, that I wanted a mission quote book. So I got a little book and started taking down quotes, funny things pres, or my companions say, and district meeting quotes and so on and so forth. In this district my quote book has become quite popular. People keep asking me for a copy of it. And then on Thursday, because of Doctors orders, we couldn't go to MMK. So Elder Crook, the great guy that he is, took notes of the quotes and handed them to me at church yesterday, just saying "for the quote book." 

I think that he thinks that if he contributes enough he actually will get a copy of it. :) Seriously greatest idea ever though! Nothing like remembering your mission through, sometimes inspirational, but most of the time just plain silly things that other people say! :) Gotta love it! 

Okay, now to business. We have been having some serious opposition with Erland's baptism. As Nance would say, "There are too many cooks in the kitchen." But, Erland is a champ and he keeps saying that he wants to be baptized. He would like for his mother to have a better outlook on it before it happens, but he knows that he "needs" to be baptized. So we taught him yesterday after church and talked about the process of picking a baptismal date. He looked at the calendar and said that he was feeling the 23 feb. So we knelt down together and prayed. He asked if it was the right date, and then after the prayer we knelt there for about 5 minutes while he listened for the spirit. It was a wonderful experience. 

Both Sister Nance and I felt that it was right, but at the same time we both felt like any time in February would be right, just that it should not be pushed til March. 

So he was going to go home and talk to him Mom about it last night. We'll see him tonight at FHE. And now we just have to figure out how to help his mother, and what we are going to be teaching him for the next month. Especially cause we will still be meeting often with him. We want him to continue to learn and grow and not risk him becoming an "Eternal investigator". 

He is a very prepared young man. He asked us about Doctrine and Covenants and the Pearl of Great price. Asked if he could read them, so we gave him a triple. He loves institute, and church, and meeting, and the scriptures, and everything. We just have to keep him as an active and progressing investigator. 

I am so thankful for him and his example. He really loves this gospel. He's basically a member already. It's kind of crazy to see! I hope that I am more like Erland when I grow up!
Stavanger Domkirke that we see every day...beautiful

I love you all! Miss you! Praying for you! 

Søster Roe

Here is Nance's version of their sickness....
This weeks email will be very short.  this is because nothing happened this week.  Roe and I were struck with a really bad virus at the end of last week and we made the mistake of continuing to work in spite of it.  well, by Thursday we had officially received lock down orders from sister pres and by the doctors had been told, again by sister pres, to go to the emergency room to see a doctor.  we did and they were shocked at how sick we were and that we had been outside whilst being so sick (we just thought, listen guys we are missionaries for the Lord, a little cough and a high grade fever is nothing.), and told us that we needed to stay in for a few more days... oh and they gave us morphine laced cough syrup, Norwegians go all out with their medicine, either that or that is a sad indicator of how sick we were.  so we were under quarantine all week,a dn Sister Evans sent us nyquil and dayquil and sudafed overnight.  we made it to church on Sunday and all the members were just like,Sisters, why are you here? go home!' we still have small fevers and coughs, but we feel much better! this week is looking up.  It was quite funny, we went to the church to teach Erland (cause we needed to guys, K, we would not have gone if we didn't feel prompted that it needed to be us that met with him.)  and we came out of the coat room (coughing of course) and our DL was like, ' oh my gosh 2 of the ten lepers! Why are you sisters here? go home!'  so that was our week.  This week is looking up.  we already have some appointments that will be promising!  okay, well I'll talk to you all next week!  Love you! Nance

Monday, January 20, 2014

Dr. Who Episode!

Hello all!                                                                                                            Jan. 20,2014

Sometimes...in this life here in Stavanger. I feel like I am living in an Episode of "Doctor Who". Why? You may ask. Well you see there are random weird statues all over this city that remind me of something you would find in such and episode. Aliens, that look like harmless statues, that are slowly taking over the world. So what do you do, in such a situation? You take pictures with the statues on pday. Yep. This is happening. 

What a funny city!

The dreaded day of hitting 9 months has come and gone. How was it? Has time really sped up? Does it actually feel like a dream (nightmare)? How do you feel? How did you spend your day? These are just a few of the questions that one may be led to ask at such a time as this. Well if you were to ask I would answer such; 

It was...rough. Time really has sped up...på en måtte. Yes it does feel like the past 9 months have been composed of a series of dreams and that I actually still have 18 months left. How I feel emotionally is as messed up as a monkey on morphine, confused, tired, and a little anxious for what will come next. And I spent that fateful day sick...and teaching lessons...and afterwards trying to numb my esophagus, and lower my temperature with Popsicle . No...no it did not work. 

