Tuesday, May 20, 2014

17 Mai. Norway Independence Day Celebrations

Hallo Alle Sammen!!!!                                                                        May 19, 2014

How are you all doing? I hope that you had a wonderful week! Goodness knows we had a great time here in Stavanger this week!!! 

One thing that I saw a lot of this past week is that this really is the Lords work!!! We are His hands here, but it truly is His work. How did I see this? Well we'll take one example. This week, we have been getting completely moved out of our apartment and have been trying to get it clean and ready for the next tenant. We were in our grubby cleaning clothes cleaning in a frenzy taking apart furniture and getting the rest of it taken care of. We were walking back to our new apartment to eat some lunch and we were stopped by a woman from China. She just wanted to know if the church that we were walking past was open, and we found the hours for her and it, unfortunately, wasn't. But then she asked us who we were, what we were doing, and we told her a little about the church. We exchanged numbers and were on our way.  Later we texted her and she texted back saying, "Hi Sisters, thanks for helping me today. I'm only here for a few weeks, but I really would like to learn more about your church." 

We weren't looking for her, we weren't even really paying attention when we ran into her. But the Lord put her in our path, or us in her path, depending on how you look at it. And we were guided in how much to say, what to invite her too, even the fact that we didn't have a church card on us worked out for the better because we got her number as a result. The Lord is in the details.  

We also taught Iza, Weronika, and Marita this week. My tegnspråk (sign language) skills are, slowly, getting better. And it's exciting to be able to communicate with the girls and it opens up a whole new world of communication and spiritual edification. The spirit in those teaches with the girls is incredibly strong, I love it because it's like being a greenie with the language, when I absolutely could not get in the way of the spirit. It's great! :) 
What a great day with our Norwegian friends celebrating!

We had 17.Mai this past weekend which was so much fun!!! It was definitely our kind of holiday! Sister Thurgood especially loved it because she could be as loud as she wanted for as long as she wanted! It was fun just yelling at the top of our lungs "Hurrah!!!" everytime we saw someone we knew! There were two parades, not nearly the same at American parades, no floats were involved! But the people would just walk behind their signs. The two parades were the barnatoget, which included all of the schools throughout all of Stavanger. And then later we had the folketoget, which were all of the different organizations  and sports teams. Both were really fun!
It is customary to drink Champaign for Breakfast on this day

In between the parades we hung out and ate with the whole Steffensen clan which was a party in and of itself! I have a billion pictures, a few of which I will send on!

I have to tell you though, about one of the best surprises that has ever happened to me!!!! We were chilling before going to bed last night, I was folding some laundry, tidying up, being a good little missionary. When, all of a sudden, my phone rang. I went over and picked it up, who was on the other line but our best friend Celine! Remember how she lives forever away??? Well guess who walked past our window!!!! We freaked out and ran out of our apartment, barely remembering to grab the key so that we could get back in! :) It was so great!! We talked to her and her beautiful mother for a bit last night and we're hanging out with her today! :) Oh we are so happy to see her!!! Oh life is good! The work is true and life is good!!! 
My Manicure compliments of Thurgood!!!

I hope that you all had a great week and that you have a fantastic one ahead of you!
The traditional bunads here in Norway. (Parades)

Love you all! Miss you all! Praying for you all!! 


Søster Roe!
PS. Move calls are this Sunday so just a heads up.

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