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Hey! Hey! Hey!                                                                                                      Feb 3, 2010

Honestly the one thing that surprises people most about me, at least that I've seen on the mission, is how much I love football! I mean I really Love football! And this weekend, not being able to watch the Superbowl, now that was rough. But I have made friends with the office couple, specifically Elder Allen. And one night talking to him, for about the 18th time in 3 days, he said "I've heard, Sister Roe, that you're a big football fan! Is that correct?" 

So we talked about college ball and then we got onto the subject of the Superbowl. I mentioned how I was loyal to the Seahawks and he mentioned that his allegiances lied with the Bronco's. But he did promise to text me the score of the game first thing Monday morning. And bless his heart he did! 

Of course I jumped for joy reading the score and the victory that the Seahawks held! What a good day! :) 

You may be wondering why I talked to the office so much this past week. No it is not a normal thing, but here is what happened. Our washing machine broke. So what does a sister missionary do? She calls the office. Elder Allen asked us to get an estimate on it and when we found out the ridiculous price to even get someone to come give us an estimate we called him again. 

So one morning, we made our way to the nearest store and went Washing machine shopping for our apartment. I was pretty pleased with Nance and myself. We went about it in a very educated manner, asked lots of questions, and were able to even get a couple hundred kroner knocked off the price of our new washer that will be delivered today! 

My question with all of this is, When on Earth did I become responsible enough to live half way across the world from my parents with a person that I didn't know 9 months ago, AND to buy a washing machine?! 

To quote Nance, "I'm not even able to pick out what to wear in the morning, but I'm able to purchase major household appliances?!" That basically sums up how I felt about that. 

This week we also had to take Nance back to the doctor again. I have been doing much better since last Monday,  but she was not getting any better! So we went back to the doctor and he ORDERED her to stay inside and give herself a chance to get better. So this week we were inside for most of it, once again. But we did get our deep cleaning done! 
Doing Everything I can to help Nance feel better!

We cleaned our apartment for 7 hours on Saturday! I am pretty sure that it hadn't been deep cleaned in the four years that missionaries had been living there. But it has been done now! 
Cleaned up our whole apt. Even these messy desks!

Also this week while we were at home doing weekly planning, we were shocked when our doorbell rang. First of all because I forgot that we have a doorbell, and second because no one really knows where we live. So both of us curiously made our way to the door. As we opened it the Jehovah Witnesses looked at us and said "Oh, the Mormons live here!" 

They were kind of flustered and we just sat there and listened to them for a moment, they shared a scripture, and asked us over and over if we agreed with their doctrine. They were shocked when we would say "yes" and kept trying to find something that was different. We explained to them the difference. Then they invited us to visit their church and we said thank you. They walked away quickly. The younger of the two, as they walked past our house asked why they didn't push harder, the older one said, "The Mormons, well they don't budge. They just tell you that they know the truth. And those ones were their missionaries." 

It was pretty humorous. 
We are the Sister Missionaries!!!

Things with Erlend are going alright. Still trying to get all of the cooks on the same page. And there are just so many opinions. The thing is that WE have done our job. We have prepared him for baptism. He is ready. He needs to be baptized because he KNOWS the truth. We are praying for a miracle to happen that everyone will come to the same conclusion. And that we can help someone come closer to God and Eternal Life. 

Life is so good! Spring is coming to Stavanger, bring on the rain! Not that there ever was any snow to wash away...but that's okay. I love you all, I miss you all! I'm praying for you all! 


Søster Roe

PS Moves call came and went, we're staying! :) Another 6 weeks! :) :) 

(Here's an excerpt from the email she wrote to me)

What a weekend is right!! It's a good thing that nance and I are the only ones in the library right now! Cause reading your guys' emails I may have jumped for joy! WOW! WAY TO GO PORTER!!! What a night! I bet he was feeling good! :) :) I bet you were feeling good!!! :D 

And Brenna! Wow! These two are really excelling! I am so proud of them! I wish I could be there in person! But I'm definitely there in spirit! Sounds like you have a nice little break before the hectic starts in again! 

I also jumped for joy when Elder Allen (of the office couple) texted me at 6:30 this morning to tell me that my seahawks had won the superbowl!!!! BLESSINGS FROM HEAVEN!!!!!!!!!

Thank you so much for being so thoughful to put us all on the prayer roll! That was so nice of you! Hopefully it does the trick with getting Erlend baptized! I love you so much mom!!! Miss you! Praying for you!! 


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