Tuesday, January 28, 2014

We are still FRIENDS.... and a QUOTE BOOK!

Hallo Alle Sammen!                                                                                   Jan 27, 2014

Well...How's it goin'? I really don't know what to say this week. 
We got out on Pday! With our fevers!

Last pday we went to Sverd i Fjell. That was fun, in our feverish state climbing all over the giant boulders on the edge of the water with the tide rapidly coming in was probably not the greatest idea we have ever had...but we enjoyed it! :)

( ps you know how last week I jokingly said  felt "like a monkey on morphine"? Guess what the doctor put me on last week!!! MORPHINE!!! Hahahhahahahahhahahahahahahaahahaha I had a good laugh! :)) Glad that made Tay laugh...it makes me worry!
Tay was standing on a rock...no worries Mom! Right?!

We were sick all week long and after a trip to the doctors office on Thursday we were officially on house arrest to give ourselves some time to get better. So that was...interesting. I was going stir crazy people. Like a monkey on the inside of a glass cage surrounded by enticing bananas. It was rough. 

But that's okay. Nance and I are still friends! And if that doesn't tell you about the strength of our friendship, nothing will!  

Want to hear something bizarre!? This Sunday, the 2nd of February, is the FIRST DAY OF SPRING here! What?!? That is so not fair! We didn't even have a winter. I am so not about that life! I need me some snow! But ah well. For some reason the one winter I have in Norway it's actually a Spring.

Yeah...I'm just going to ramble if I keep trying to come up with things that happened this week...sorry. 

Oh! The subject of this email. Explanation time. 

When I was a teenager (cause even though that feels like right now I am actually freakishly, an adult...) Kaitlyn had a quote book that she would carry around and write in all the time. I decided, in Drammen, that I wanted a mission quote book. So I got a little book and started taking down quotes, funny things pres, or my companions say, and district meeting quotes and so on and so forth. In this district my quote book has become quite popular. People keep asking me for a copy of it. And then on Thursday, because of Doctors orders, we couldn't go to MMK. So Elder Crook, the great guy that he is, took notes of the quotes and handed them to me at church yesterday, just saying "for the quote book." 

I think that he thinks that if he contributes enough he actually will get a copy of it. :) Seriously greatest idea ever though! Nothing like remembering your mission through, sometimes inspirational, but most of the time just plain silly things that other people say! :) Gotta love it! 

Okay, now to business. We have been having some serious opposition with Erland's baptism. As Nance would say, "There are too many cooks in the kitchen." But, Erland is a champ and he keeps saying that he wants to be baptized. He would like for his mother to have a better outlook on it before it happens, but he knows that he "needs" to be baptized. So we taught him yesterday after church and talked about the process of picking a baptismal date. He looked at the calendar and said that he was feeling the 23 feb. So we knelt down together and prayed. He asked if it was the right date, and then after the prayer we knelt there for about 5 minutes while he listened for the spirit. It was a wonderful experience. 

Both Sister Nance and I felt that it was right, but at the same time we both felt like any time in February would be right, just that it should not be pushed til March. 

So he was going to go home and talk to him Mom about it last night. We'll see him tonight at FHE. And now we just have to figure out how to help his mother, and what we are going to be teaching him for the next month. Especially cause we will still be meeting often with him. We want him to continue to learn and grow and not risk him becoming an "Eternal investigator". 

He is a very prepared young man. He asked us about Doctrine and Covenants and the Pearl of Great price. Asked if he could read them, so we gave him a triple. He loves institute, and church, and meeting, and the scriptures, and everything. We just have to keep him as an active and progressing investigator. 

I am so thankful for him and his example. He really loves this gospel. He's basically a member already. It's kind of crazy to see! I hope that I am more like Erland when I grow up!
Stavanger Domkirke that we see every day...beautiful

I love you all! Miss you! Praying for you! 

Søster Roe

Here is Nance's version of their sickness....
This weeks email will be very short.  this is because nothing happened this week.  Roe and I were struck with a really bad virus at the end of last week and we made the mistake of continuing to work in spite of it.  well, by Thursday we had officially received lock down orders from sister pres and by the doctors had been told, again by sister pres, to go to the emergency room to see a doctor.  we did and they were shocked at how sick we were and that we had been outside whilst being so sick (we just thought, listen guys we are missionaries for the Lord, a little cough and a high grade fever is nothing.), and told us that we needed to stay in for a few more days... oh and they gave us morphine laced cough syrup, Norwegians go all out with their medicine, either that or that is a sad indicator of how sick we were.  so we were under quarantine all week,a dn Sister Evans sent us nyquil and dayquil and sudafed overnight.  we made it to church on Sunday and all the members were just like,Sisters, why are you here? go home!' we still have small fevers and coughs, but we feel much better! this week is looking up.  It was quite funny, we went to the church to teach Erland (cause we needed to guys, K, we would not have gone if we didn't feel prompted that it needed to be us that met with him.)  and we came out of the coat room (coughing of course) and our DL was like, ' oh my gosh 2 of the ten lepers! Why are you sisters here? go home!'  so that was our week.  This week is looking up.  we already have some appointments that will be promising!  okay, well I'll talk to you all next week!  Love you! Nance

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  1. I am so very worried about my Tay!!! Send her brother to watch her out on those rocks!!!! But, keep her Dad in Utah!!!!