Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A Priest, a Prince and Preparation!

Ka skjer?
Aug 25, 2014
Well people, can you believe it? This upcoming week marks the end of yet another transfer! Can you guess what that means? So begins the last transfer of my mission. There you go. I said it. It's out there. As weird as that is, there it is in black and white and I don't know how I feel about it! Men, sånn e det bare!
Beautiful flower I loved!

Anywho. This week. We had a cool opportunity yesterday to hear from Elder Clayton M. Christiansen of the 70. He's in Trondheim doing a seminar for NTNU, the local university, and he came and gave a fireside for the members and missionaries here yesterday! It was awesome! It was all about member missionary work and how we can do it! Today all the missionaries are going out to lunch with him, his family, and the guy from NTNU. That'll be kjekt. :)

You may be wondering what the subject title has to do with this week. I will tell you. Cause that's what I'm here for. :) 
Out contacting in the rain! Loving it!

We were teaching a man from Uganda this week. He is super cool! We were talking about the importance of knowing for oneself that the gospel is true when he said, "Yeah, cause I'm a prince, and if I go back home and say, 'Everyone we are no longer catholic but now we're Mormons, they will follow without question.' And then I had to wonder, did I hear him correctly? Did he say prince? Yes. Yes he did. So there you have it folks we are teaching a prince! 

But the crazy doesn't stop there! What do you do when you walk into an appointment and your investigators priest is sitting on the couch ready for the discussion!? Well....that was a bit of an awkward moment! Haha. We were discussing the atonement that day, so it wasn't anything contradictory to their beliefs already, and it was very simple due to a language barrier, but it was nonetheless interesting. :)

We also have been preparing for the up and coming stake conference with Elder Bednar! He is going to be doing a training meeting with the missionaries too, so it will be awesome! We're getting spoiled up here in Norway, Elder Dyches, Elder Christiansen, and Elder Bednar? But hey, I ain't complainin'. :) 
Beautiful Melhus Church we saw this week

This week we went on many an adventure, we picked wild raspberries and ate them while contacting, we took a trip out to Melhus, and cut through a couple cemeteries. Basically I just love my life right now and am praying that the Sisters in Trondheim all stay the same this move! 

One thing that I learned this week is that we always have to be creating the picture of our lives in the way that we want them to end up. Does that make any sense? If we want our lives to say something specific we have to always work towards that specific goal. There's a quote from Richard G. Scott where he says, "We become what we want by consistently being what we want to become each day."

If I want my life to be one way, I can't wait until the last year, day, month. hour, or even 10 years, to make it that way. Because my life does not consist of such a short amount of time. If I want to be Christlike I have to start now. If I want to be thought of as kind, temperate, patient, funny, happy, or whatever other quality I want, I must begin now to be these things so that someday, it really is a part of my personality. So that one day it is not just second nature, but first nature. Be who you want to become. That is what I thought a lot about this week. 
A gal from Boston who visited Trondheim sent me this photo after they had taken the group out for dinner! What a fun surprise for me this week!

And I'm so grateful that we get to choose who we are; that our circumstances or situations don't dictate our reactions or personality. I am so thankful to a loving Heavenly Father that gave us the opportunity to decide for ourselves who we are, and who we want to become. And then, on top of it all He gave us His Son to bless our lives and make it actually possible to change who we are. We are blessed.

I love you all! I miss you all! I pray for you all!

Søster Roe

1) Contacting in the rain!
2) Gorgeous flower!
3)  Super pretty church in Melhus

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Abide with Me

Hallo Alle Sammen!

Goodness what a week this has been folks!!!! It was quite the adventure! We went to Bergen for Wednesday and Thursday for the mission tour! It was super sweet! We had pday with all of the missionaries for the West and the north zones and I got to see lots of friends from other areas! It was sweet! In my group of 21 missionaries from the mtc 11 of us were there at the conference! It was so nice to catch up! 
10 of my MTC cohorts! Now we are all nearing the end of our missions :(

Plus I got to see Thurgood, Hall, Corrigan, and Vause, all peeps that I served with in Stavanger! It was awesome! 
So sweet to see these guys and Thurgood!!!

Wednesday night we went on splits and contacted/tried to find less actives. We had a really cool experience! We, Sisters Hornback, Chapman, and myself, were trying to find these less actives, but none of them were at the listed address, so we were contacting and there were a bunch of people all over the place! We had made a goal to have two street teaches before we left and were considering changing our goal due to lack of time (we had 30 minutes) But we felt really strongly that we should keep our goal of two teaches. 

