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Well, well, well. So we meet again.

Seriously, I don't understand time. I know I've said this like, I dunno, a BILLION times before. But I definitely am feeling it again. In some ways it feels like every week is an eternity, but at the same time every Monday when I sit down to compose an email to y'all I feel like I just told you all everything that has happened and I don't know what to write for this week. Hmm....lets see. Shall we look back on this week?
I love this place!

Okay, quick view:

  • Monday: emailed y'all, went on a hike to the troll forest. That was kinda cool. We went with one of the members and hiked around and there are a bunch of troll faces painted onto the trees and greier. So that was fun. Then we went to an appointment. Our appointment wasn't home. But one of their roommates was. He was cool! We talked to him and he was super interested to learn more. So that was fun. Hopefully we'll be able to meet with him soon.
  • Tuesday: we had district meeting, that was fun. We took the chance to make lunch for the couple this time because they always are so good to make lunch for us! so that was good. We really like the Bradfords! After that we had a teach and realized that one of our investigators is actually progressing quite well. He bore his testimony about Joseph Smith as a prophet, and the Book of Mormon. After that we just knocked on doors the rest of the night, found some cool people, hopefully will be able to meet with them soon. 
    We had fun on our hike in Troll Forest!
  • Wednesday! So somedays on the mission your planner looks like things just exploded and it's just a huge mess. That's what my planner looked like on Wednesday. We had lots of crazy things going on. But those days on the mission are always the best, especially because you're just busy all the time and don't have time for anything else. 
    Our schedule on Wednesday!
  • Thursday: We just had weekly planning and a couple appointments, it was good. But on this day I also had a question of the day that I pondered. It is as follows: "Can our greatest strengths be linked to our greatest weaknesses? Can they feed each other?"
We Roe'd the boat!
           I honestly think yes. I mean, just from what I've seen personally. Some of the things that I have been really blessed with and that I might even consider strengths also tend to lead me to some of my greatest weaknesses and biggest trials. But Heavenly Father gives us strengths and weaknesses for a reason. And I know that when used correctly. Our greatest weakness can become our great strength through the Atonement.
Lunch while waiting on our bus!

  • Friday: We had ZLT which was good. It was pretty chill. We went on splits for a little bit too, so remember Sister Hornback? My comp from Drammen? Yep, we were on splits together for a couple hours while her companion, Sister Kitchen, was with Shaw. It was super fun to chat and remember the good ole days in Drammen.
  • Saturday: This was a fun day! The other sisters had a baptism so we got to go to that! It was really cool. The guy that got baptized came to a baptism a couple weeks ago (he had been meeting with the sisters for a while) and afterwards when they went to teach him again he said that he had prayed about it, he knew the church was true, and he wanted to be baptized! It was a really good day, and the spirit was super strong! it was awesome! Then we had a couple appointments, cooked dinner for some members, had a mini district meeting to figure out some goals and such.
  • Sunday: I really miss relaxing Sundays people! That is one thing that I am looking forward too when I get home. We had a couple appointments after church which was good. It hit me in the middle of Relief Society that it was Fathers Day in the States! So happy fathers day, dad! Hope it was a good one! 
Yep. That was pretty much our week. One thing that kinda stuck with me this week was that I saw a quote on a gym window that said, "push harder than yesterday if you want a different tomorrow."

Obviously, this is talking about working out. But isn't it like this with anything? If you want a better tomorrow you have to work harder today than you did yesterday. Whether that's physically, emotionally, or spiritually is up to the individual. But I know that when we really work out hardest we see the blessings after. In MMK this week we were talking about the importance of working WITH God in every aspect of our lives. We talked about the reward and security that lies in working with God. And one thing that was brought up was the idea of diligence. 

In Preach My Gospel diligence is described as doing absolutely everything you can. But how do you know that you're actually doing everything you can? Can you actually give 100% and who/how do you measure 100%? Well. It's up to you and God. God knows our limits, even better than we do. So that means that when we're pushing ourselves TOO hard or too far that He can help us to realize it and change it before it becomes detrimental. But also, He understands when we can push a little harder, or go a little further too. So when we're working with God we have a great reward. Ben, our MMK, put it this way.

When we are truly working with God we "feel peace in our responsibility as well as the burden of what's next."

God is the perfect coach. He knows when to push, and when to hold off. He knows you. He knows me.

Heavenly Father knows me. He knows how I function, how I think, react, love, need, want, hope, cry, laugh, talk, read, and pray. He is the only person that really, actually, gets it. But do I allow myself to really use Him, really let him help me? I should. I am working on it. I'm getting there. #slowlybutsurely

Then I read in Doctrine and Covenants  123:17

 17 Therefore, dearly beloved brethren, let us cheerfully do all things that lie in our power; and then may we stand still, with the utmost assurance, to  see the salvation of Godand for his arm to be revealed.

So, challenge for this week? Take a minute and STAND STILL, look, and behold the goodness of God in your life! I love you all. I miss you all. I pray for you all! 

Søster Roe

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