Thursday, July 3, 2014

Boldly proclaiming the Gospel

Hallo!!!                                                                                                       June 30, 2014

What a week it has been my friends! Goodness I seriously don't know how we even had time to breathe! It has been absolutely nuts! But I have to say, the Lord really does take care and He does qualify the called! 

I have to share really quickly before getting into the rest of this week. One day this week we taught a man who was Swedish in Norwegian, contacted a deaf person, so I was able to use the Tegnspråk I learned in Stavanger, talked to a French person so I got to use the little French I remember, and taught in English. The Lord really used the gifts and knowledge that we have gained over the years to help further His work. It's cool to see!
Here we are all on the bus headed to zone conference!

Oh! Okay, I have to share this because this is something that I am really pleased with myself for! I have worked really, really hard lately to get my Norwegian the best it can be, and I've learned Stavangersk dialekt too. It's been really fun, and I feel like I've done really well in it. It has been confirmed to me on several different accounts now too! We went to visit a member and she asked me if I could bless the food, I did and she said, "Well you are NOT American or English. Where in Norway are you from? Stavanger?

I blushed saying that I am American. She looked confused and said, "Are your parents Norwegain?" I again replied in the negative and she said, "Well you sound like a Norwegian. You sound like a native Norwegian speaker. And I don't lie about these things."

WHAT?!?!?! I blushed a lot. Then later we were teaching our investigator, who knows I'm American and he said to me, "If I didn't know you were American, I would think you were Norwegian. I forget sometimes listening to you."

Oh what a blessing this has been, to have received so much help to learn this language. :)
Sentrum Church resembles Notre Dame in 0015!

Okay. So being bold. That's the topic of this week. 

The thing that I have learned this week is that I have to be bold. I have to, because gospel isn't apologetic, or shy, so why should I be?

On Tuesday we had zone conference. One of our investigators, who is a major alcoholic, texted me asking me if we could call him. I called him as soon as the meeting was over. I was out in the hallway surrounded by a billion missionaries, trying to talk on the phone. Our investigator told me that he wanted to meet with us and that he knew that he needs to quite drinking. Then right as Pres. walks out (I'm on the phone with my investigator that tells me that he's drinking right then and that it's dumb) to hear me say, "You're right, drinking is dumb. You need to quit because it's not good for you, it doesn't help you at all does it? It just makes you feel worse. So, quit." 

President looked at me a little surprised, then nodded and waited for me to proceed. I said, "Will you do something. Will you walk away right now and quit drinking. We are meeting with you in two days. Will you quit drinking and we can talk more on Thursday?"

He agreed and he did it. It's better to be bold.

My Departure Info! AAAHHHH!

Then we dad the opportunity to teach another investigator, he has been really awesome, and we are teaching him the commandments right now. We taught him the law of chastity, which can be an interesting lesson to teach, but it was probably the best lesson we've had with him. We were really clear and he automatically said "Yeah, that makes sense, it would make your family relationship so much stronger if you respected each other to keep the sexual relationship for marriage."

Was not afraid to ask us questions, and to listen to our answers. It was so much more comfortable because we were bold and straight forward! It was awesome!

So that's what I learned this week, that we should be bold in declaring the word of the Lord.

I love you all! I miss you all! I am praying for you all! Hope you find a chance to share a principle of the gospel, and do with without apologizing. 

In our zone conference this week we talked about the importance of using the book of Mormon in our teaching. In opening up to scriptures to do the teaching for us it is so much better. The spirit is stronger, the message is clearer. The scriptures, specifically the book of Mormon cannot be anything but clear, when used under the direction of the spirit. So open up to them. Use them at home in teaching opportunities with your children, siblings, or parents, use them with friends. Use them at church. I know that as we look to the scriptures to teach the important lessons of life and the gospel that the teachings will be more clearly understood, accepted, and adapted.

Love you all! Miss you all! Praying for you all!
At Midnight! A glimpse of the midnight sun!

Søster Roe

PS We celebrated St Hans Aften last Monday, were out til midnight! It was super awesome, great to get a glimpse of the "midnight sun", I say it like that because I'm not quite far enough north to get the complete effect. :)

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