Monday, March 3, 2014


God Morgen!                                                                                               March 3, 2013

Well let's start at the beginning shall we? :) 

Monday: After Pday we were trying to hunt down some addresses of less active members. Well what luck did we have but that it was POURING rain. It was like one giant never ending sheet of water that for some reason was constantly falling on your face, no matter which direction you turned! It was nuts! And I had my hood first. The rain and wind blew it off. So by the time that I, nearly, crawled onto the bus, my hair was plastered to my face and I was very thankful for the water proof make up. Then when we finally found the house (the buses having changed routes and us not realizing it until it was too late, so instead of the stop being right in front of the house we were going to, it was a 20 minute walk away) the man opened the door just to tell us that the person we were looking for wasn't living there anymore. So that was an adventure.
The cute card a girl in our ward made us!!!

Tuesday: I began to get really excited because I knew that Porter would be getting his mission call that week. To try to burn some energy, and because the weather was beautiful, temperatures around 55, and the sun  was shining gloriously, we decided to do some studies while washing our windows! What a pleasant adventure, right? Well it was at first. 

I was washing in a nook and I saw a spider. I assumed it was dead, after squealing. (I really really don't like spiders) Nance saw it and said volunteered to clean right there. Problem? IT WAS ALIVE! And it was HUGE!!! I freaked out! And it was bad enough that so did she! After about 15 minutes of me hyperventilating in the corner it was finally killed by the ever triumphant Nance. 

That day we also had an adventure of visiting 3 less actives! I love working with less actives, can I just tell you that? I think that they are amazing! It's fun to watch the fire start burning again!

Poptarts from America!!!

A member brought us Amerian Tator Tots!!!!

Plus, less actives are the biggest blessings during a ferie. Because they mean that even though no one is out, they are still available, more often than not, and you can still do productive things! It was a giant blessing during a very dead week. Especially with Erlend on vacation.

Then the rest of the week was a blur of mundane, that I don't really recall. It was pretty much the LONGEST week of my mission just WAITING to find out where PORTER is going on his mission! Can you imagine my shock and joy to read this morning that he is going to the TAIWAN TAIPEI MISSION, MANDARIN SPEAKING?! Oh my heavens!! What a great moment! He will be a wonderful missionary! I am so excited for him!!!

Oh I almost forgot!! 

Sunday: We had a teach on Friday with Eirin and she was able to work it out that she could come to church on Sunday! We were so excited! Because Sunday meant, 1) Erlend is back, and coming to church, and 2) Eirin was coming to church.

What a HUGE blessing it was! (Even though Sundays are by far the most stressful day in a missionaries life...say goodbye to relaxing Sundays, Porter.) The ward was amazing with coming and greeting our wonderful investigators and reaching out to them! Erlends baptism is set for this coming Sunday, and as Eirin left the chapel she asked Nance "how do I become a member of this church?" And now we are meeting with her today, and Thursday! I am telling you when people are prepared, they are prepared! I love it!
Notice the muffin flying in the air! hahaha

Life is good! I am so happy to be a missionary here in Norway! I love you all! I miss you all! I'm praying for you all!

Søster Roe

PS Also one of the members works at NATO and brought us American greir...some of the stuff I've missed the most. 

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