But that is okay. 
Stanley and Taylor

Other eventful things that happened this week: 
  • Nance passed her drivers test! 
  • Sister Roe realized that her Norwegian is no longer the clean, beautiful, bokmål...but is in fact beginning to be a mixture of western dialect. Sad moment. 
  • Sister Roe and Sister Nance have both had fevers for 4 days.
  • We had zone leader training...that was fun. 
  • Tay still has her fun personality!
Okay crazy story! 

We got two referrals from the office! What?! That happens? Yes, apparently it does. So these two referrals...two different names...two different addresses, supposedly two different languages, they conveniently live in the same city, and ONE of them had a phone number. 

We called the one with a number and got an appointment with them. The day of the appointment we missed our bus by three minutes to go to a place that is a 40 minute bus ride away. We called our appointment and he said that we could come later that week. We decided that we would go out and contact the other person that we didn't have a number for. 

We go out there and are walking down this twisty bendy road trying to figure out where we are going. We stop some people and ask them if they could help us find the address. They say "Yeah we know where that is. We live there." 

They didn't know of anyone ordering a Mormons Bok, however. The wife walks us to the house and we are talking to her son who DID order it. Then I look at him and say "Have I talked to you before...on the phone?" He says yeah, Today.

Wait what?! I pull out the referrals and show him two different texts, two different names, two different addresses, and the one that was for the other name and address had the other persons phone number attached to it. What!?  

I know that there was a reason for the craziness that happened with that. I know we were supposed to contact that kid! I know that the Lord knows better than we do. And that he will help us be where we need to be, when we need to be there. He is so aware of us and our needs, and He will take care of them. 

Also...got a hair cut this week! Thank heavens for members who are hair dressers and will cut the missionaries hair for free! :) 

Here we go folkens! Headed down this upward climb! 

Love you all! Miss you all! Praying for you all! 

Søster Roe

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Half way mark already!!!

Hello Family and Friends                                                                                 Jan. 13, 2014,

Have you ever noticed that when you are half way through something...a project...a homework assignment....a recipe...a mission....that you suddenly notice all of the things that you should have done FOREVER ago and that it's now too late and you just have to make do with what you've got? Like when you make a batch of cookies and you realize that instead of putting salt and baking soda you just put in salt twice? 

Yeah....welcome to my brain right now sitting at half way through these 18 months that are...usually...from Heaven.

Yep. I am going to hit the 9 month mark on Friday...am I freaking out about it? Not in the least...well I'd like to be able to say that at least. 
Oh mountains...it's been so long!

Up until now I have had an incredible mission, don't get me wrong I have loved EVERY SECOND of my time here as a representative of the Lord, but in the past week I have been noticing all of the little things that I do now, or that have been different, that I wish I had done the whole time. 

I don't know how to explain it....I'm kinda just rambling. I tend to do that. But still the point is. I only have 9 months left of this adventure, and I have to make sure that they are the greatest they can possibly be! Let me tell you about something that is going to, and has already been, helping me to make it just that. 

His name is Erland. He is an awesome kid that referred himself to the missionaries. He wanted a Mormons Bok because he wanted to know more about the church. We have been teaching him since then. Never before have I had an investigator be so excited about the gospel! He loves it! He is literally "feasting upon the words of Christ" And is already almost in Alma. 

The last teach we had with him he said a couple things that 1) shocked me, and 2) made me think about myself.

The first thing was that he LOVES the fact that we have 3 hours of church on Sunday! And the other was when he asked US what fasting is and if he could try it. 

I mean really, who asks questions like that? But that made me think! Do I personally LOVE the gospel like that! Do I really enjoy all three hours of church, every Sunday? Do I use them to help me spiritually grow and develop? Or do I use them strictly for social purposes? Do I love the principles of the gospel, and want to live them and use the Atonement in that way? 

I'm telling you this kid is incredible. I am so thankful for the chance that I have to teach him, and to LEARN from him and his enthusiasm for the gospel. 

Beautiful rainbow...sign of hope

So here we go. Another week ahead of us here in Stavanger, where it is slightly snowing! And barely covering the very green grass! Sister Nance and I have a very full busy week ahead of us and are thoroughly looking forward to the adventures of the adventures of the week! 

Quick quote from Elder M. Russell Ballard: "The Lord does bless His missionaries...difficult languages are learned with astonoshing speed and skill. Financially strapped families back home find unforseen means to support their missionaries. Weaknesses become strengths, challenges become opportunities, trials become triumphs, and adversity becomes an adventure  in the service of the Lord."                               

I know that is true. I have seen it in the past 9 months in my missionary life and in the lives of other missionaries. I am so thankful for the blessings of a loving and gentle Heavenly Father, and the atoning sacrifice of His son. I know that it is through the atonement of Jesus Christ that we become better, that these "hard things" are made able. I love the Lord. I love my mission. I love you all! I pray for you all! I miss you all! 


