Monday, January 20, 2014

Dr. Who Episode!

Hello all!                                                                                                            Jan. 20,2014 this life here in Stavanger. I feel like I am living in an Episode of "Doctor Who". Why? You may ask. Well you see there are random weird statues all over this city that remind me of something you would find in such and episode. Aliens, that look like harmless statues, that are slowly taking over the world. So what do you do, in such a situation? You take pictures with the statues on pday. Yep. This is happening. 

What a funny city!

The dreaded day of hitting 9 months has come and gone. How was it? Has time really sped up? Does it actually feel like a dream (nightmare)? How do you feel? How did you spend your day? These are just a few of the questions that one may be led to ask at such a time as this. Well if you were to ask I would answer such; 

It was...rough. Time really has sped up...på en måtte. Yes it does feel like the past 9 months have been composed of a series of dreams and that I actually still have 18 months left. How I feel emotionally is as messed up as a monkey on morphine, confused, tired, and a little anxious for what will come next. And I spent that fateful day sick...and teaching lessons...and afterwards trying to numb my esophagus, and lower my temperature with Popsicle . it did not work. 

But that is okay. 
Stanley and Taylor

Other eventful things that happened this week: 
  • Nance passed her drivers test! 
  • Sister Roe realized that her Norwegian is no longer the clean, beautiful, bokmål...but is in fact beginning to be a mixture of western dialect. Sad moment. 
  • Sister Roe and Sister Nance have both had fevers for 4 days.
  • We had zone leader training...that was fun. 
  • Tay still has her fun personality!
Okay crazy story! 

We got two referrals from the office! What?! That happens? Yes, apparently it does. So these two referrals...two different names...two different addresses, supposedly two different languages, they conveniently live in the same city, and ONE of them had a phone number. 

We called the one with a number and got an appointment with them. The day of the appointment we missed our bus by three minutes to go to a place that is a 40 minute bus ride away. We called our appointment and he said that we could come later that week. We decided that we would go out and contact the other person that we didn't have a number for. 

We go out there and are walking down this twisty bendy road trying to figure out where we are going. We stop some people and ask them if they could help us find the address. They say "Yeah we know where that is. We live there." 

They didn't know of anyone ordering a Mormons Bok, however. The wife walks us to the house and we are talking to her son who DID order it. Then I look at him and say "Have I talked to you before...on the phone?" He says yeah, Today.

Wait what?! I pull out the referrals and show him two different texts, two different names, two different addresses, and the one that was for the other name and address had the other persons phone number attached to it. What!?  

I know that there was a reason for the craziness that happened with that. I know we were supposed to contact that kid! I know that the Lord knows better than we do. And that he will help us be where we need to be, when we need to be there. He is so aware of us and our needs, and He will take care of them. a hair cut this week! Thank heavens for members who are hair dressers and will cut the missionaries hair for free! :) 

Here we go folkens! Headed down this upward climb! 

Love you all! Miss you all! Praying for you all! 

Søster Roe

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