Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Cherishing the Moments of Life

Kjære alle sammen!                                                                                  April 7, 2014

Well lets start with last monday shall we? It was pretty awesome! We went on a hike with our district to a place called Dalsnuten! It was gorgeous! From the top you could see both Stavanger and Sandnes! It was so much fun! Four of the Elders basically ran up the mountain, looked at the view and then ran back down it, the other two went on splits and kept pace with us and we just laughed the whole time. On the way back we stopped at a lake and enjoyed the moment.
The view was worth the hike!

If I had the choose one of the lessons that I have learned (or have at least been trying to learn) on my mission is to enjoy the moment! 

I talked about this with Sister Knapp, while she and Sister Peterson were here on splits this past week. It is so important to realize that as missionaries we are still people. People have emotions, and people perform best when they enjoy what they are doing. That is the reason that it has been a focus of mine, to enjoy the moments on the mission. Because they don't last forever.

Taylor watching Conference!!!! So happy!

We met with Louis this past week, and Eirin, and Chitre. All of them are awesome! Louis is doing so good! He seems to just get it! And his desire to learn and understanding of our job here as teachers and
guides is so refreshing! I love it! 

Next up, wasn't conference amazing!? I loved it, as always! I was trying to decide what talk I loved most....all of them, maybe? :) I loved Elder Hollands talk, about how we walk with Christ! I love that! Missions are hard. There's no doubt about that. On occasion it seems like people throw all human curtesy and basic manners out the window because we are wearing name tags, but knowing that Christ is there. He loves us. He's been there. He's walked these paths so that we don't have to do it alone. That knowledge makes everything else worth it, and do-able. 

I loved Elder Scotts talk about how we make differences in others peoples lives. Do we ever take the time to realize just how much of an influence we may have on a person? What kind of influence are we creating? What kind of influence would we like to have?

This impressed me because I realized just how moldable I can be. I know that it's up to me, ultimately, to decide who I am and what I'll do. But how often do I let someone's opinion sway how I do things, or say things? And is it a good thing or a bad thing? Life is a gift, and everyone around us is placed there for a reason, so that we can be an influence for good to each other. 

We were lucky enough to be able to watch all of conference! We even watched 3 sessions live! :) Saturday morning (on Saturday at 6 pm), Sunday morning (on Sunday at 6 pm), and Sunday afternoon (Sunday at 10 pm). We stayed up with our whole district! It was lots of fun!
Enjoying the moment
Arendal....the actual place where the hit movie Frozen is based on!!!

Life is good, people. Stavanger is beautiful! Norway is incredible! I'm freaking out about the whole 6 months left idea... But life is good! :) 

I love you all! I miss you all! I pray for you all!! 

Søster Roe

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