Monday, February 17, 2014

A Peaceful Goodbye

Kjære søsken,                                                                                              Feb. 17, 2014

Waddling. What do you think of when you see this verb? To waddle? I think of geese, penguins, pregnant women, other various birds, and Sister Roe. Why? 

Well you see, here in Stavanger, the missionaries have an activity with members and investigators ever Saturday from 11-13. What did we do during those two hours this pastSaturday? We played what was possibly the most intense game of dodgeball in my life. And yes it was one game that lasted two hours. I am so sore. It was a blast! And I loved it! But now my whole body is making me pay. I waddle.

Peaceful Gift...Goodbye Grandma LaVene

That was just one moment of this crazy week though. 

Last pday we got on a bus and were going to go to this playground that a member had shown us. We were on the bus for about 25 minutes when we came to the conclusion that we were actually on the wrong bus. So we just decided to get off at a random bus stop and go exploring!

 It was really fun as Nance and I walked down this path by a skog, singing random songs and stopping to play on random playground objects. And then we looked up. We were at the ocean! And even better! It was low tide! :) We made our way down to was is usually the ocean bed of giant boulders and climbed all over them! There was a bunch of seaweed, some crabs, oyster shells, and tide pools. It was beautiful and such a needed, peaceful place after hearing about Grandma LaVene's passing.

We talked to Erlend with the Bishop yesterday and finally, everyone is on the same page with getting him baptized!!! Wahoo!!!! So his date has been moved (due to winter break) to 9.Mars! But it's going to happen! As long as nothing else goes wrong! But we were excited! 

Nance and I have been thinking a lot about what our missions mean to us, what we have learned, what we would like to learn, and what we need to change. One of the things that we decided we need to do, is learn to just relax and enjoy the ride. 

So to help us do this, we wrote down all of our problems/frustrations/things that were just plain holding us back. We went to a lake called Mossvannet, and found a couple rocks. We walked around the lake until we found a good spot. Then we went down to the water, read our lists out loud, wrapped them around the rocks and threw them as hard as we could into the water. Our problems were gone. The burden was a little lighter, and we could keep going. It was probably one of the best things I have done for myself on the mission.
Letting go of our problems!

BTW's happy Valentines day! That was an awkward day! Love was in the air, flowers were all around, everywhere you looked there were hearts, and chocolates, and people kissing! I just stood there awkwardly! It was great! But the ward did have a party! And that was even more interesting...listening to worldly music, there was karaoke, dancing, the lights were low...Nance and I sat in the corner and ate food. It was good. 

Life is a Blessing!

You know what. Life is good. Life is happy, and sad. Life is a blessing, and a challenge. Life is stressful and relaxing. Life is full of opposites that make life interesting. I am so thankful that we have "opposition in all things" so that we can learn, grow, and experience. 10 months today. 8 months again of this wonderful life. Embrace it, enjoy it. 

Love you all! Miss you all! Praying for you all! 

Søster Roe

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