Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Whew, what an incredible week!!!

Hei :)                                                                                                           March 10, 2013

Wow! You remember how I said last time that I had just endured the LONGEST week of my life? Well this one was definitely the most STRESSFUL week of my life! 

But that's okay. It begins in a land, far up in the North, where many people believe there to only be ice caps and polar bears. They are right about these things existing here, but they certainly do not cover the whole country. Anyways, back to the story. 

There were two sister missionaries in this land, living in a cute little apartment. When all of the sudden their apartment building is going to be sold! Then their landlord comes in and takes over for a little while (3 days to be exact). He was working vigorously, paining, re-finishing, washing, and moving things around in their apartment. Now these two sisters had some furniture in their apartment that was really old and kind of falling apart, so in trying to do their best and help the poor man, they got permission to go and buy some replacements. 

They went to a magical store called IKEA. At this store they purchased such things as a new wardrobe and a new bookcase. The bookcase was at the store and they were able to take it right then, but the wardrobe was in a warehouse. 

So the one sister, Sister Roe, carried the 5 foot long, 5 inch wide, 65 pound book case, while Sister Nance carried two GIANT bags full of other supplies as well as both of their purses. The bus driver looked at them weird, and the little old ladies laughed at them...but they got it home and put together without a problem. 

Then it was almost 9 pm. They had gotten the wardrobe and were frantically trying to put it together. The appraiser was coming first thing the next morning. They went to bed just after 10:30, with it almost half way put together, promising themselves that it would be completed before the man came in the morning. Well it wasn't. They wanted to cry as they continued to work, and the nice man even helped them stand it up!

Then, the sister training leaders came for a visit. These two sisters had jam packed their plans with several appointments, so that they barely had time to do anything else. They were able to get a lot done, thanks to the extra hands that day! Blessing!
Playing in the HOBBIT holes on PDAY

While on splits, Sister Roe was teaching Erlend. And in the middle of the teach was prompted VERY strongly to challenge Erlend to share his testimony at the end of the baptismal program. She did that, and didn't look back. The Elders, when they heard about it, and about one of the people that were giving a talk, tried to get the poor stressed out sisters to change the program. But they had felt the spirit so strongly about everything on the program that they couldn't.
So great was my JOY to see and work with Sister Peterson again. I LOVE HER!!!

Then it was getting ready for the baptism!

They had to be at the church at 6 in the morning so that they could fill up the font (which they were told took 3 hours) so the sisters were up and walking to the church at 5:25 in the morning! They got there and started the font, which if you don't fill it up extremely slowly it is freezing cold water, and got ready for the day. Then 8:15 rolled around. The water wasn't even filling up the first step! 
This is exactly how we felt trying to get the font filled up!!! STRESS!!!

So they turned it on full blast, and ran up the the kitchen and started boiling several very large pots of water, praying that the font wouldn't be too cold.                     Thankfully two of the elders volunteered to help out. And the sisters were able to sit down in time for the program to begin! 

The program was beautiful. The spirit was so strong. Everything went to smoothly. The person that so many had pushed the sisters to change, and to have a back up plan for, came through. And not only came through but gave the most eloquent, beautiful, spiritual, and personal talk the sisters had heard. They knew that they did the right thing, letting the spirit guide in planning the program.

Then Erlend got up to share his testimony. The spirit, which was already strong, was increased upon. Many were reduced to tears at this simple, yet powerful and completely honest testimony. 

They received an even stronger testimony then, that THE LORD KNOWS BEST. 

I am so thankful for this past week, for the stresses, and the crazy moments. I am thankful for the opportunity that I had to witness Erlend's baptism and feel of the incredibly strong spirit that was there. I know this work is true. I know God speaks to us today. I love this gospel, I love this mission, I love these people. 

I love you all, I miss you all, I pray for you all!

Søster Roe

P.S. I almost forgot this most important detail that would just plain sum up our week!

The night the sister training leaders left, after MMK. We were finally heading home, and after not sleeping for several days  we were exhausted. There were a billion people on the bus and Nance sat in the back of the bus, facing the back, while I was standing by the door. 

We got to our stop and I made my way through the crowd of people and out of the bus. Nance was taking a while and I figured that it was just because there were so many people. Then the doors closed and the bus started to pull away...Nance looked like a deer caught in the headlights as she saw me standing on the sidewalk! 

I just laughed! It was super funny then I called her and the first thing she said was, "I SPACED!" I laughed so hard and she ended up on the other side of the HUGE bridge. So we started on opposite ends of the bridge walking towards each other. It was a funny but kinda scary moment. At least the wind wasn't blowing TOO hard. :)

Sister Roe

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