Søster Roe

PS HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY! I hope you have the best birthday ever! I love you so and pray for you always! Consider yourself hugged! Always, Taylor

Monday, January 6, 2014

HEY, we are the Sister Missionaries!!!

January 6, 2014

Roe Family!!!!!!! What is up?!?!?!?!  This is Sister Nance, or as you most likely call me, Nance.  How is everyone? It's been a while.  too long, much too long.  Can I just say, I feel as if I know you all and I just love Roe with all my heart.  kay, done with the mushy stuff, on to life!  Of course I will give the computer back to roe in a second but you just have to know, roe is the best most hilarious woman on the face of the planet and I have still not had the heart to make her do the sheep laugh yet, but don't worry, soon, very soon.  

Sheep laugh is gonna happen soon!

kay, i'm done, I'm gonna peace out now, and I hope that you all have a great week, knowing that your sheep is safe in my hands.  Have a great week all!!!


Oh hey everyone....well sorry about that....not really though. I had to steal Nance's computer for a sec and write to the Nance clan. Love those people. 

Yeah! Live is good! 

Nance will help Taylor learn the crazy dialect of Stavanger
Okay! Adventures of the week! Um, welcome to 2014!! Is anyone else weirded out about this?! I know I am! I can't believe it! So messed up! And not to mention things like, Nance...and Stavanger...and the dialect....and wanting to speak this dialect...yeah that's a goal. 

But first things first. New Years Eve. We chilled, played headbandz....I don't know if that's what it's actually called...watched a movie and then watched the fireworks! Gorgeous!!!! Like seriously though!! The whole city was exploding! It was awesome...yes. I was way up on the hill very far away from all of them to see the spectacle  

Then moves came super fast! We got Sister Hornback off to Trondheim first thing in the morning, and then I didn't leave til 5 pm. I hopped on the train to go to the airport...after packing, weighing, unpacking, repacking, and weighing my luggage like 16 billion times to get it in weight, and Sister Trydal and sister Landry hopped on with my luggage, and the train doors closed and wouldn't open again...so they rode the train with me through to Asker before they could get off to catch another train to go back to Drammen. So that was funny! 

But then I finally got to Stavanger!! And Nance had said that she was going to be waiting at the apartment when I got there, the couple picking me up at the airport. So I was extremely surprised to see Nance standing by the baggage claim!! Lets just say there were some tears, lots of exclamations of "I can't believe we're together again!" And "It's been way too long!"'s. 

We have a cute little apartment and we don't have a car! First for me!! But that's okay!! We just take the bus! Wahoo!
Nance and me at the harbor! 

Yesterday was crazy!!! Sundays are the most stressful days for missionaries! But we were so greatful for a member that grabbed our investigator and invited him and us to dinner. We went and were able to teach him there. 

Teaching with Nance again, not having practiced or taught together in 5 months mind you, was like coming home! We didn't have any awkward moments, surprising I know, the Spirit was able to guide the lesson, and we were able to REALLY teach TOGETHER!!!! It was amazing! We walked away from the lesson and said, "That is what missionary work is supposed to be like!" 

Then we went and hunted down a less active. We found his house and were just about to knock when the door opened and he stumbled out of it. He looked at us and said, "Sisters!!" And then headed down the stairs, we asked him where he was headed and he shouted "The bus! I've got to go to sentrum!!" And we were like "Okay, we'll just talk to you later then..." And he said, "Just come to the bus!" So we start running after him, he's like 2 seconds in front of us, and Nance yells, "We're the sister Missionaries!" 

I felt like something you would see on "The Best Two Years". It was hilarious!! (Would have LOVED to have seen this hahaha)

The greatest moment was when there was no judgment, just acceptance. I loved it. 

That is the greatest thing about being with Nance. No judgment. Just love. You just work hard, give the Lord everything you've got, and you love every second of it too. We are equals, and that is what is going to make this transfer amazing. 

Never ever judge those around you. Listen to them, to their ideas, be willing to try new things. Branch out. Change, and learn to enjoy the moments. Cause we don't have too many of them. Life is good people. 

Stavanger is beautiful...and I am always SOAKING wet! The dialect is amazing. Welcome to the West Coast! Here we go. A week of adventures ahead of us! Bring it on! 

I love you all! Miss you all! Pray for you all!! 


Sister Roe

PS Mom! 

I did get here just fine! :) And I got everything that I needed! :) And any mail that comes there will just be forwarded to me, so that will be good. And I did get Porter's letter. I got all the Birthday cards, on my bday!! so that was fun!