Monday, October 20, 2014

Chillin' With the Fam!


Oh my goodness this week has been awesome! I cannot tell you how much I love this life right now! I have to say, seeing my family (with an extra member that I did not know would be coming) was a complete surprise and a great moment!

Mom and Me in the airport!

I was so worried that I would not make it to the airport to get my parents on time because their flight was supposed to land at 1535 and I was on the train to go the airport at 1534...bad timing on my part...but thankfully as I rushed through the airport towards where I assumed that my parents were waiting for me and I was quite relieved to see on the flights board that their flight had actually landed a half and hour later than it was supposed to, four minutes before I got to the airport. But thankfully I ended up waiting for them for another 15 minutes.

Then the door opened and all of the sudden my dad was standing there. All I could do was stand there, not moving, and say om og om igjen, "That's my dad! That's my dad! That's my dad!" Then my mom came around the corner and I lost it all over again! I just started crying as I hugged my mother, after 18 months, once again being wrapped in a mothers embrace! I love family.

But alas, even though I hate surprises they just keep coming, and they are slowly becoming less painful....don't tell anyone I said that though. :)

Brenna came too!!!! (To all of you who knew about that particular surprise, I promise you I have forgiven you.) I was so shocked and pleased to see my little sister--who is not so little anymore--and to be together with these people here in the best place ever! NORWAY! Goodness I love this country!

Goodness I have missed her!!!!! (And what a beautiful young women she's become)

We got to go to my first area and visit some of my best friends and favorite members in Sarpsborg. It was great! And I loved that we could eat dinner with the Olsen and Langbach families that night! They are so sweet! And I am going to miss them when we go back to the US.

Me and the Olsen and Langbach kids!

Anyways, after that we spent the next day driving to Stavanger, my home. I love this place! So much!  We drove in the pouring rain all day long on the way down to Kristiansand and then up to Stavanger. And we are just loving our time here in Stavanger. Mostly I'm loving my time here. I love this place and I love being with my best friend, Celine, and her family! Goodness I am so blessed!

Today we went to the beach on the North Sea and then walked around to city! Just loving life! Hope all is well with everyone else!

The North Sea
In church yesterday we had a really great discussion about the atonement. So good! That is my favorite gospel topic I think. The idea that someone can love us so much that they would literally give their all for us. And the fact that He did that, He went through that for every single one of us, whether we accept that or not, whether we use it or not, He did it. And He loves us. I love that God is so kind to us, and that He is so merciful to create such a perfect plan for us. I am so grateful for the reminders  about this His plan of happiness, and for the knowledge of my place in it. The Lord loves us.

Well until next time! Keep up the good times! Miss you! Love you! Praying for you!


Søster Roe

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