Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Teaching people in 5 different languages!!!

HALLO!                                                                                                      June 23, 2014

What's up with y'all? Chillin'? Partyin'? Let me tell you, life here in Trondheim is always a party...and a multiculteral one at that! 

Well, shall we begin with Swedish? Last week we met this really cool guy on the street talked to him for like 3 minutes and then he asked us if we could meet the next evening. We said yes. Let me tell you, it was one of the greatest teaches that I have had in a while. He is from sweden, hence the svensk part of the subject title. I love swedish, mostly I love understanding three languages for the price of learning one...haha. 
They snapped this photo on one of our teaches!

He asked a bunch of really good questions and is really excited to meet with us again this week. He was so excited to get Mormons Bok and he started reading as soon as we left! He was super cool.

Next up, French. One of our investigators is from Africa, French speaking. He is really fun to teach. He is so humble and teachable. He just wants to follow God, and do the things that He would have him do.
A beautiful Marsipian cake a member made for our ward party!

Norwegain. This investigator is actually half phillipino, half norwegian. But yeah, she's super cute. She's 9 years old, her mom's a member and we had a really cool lesson with her last week. It's really hard to get her to just sit down and listen. So we went outside and just played on the trampoline and were able to teach the plan of salvation by playing. She drew a picture that was apparently Sister Shaw dead....so we begravet her and then she resurrected from the dead and we "judged" her and sent her to the celestial kingdom! It was pretty fun. Definitely the most abstract way I've taught the plan of salvation....ever. haha

Spanish...We met a lady on the street, went to her house gave her a spanish Book of Mormon and were enthusiastically invited to come again and teach her more.
The Elder's playing with fire on our cookout

Burma! We're teaching a family from Burma who are super cool!!! There's a language barrier for sure, but their 22 year old son is fluent in norwegian, so we've really involved him as a translator! So it's been really good. I just wish that we had the book of Mormon in their language!

And last but not least, Chinese! We met a Chinese lady on the bus yesterday, she has recently converted to christianity, and really wants to learn more! So we're meeting with her in 20 minutes! :) (Porter! I'm wishing that you were here and could speak chinese!) It will be really good I think! She seems really sincere and open! 
We are doing well together as companions! Love her!

Also this week we had a party with the ward! It was really fun, we grilled food and just sat and talked and got to know each other. 

Tonight we are celebrating Sankhans Aften with some members! Out til midnight! Gotta love Norwegian holidays!!! :) Then this week we also have zone conference! It should be good! I'm pretty excited!

Thurgood sent me this photo of M after her baptism! She is one of 3 of our deaf investigators who we committed to baptism...and SHE DID IT! So happy! 

Life is good people! Life is good. The gospel, and its light is going forth to ALL THE WORLD Every nation, kindred, tongue, and people. Nothing can stop the work from progressing. 

Love you all. Miss you all! Praying for you all!

Søster Roe

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