So we said a prayer and split up. Sister Chapman started teaching a guy almost immediately, and Sister Hornback and I went to find the next person. We found them. We were able to reach our goal and were still home before 9:30. Success!

Then we had the Dyches conference the next day! It was super good and I learned a lot. Mostly it just hit me how little time I have left here. That was a frightening moment, when he asked the greenie next to me how long they'd been on the mission (2 months) and then one of the sisters from my group said, "Hey! That's about how long we have left!"
Flying to Bergen

What?!?! I'm super stoked, and totally ready for the next stage of my life, but I am far from ready to leave this country. Can all the people I love and need just move here please? Thank you!

Okay, I have a question for you!

How do you help some one overcome the fear of the future? One of our investigators, who is super awesome and wants to be baptized and follow God, and be a servant of the Lord for eternity and all that jazz, will not allow himself to just take the step of faith because he is not sure who he'll be or where he'll be in 5 years down the road. Sometimes I just want to say, "Well do any of us know?" 

If we allowed the uncertainty of the future rule the possibility of today, then what's the point of living?? But then I have to stop myself as a little voice in my head says to me, "But dear Sister Roe, how many times have you let the question of tomorrow hinder the progression of today?"
My view out my train window...what a gorgeous train ride we had!

Well dang it! Why does the little voice in my head (I should just give it a name...it'd be easier to write that way ;) ) have to be so right all the time?

God does not want to hinder us, he does not want us to stumble because of the questions or uncertainty that we face from day to day. So what does it take then? Faith. 

Doesn't it always come down to faith? Trusting in the Lord that He's going to help you get where you need to get, and be who you need to be? 

So what are some of the things right now what I need to have more faith in? In being able to speak Norwegian, yep. In finding people to teach, uh huh. In trusting that contacting for 5 hours in the pouring rain will actually be a productive use of time? Absolutely! 

Sometimes when it gets hard, when "the night is coming on", and we aren't ready to be alone, or to have to take a step into the darkness, we need to trust that the Lord will "abide with" and guide us. :)

I have been singing and listening to the Hymn "abide with me" a ton this past week! Can you tell? :) But really I love it! So this is the song of the week folks :) 
The old gang reunited!

  1.  Abide with me! fast falls the eventide;
    The darkness deepens. Lord, with me abide!
    When other helpers fail and comforts flee,
    Help of the helpless, oh, abide with me!
  2. Swift to its close ebbs out life's little day.
    Earth's joys grow dim; its glories pass away.
    Change and decay in all around I see;
    O thou who changest not, abide with me!
  3. I need thy presence ev'ry passing hour.
    What but thy grace can foil the tempter's pow'r?
    Who, like thyself, my guide and stay can be?
    Thru cloud and sunshine, Lord, abide with me.
   I love you all! I miss you all! I pray that you all will have His Spirit with you and that you will be able to feel His presence in your life! Have a great week!!
  Søster Roe
   1) Haha this sign was above the elevatore in our apartment building one night.... :) 
   2) Flying to Bergen!
   3) Me, Hall, Vause, Corrigan, and Thurgood
   4) We had to selfie it!
   5) Reunited from the mtc! (one person is not in the picture)

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The work is on FIRE!

Koss går det med dåkker?!?!                                                                        Aug 11, 2014

Just a heads up for y'all I have like 4 minutes to write this email. Sorry. But today is actually not pday and we only have a half an hour to email today. 

Why is it not pday, you ask? Well cause we are taking a two day trip to Bergen this week! One day for pday and the other day we are having a mission conference with Elder Dyches! 
Another pretty sunset

So I will be sure to take lots of pictures and send them to you all next week! I am so stoked to be back in vestlandet, even if it's just for a couple days, and it is bergen... :) Koss går det med dåkker?!?!

Soaked to the Bone! hahaha

Okay cool story for this week! A man that we have been teaching for months finally commited to baptism! I am so stoked for him! He is a wonderful man! Huge blessing!

Also, just so you know, the work sure is a hastening! Right now in the trondheim ward we have scheduled a baptism a week for the next 3 weeks! That's what's up people! This crazy life just keeps a moving along!!! 

Wish I had more time so that this would be a little better articulated...but time is out! 

So I love you all! I miss you all! I pray for you all!

Until next week!

Adios! Ha det! Ciao!

Søster Roe

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Saving a life

Howdy Alle Sammen!                                                                               Aug. 4, 2014

Wow, that was an awkward blanding of språks....unnskyld. My bad. Haha

Well this week was pretty chill. But still a great week! I am loving life here in Trondheim, this place seriously just gets better! Sister Robbins is an amazing person, a great companion, and quite hilarious! 

