Monday, January 6, 2014

HEY, we are the Sister Missionaries!!!

January 6, 2014

Roe Family!!!!!!! What is up?!?!?!?!  This is Sister Nance, or as you most likely call me, Nance.  How is everyone? It's been a while.  too long, much too long.  Can I just say, I feel as if I know you all and I just love Roe with all my heart.  kay, done with the mushy stuff, on to life!  Of course I will give the computer back to roe in a second but you just have to know, roe is the best most hilarious woman on the face of the planet and I have still not had the heart to make her do the sheep laugh yet, but don't worry, soon, very soon.  

Sheep laugh is gonna happen soon!

kay, i'm done, I'm gonna peace out now, and I hope that you all have a great week, knowing that your sheep is safe in my hands.  Have a great week all!!!


Oh hey everyone....well sorry about that....not really though. I had to steal Nance's computer for a sec and write to the Nance clan. Love those people. 

Yeah! Live is good! 

Nance will help Taylor learn the crazy dialect of Stavanger
Okay! Adventures of the week! Um, welcome to 2014!! Is anyone else weirded out about this?! I know I am! I can't believe it! So messed up! And not to mention things like, Nance...and Stavanger...and the dialect....and wanting to speak this dialect...yeah that's a goal. 

But first things first. New Years Eve. We chilled, played headbandz....I don't know if that's what it's actually called...watched a movie and then watched the fireworks! Gorgeous!!!! Like seriously though!! The whole city was exploding! It was awesome...yes. I was way up on the hill very far away from all of them to see the spectacle  

Then moves came super fast! We got Sister Hornback off to Trondheim first thing in the morning, and then I didn't leave til 5 pm. I hopped on the train to go to the airport...after packing, weighing, unpacking, repacking, and weighing my luggage like 16 billion times to get it in weight, and Sister Trydal and sister Landry hopped on with my luggage, and the train doors closed and wouldn't open they rode the train with me through to Asker before they could get off to catch another train to go back to Drammen. So that was funny! 

But then I finally got to Stavanger!! And Nance had said that she was going to be waiting at the apartment when I got there, the couple picking me up at the airport. So I was extremely surprised to see Nance standing by the baggage claim!! Lets just say there were some tears, lots of exclamations of "I can't believe we're together again!" And "It's been way too long!"'s. 

We have a cute little apartment and we don't have a car! First for me!! But that's okay!! We just take the bus! Wahoo!
Nance and me at the harbor! 

Yesterday was crazy!!! Sundays are the most stressful days for missionaries! But we were so greatful for a member that grabbed our investigator and invited him and us to dinner. We went and were able to teach him there. 

Teaching with Nance again, not having practiced or taught together in 5 months mind you, was like coming home! We didn't have any awkward moments, surprising I know, the Spirit was able to guide the lesson, and we were able to REALLY teach TOGETHER!!!! It was amazing! We walked away from the lesson and said, "That is what missionary work is supposed to be like!" 

Then we went and hunted down a less active. We found his house and were just about to knock when the door opened and he stumbled out of it. He looked at us and said, "Sisters!!" And then headed down the stairs, we asked him where he was headed and he shouted "The bus! I've got to go to sentrum!!" And we were like "Okay, we'll just talk to you later then..." And he said, "Just come to the bus!" So we start running after him, he's like 2 seconds in front of us, and Nance yells, "We're the sister Missionaries!" 

I felt like something you would see on "The Best Two Years". It was hilarious!! (Would have LOVED to have seen this hahaha)

The greatest moment was when there was no judgment, just acceptance. I loved it. 

That is the greatest thing about being with Nance. No judgment. Just love. You just work hard, give the Lord everything you've got, and you love every second of it too. We are equals, and that is what is going to make this transfer amazing. 

Never ever judge those around you. Listen to them, to their ideas, be willing to try new things. Branch out. Change, and learn to enjoy the moments. Cause we don't have too many of them. Life is good people. 

Stavanger is beautiful...and I am always SOAKING wet! The dialect is amazing. Welcome to the West Coast! Here we go. A week of adventures ahead of us! Bring it on! 

I love you all! Miss you all! Pray for you all!! 


Sister Roe

PS Mom! 

I did get here just fine! :) And I got everything that I needed! :) And any mail that comes there will just be forwarded to me, so that will be good. And I did get Porter's letter. I got all the Birthday cards, on my bday!! so that was fun! 

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