Monday, September 29, 2014

A Journey in Progress

Kjære alle sammen!                                                                                                   Sept 29, 2014

You guys! Did you notice that this week means that it's OCTOBER!? Seriously? Goodness! This concept of time is ridiculous! It throws me off big time! 

Can you believe that it's time for General Conference again?! I love General Conference! But I seriously feel like just last week I was in Stavanger watching the last session of conference with Sister Thurgood, Elders Taylor, Hall, Tate, Nash, Lane, and Hill! This life! 

But I'm stoked! I love conference and I am so ready for another one! 

This past weekend was crazy! Charles got the priesthood, and let me just tell you he is so happy! Before he would have days that he was really happy and he would have days where he was really depressed. But now he's just happy all the time! Every time I see him he is grinning! And he's so much more comfortable around others! I love it! 

Also, just a fun fact, as a district we have started doing morning workouts all together! haha It's interesting, that's for sure! We do crossfit everyday except for Wednesday, which is our rest day. So what do we do on that day? YOGA! But where do we do yoga?? In the cemetery at Nidaros! hahahaha!! It was so funny I had to take my camera along! I love this district! We have way too much fun!
Yoga in Nidaros cemetary! Fun stuff!

This weekend we also had another baptism. She's from a neighboring town, Kristiansund, her and the Elders that are out there came in for the baptism this weekend and it was so good! Her story is amazing! She had lived away from Kristiansund for a couple years and was having a really hard time and was searching for some help. She moved back to Kristiansund and was walking down the street when she saw a card sitting on an electrical box. She saw that it was a picture of Christ, so she picked it up and put it in her purse, taking it as a sign of comfort and recognition from God. 

She was going to a store but she felt like she should cross the street and keep walking. She did and then she ran into the Elders. They started talking to her and the elders asked her in she believed in Christ. She said yes, and mentioned that she had actually just found a card with a picture of Christ on it, and she pulled it out of her bag to show them. 
Nidaros in morning!

The elders were surprised and said, "We put that card there yesterday. Something we've never done before. But we put it there cause we felt that someone that needed it would pick it up."

She invited them to come teach her. She was baptized on Saturday, confirmed on Sunday, and called as a ward missionary on Sunday as well. Kristiansund is technically a part of our ward but they live forever away so they have their own meetings. Goal: get their own branch out there. 

Yeah that was a cool meeting! 

I've been reviewing conferences the past couple days in prep for this weekend and today the talk I read was the talk from President Uchtdorf in the April 2013 conference, actually the general young womens broadcast. The one right before I left for the mission. But yeah, it was so good! He talked about how we are all on our own personal journey back to our Heavenly Father.
I like to look for Rainbows!

I thought a lot about that and compared it to myself and the people that I met this week. We are all on the same journey, but we all take such different paths! We all have challenges and things that are unique to us, individually, but at the same time we can all help each other on this path. God has shown us the patterns of happiness, He has helped us to see that certain things bring joy, and others bring sorrow. There are tools, nemlig, the gospel and scriptures, the temple and ordinances, that help us to feel of Gods love and come closer to our destined path. He has taught us that the family is the central learning place and the best opportunities are grown in righteous homes. We can help those around us, as we live our lives as prescribed by God and strive to become who He would have us be, because they will recognize the spark of joy and the glimmer of eternity in our countenances. They will want that in their own lives and then we can help them to find it. The gospel is the key to true and lasting happiness. We just need to live it to see. 

I am so thankful for my journey. The adventures that I am having along the way that teach me and help me to learn and grow. I love my life. I am thankful for the many teachers, friends, examples, and influences in my life that have helped me to recognize the good that life has for us. 

I love you all! Miss you all! Pray for you all! 

Have a great week and a wonderful conference! #tunein

Søster Roe 

1) Yoga! The district plus the stl's på besøk from Bergen
2) rainbow in Melhus! :)
3) Nidaros in the morning!

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