Monday, February 24, 2014

Spring is Coming

Kjære Alle Sammen,                                                                                    Feb. 24, 2014

Well life is good! It was a very weird moment this morning when I realized that we are going to be coming toward the end of this transfer in a couple of weeks! I don't understand how fast time can go! 

Beautiful Stavanger! 

This past week was good! We had an awesome family invite us over with Erlend for dinner and a teach. That was so nice! It was wonderful to see them just embrace him as a friend, and to learn together with him! It was so nice to see! 

We also had a cool experience on Sunday! There is a member that asked us if we would visit a less active. We called her and set up and appointment, she then called a couple days later to cancel the appointment. But said that instead she would come to church on Sunday and we could talk there. It was wonderful to see her come into church and the whole ward was so excited to see her! She's been away for a while. But now she's going to go to a couple of the youth activities and she even had a member family invite her home to dinner too! That was really good to see the ward reaching out to those who need it! 

Other adventures of this week!:

  • I'm not that far away from home when there is still a resturant called the "Bluebird" in town
  • Still living in the world of Harry Potter! Found Privat Drive in Sentrum!
  • We also made tinfoil dinners one day! It was delicious and tasted like camping! :)
  • We fed the birds!!! It was nuts to see the seagulls snatching food out of the air!
  • And we found flowers!!!!!!! Greatest moment of that day! :)
  • AND! We were given this awesome drawing from one of the YW in the ward! She's a sweetheart! :)

Feeding the birds was fun cause it reminded me of another time that I was around a bunch of seagulls! One day Nance and I were down by the harbor eating some boler, bad idea. The seagulls were literally chasing us through sentrum as we ran, or at least tried to run, from them whilst also trying to eat our boler. The Norwegians were just laughing as the saw us running past closely followed by a flock of seagulls. 

Thankfully this time feeding the birds didn't end up like that! :)
Spring is coming
Nance and our encounter with the Seagulls

Life is good though. Just trying to teach the gospel. It could be an interesting week with winter vacation all week. The whole country is on vacation! It's like summer again!

Anyways, love you all, miss you all, praying for you all!

Søster Roe

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  1. It is sooooo beautiful and again my heart swells with love and pride when I hear Tay's message! Miss and love her so! What a awesome Sister Missionary! So proud......