Monday, May 26, 2014

If you are serving right...

God Morgen!                                                                            May 26, 2014

Well people, the time has arrived that I will be leaving the city of Stavanger, Norway. And I am quite sad about it. I am moving to Trondheim and will be companions with Sister Shaw, who I was in the MTC with! It will be a fun adventure!

Making cookies at Joanna's...she has been so good to me!!!
But it's definitely hard leaving a place you love. I had someone tell me once, "If you serve right, it will kill you to leave every area you serve in." Well I don't know if that's always accurate, but the thought of leaving these people here has pretty much demolished my heart.I don't know how it works out that we somehow have more love to give! I mean, I remember so clearly how hard it was to leave Sarpsborg, when I literally cried for 3 days straight and it felt like I was leaving my home and family all over again. 

Gonna miss this kid
Stavanger is turning out to be the same!  There are so many people here that I have gotten close too over the past 5 1/2 months! I have loved being here and getting to know them! So many of them I count as family! I hate leaving, but it's not forever. I love these people too much to leave them and never come back. So I am determined, that I will be back, as soon as possible!

This week was good, we had a lot of fun with our last week together! And every second that we spent with our best friend Celine was AMAZING! She is seriously fantastic! I love her to pieces and cannot wait to see her again!

Saying goodbye to my Mission leaders family

We were talking to our MMK and his family yesterday over hot chocolate and rolls, saying goodbye and such, and I was so overwhelmed with love for them! They have taught me so much about dedication, trust in the Lord, and acceptance of others as well as situations! I was talking to Sofie a couple of days ago and she said, "We get to decide if we want to be miserable or not." 

I love that! I know that I knew that, to some degree...but still, it hit me anew. It doesn't matter the situation. I mean, yeah, some days are harder than others. Some things are happy all the time, and other times you have down moments, but you get to choose. I love that it's all up to us, always. 

Taylor is headed here... Trondheim

If we need evidence of Gods love, isn't that it? That he loves us enough to give us choices? And even more so, that he gives us choices over how things will affect us. Yeah, it's a hard thing to master, but it's been incredible to see the difference when I mentally stop myself and decide to react in a positive manner, rather than in the negative! And believe me, I do my share of both. 

It's all thanks to the Atonement that we have the many opportunities that we do, and the power that we have over ourselves. So that's my challenge to myself, and anyone that wants to join. React in the best way possible to every situation. No matter how hard. And if we falter.....repent. :)

Anyways, I love you all! I miss you all! I pray for you all daily!

Søster Roe

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