Her and the other Sisters are seriously helping a ton to make this a great transfer! And I'm stoked! The work is awesome! Trondheim is serioulsy on fire! People are amazing!
Knocking at Nidaros

Let me tell you about just one of the miracles that we saw this week! We were really, really blessed yesterday to be able to meet two women that are in their twenties. They had heard about the church, the one girl found a book of Mormon on a bench an picked it up. Then yesterday they just showed up to church, all by themselves. They live about an hour away, but they came to church, asked questions, really enjoyed themselves and we are going to start meeting with them this week. 

What?! I mean seriously. Ka e det som skjer her!? People are seriously prepared! I love this! I love seeing the little miracles! What incredible tender mercies they are. 

It was a huge blessing to meet these two yesterday because the rest of the week was filled with people being rude towards us....hey, it happens. But it was rough. 

One day, we were out contacting and no one would listen, and those that did stop just wanted to argue with us, lame saus. 

So we stopped on a bridge over the river. And said a prayer to know what we should do, and where we should go. Then out of the corner of our eye we saw something white splashing around in the water. It was a bird. It looked like it was trapped somehow. We went around the bridge to see if we could get down to it, there was a fence all along the water, but on part of it was bent down. I looked at Sister Robbins, and she said, "Go for it." I climbed really quickly over the fence and walked carefully down to the waterside. I knelt down next to the bird and it froze. I talked to it for a second until it let me gently run my fingers down it's back. I quickly realized the issue, it was caught on some super thick fishing line. We searched frantically for something to cut the wire with, and then I remembered that I had keys in my skirt pocket. We cut the line, and gently helped it up onto the land and out of the water. 

Okay, so yeah, it was a cool experience to save a bird. But I learned the lesson from it much later, than that day. 

How often are we the ones that are caught in the fishing line? Do we try, stubbornly, to free ourselves from the traps and snares that we are found in, when there is actually nothing we can do, we really just need someone else to help us out?

How many times, in my life, have I rejected the help of the Lord, or those that He sends in his stead, because "I can do it myself"? How foolish am I? 

Here's the thing, I hate the fact that I have weaknesses. I really do. And I'm really mean to myself because of my weaknesses. But then I read in the scriptures and I remember, "oh yeah. God gave me my weaknesses just as he gave me everything else. Do I despise God? No? Then I can't despise myself and the weaknesses he gave me."

Scenery this week of this gorgeous country
One thing I was thinking a lot about this week because of the many people that got in my face and said to me, "God does not exist, you have dillusioned yourself" was trust. 

Trusting in God is such a powerful thing. With him, anything is possible. But we have to, sometimes literally, take a leap of faith that He will catch us. That He will make anything possible. 

We have to jump. So when in my life have I jumped and seen that He has caught me?

Everytime I pray to know where to go, what to say, or ask for comfort. I jump every single time that I feel the pressures of the advesary to just go home, or turn around, or believe that I am worth nothing. I jump everytime someone tells me that God does not exist, and I say, sometimes quietly at first, "yes. He does exist. And He loves you."

And everytime I jump, He is there, He catches my feet. He leads me through the darkness. And everytime that I do jump, it becomes less and less of a jump and more of a hop, and then a step.

I know that God exists. I know that He loves me. I know that He hears every utterance of prayer and He knows every penitent heart. He is oh so aware of every single one of us. Whether we choose to believe in Him or not. He believes in us. He is always there, waiting for us with open arms. He will catch us, He will lift us up. He is aware. He is patient. He is loving. He is almighty. He is God. 

I had an amazing opportunity to realize this myself on Wednesday. Sister Oldham and I were on splits, it was POURING rain, and we were headed to an appointment. We stopped a man on our way to the bus and started talking to him. He was atheist, and he asked us lots of questions about why bad things happen to good people, and such. As we talked to him, all three of us completely soaked through to the bone, my hair literally dripping wet, we talked for 15 minutes. The spirit, on that little gravel path in the middle of a neighborhood, was so incredibly strong as we testified of God, of His existence, and of His love. 

I know. He is there. He loves us. He knows what is best for us. He will never force us. But He invites us on a daily basis to act, to come closer to him. To feel of His love. To be safe in His embrace. 

What is He inviting you to do?

I love you all! I miss you all! I am praying for you all!

Søster Roe

1) Knocking on the door of Nidaros last pday :)
2) I love the skies of Norway! Gorgeous!
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