Monday, April 14, 2014

Easter in Norway

                                                                                                                              April 14, 2014

Påske!!!! (Read that in your head like how the greeks yell OOOPPPAAAA!)   

Guess what y'all! It's EASTER! Wow! Guess what else it is this week! The first full week of RUSS!!! pronounced like rooster, without the ter. :)


I know that My Redeemer Lives
Easter in Norway is a BIG DEAL! It lasts all week long, and everything is closed...all week long. But that's alright. You know, I always wondered why we didn't celebrate the whole last week of Christ's I know, it's cause I didn't live in Norway until now. 

Problem with Påske, is that it's basically the beginning of summer. Meaning that everyone and their dog, and the great granny's are on vacation. But what are ya gonna do?

Sis Thurgood and Sis Roe

You know what a mission does to people? It helps build their confidence! I have never been so confident in my own skin as I am now. I love it. I know exactly who I am, I know what God wants me to focus on becoming, and I have a bit of an idea of how to start. I love my life, and I love my mission. 

Russ. I feel like I should probably explain this. Russ is the graduating class of every year. They wear the same pair of overalls (red is the most popular...but there is also blue and it depends on your school what color you have) for a month. And they have a bunch of little tasks they do to get knots tied in their hats. Some of which involve the mormon we are paying close attention to the packs of Russ kids walking around. :) 

Also, I'm hitting my year's weird. That's all I'm going to say about that.
Fishing for Sis Thurgood's nametag!

Last pday was super chill. We just sat on the docks at one of the inlets with the elders and talked. It was really fun...then Sister Thurgood lost her only name tag in the water, thankfully the water was only about 4 feet deep, Elder Taylor went in after it for her, cause otherwise she would have been very confused as to her purpose, and who she is. 

This pday is actually not's on Wednesday. We're just taking emails today and are headed to either Kjerag or Preikestolen. So that will be fun! I'll be sure and take lots of pictures!!! :)

I never tire of Norway's beauty

Well, I hope that you all enjoy this week. I hope that we can all take the time to focus on the Savior, and remember that which He did for us. He died for us, He atoned for our sins, so that we could have the possibility of becoming perfect one day and living in the presence of our Heavenly Father again. And because He did it alone, I know we don't have too. I am so grateful for His sacrifice, humility, and incredible example!

I love you all! Miss you all! Praying for you all! 

Søster Roe

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